Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rhea brings Sheela home

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kairav playing music and dancing with Vansh. Dadi and everyone dance for Kartik and Sirat. Sirat says I need to talk something, I need to tell you something, actually Ran… Sheela and Nanko come there. Sirat and Kartik get shocked. Rhea brings Sheela. Sirat says stay right there. Kartik says stop Sirat. He asks Rhea why did she get them here. Rhea says yes, they didn’t wish to come, I insisted. Sirat asks why, are they your relatives, make them out. Kartik says calm down. Rhea says you have agreed to marry Sirat, I was going home, I felt unwell and visited a hospital, I met them, look at their state. Kartik asks Kairav to take Nanko/Sonu inside. He asks Sheela what happened to her. Sheela says I m bearing a price for my deeds, I got cursed by Maa and Sirat. Dadi asks what do you mean to say.

Sheela says Mukesh had thrown out me of the house for some other woman. Rhea says he has beaten her, she was going for MRI, I have paid the money, I asked her to meet you. Sheela says I have hurt them a lot, so my fate is taking revenge on me. Sirat gets angry and says she is acting, you don’t know her, I know her well. Sheela says I will go. Manish comes and says no one will go anywhere, stop right there. He scolds Sirat for behaving such with her mum. Sirat says you don’t know her. Manish says explain her not to do anything such. Sirat says she is a liar, you don’t know her. Manish shouts enough. He says I m talking to my wife, I don’t like any third person talking in between. He goes. Sheela says its better I leave, Sonu come. She faints. Sirat says if this is just a drama, then see what I do.

She thinks I don’t trust Sheela, I think this is also a drama. Sheela gets conscious. Suwarna asks how are you now, shall I call a doctor. Sheela says no, I m okay. Rhea says I will sit with her for some time. They go. Sheela says wow and smiles. Rhea says I fulfilled my promise and got you here, you tell me about Sirat’s past now. Sirat gets angry and asks why did Sheela come here. Nani asks will Mukesh really leave Sheela. Sirat says I don’t trust Sheela. Sheela and Kartik act seeing Kartik there. Kartik goes. Rhea asks the secret. Sheela says its too big, it will break Sirat’s marriage and pride, I won’t tell it now, I will tell it later. Rhea scolds her. She gets Manish’s message and goes.

Sirat says Sheela is paying a price for her own sins, she did the same with my dad. Kartik says I will talk to Sirat later. He takes Akshu and talks to her. Nani says don’t know what’s Sheela doing with you. Sirat says don’t know. Manish asks Rhea why did she get Sirat’s family. Rhea says Sirat’s mum will tell us about her past, they have hatred between them, who can be the better candidate to tell us the secret, we can stop the marriage.

He says be careful, Sheela won’t be loyal to us. She says I know how to handle her, she is a greedy woman, she will try to stay here, but I know she will tell us the truth. Sheela hears them. She says I won’t tell you the secret so soon, I m super clever, I want to enjoy here. Kartik comes to Sirat and jokes to cheer her up. She smiles seeing Akshu smiling. She takes Akshu. Nani smiles. Kartik and Sirat play with Akshu. Nani says it was Sirat’s fav game in childhood. He asks did you talk to Rohan. She says I will ask him when he calls back. He says I know you can handle this, see Akshu, I m getting manager’s call. He goes. Nani asks what will you have now. Sirat says I don’t want to have sweets. Nani goes. Suwarna asks are we doing right. Dadi says yes, if I felt wrong, then I would have not agreed, Sirat is a very nice girl, she will handle Kartik and Kairav, it may take time, but this will happen. Akshu crawls on the bed. Sirat says I didn’t see her crawling before. She shouts Kartik. She says she just crawled. Kartik asks are you sure, ask her to crawl again. She asks Akshu to come to her.

Sirat comes to see Akshu. She asks Nani where is Akshu. Kartik asks where is she, I came to take her. Sirat says she isn’t here.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oh god now one more drama ufff pls ise pehle wala yrkkh banado yeh wala to…….. now i will just stop watching this serial seriously .

  2. I miss Akshara and naitik Era a lot,it was amazing, even kaira started out well,but now it is just🤮, I fail to understand what exactly people are liking about the show now.

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