Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant Saves Gehna’s Life After Scorpion Bite

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak informs Radhika that she has a bad news, Anant and Gehna are still missing and Pankaj and Chetan didn’t find them in temple. Radhika asks where they must have gone. Kanak says they must be romancing somewhere as they are couple. Radhika angrily throws her phone and determines to find Anant and Gehna. Anant prepares herbal paste. He sees her shivering, checks her temperature and thinks she is not having fever, that means she is shivering due to scorpion bite. He drapes blanket around her and applies herbal paste on her wound, says she had gone to perform pooja for his sake and cares for him so much, but he doesn’t value her at all. Hut lady brings mango leaves and asks him to tie them around Gehna’s scorpion bite. He does same and asks if poison effect will vanish with it. She says they will know only after 2 hours and asks him to rest as even he looks injured. He says he is fine. She offers him water. He says his wife is fasting and he will have water only after she drinks water. She says his wife is very lucky to have him as husband. He thinks he is lucky instead.

Pankaj and Chetan return home and inform family that they searched Anant and Gehna everywhere and couldn’t find them, so they should file missing complaint. Family agrees. Hema thinks if Sagar has done something, he must be following Kanak’s order for sure. She tells Kanak that she needs to talk to her something important and takes her to her room. Kanak asks why did she bring her here. Hema says her pot of sin is full and its time to break it. Kanak tries to slap her, and she holds her hand and warns its enough, she always supported her like a puppet, but not anymore; she knows her Bhaila kidnapped Gehna on Kanak’s order. Kanak looks surprised and asks if Sagar kidnapped Gehna from temple? Hema warns to stop acting. Kanak says she hates Gehna, but will not ask Sagar to kidnap and molest her, so she shouldn’t dare allege her again. Hema thinks whether to believe Kanak or not.

Anant gets more worried seeing Gehna’s condition and thinks of calling doctor. Gehna holds his hand in subconscious state and calls him. He sits back emotionally and calls her, she falls unconscious again. He thinks he should bring doctor soon, but stops reminiscing Sagar trying to molest Gehna and thinks he cannot risk Gehna’s life again. He shakes her to wake up and tells lady that his wife didn’t gain consciousness yet. She asks him to have patience. He continues shaking Gehna.

Baa gets worried for Anant and Gehna and seeing Gehna’s flower pot broken thinks if something happened with Gehna. Anant tries his best to wake up Gehna and sprinkles water on her and confronts god to revive her consciousness. He rigorously shakes Gehna. Gehna says Anant ji and opens eyes. He gets happy and hugs her. Radhika enters and fumes seeing them hugging. They separate seeing her, but mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. Radhika says thank god they both are fine, she had come to pray for her husband and heard police describing them missing, she searched them and didn’t know they will be found in this condition. Lady thanks god and tells Gehna that it’s good she got conscious, her husband was very worried for her, she is lucky that her husband loves her a lot. Gehna reminsices proposing Anant and him rejecting her. Lady says Anant was worried for her and didn’t drink even a drop of water saying even she is fasting and he will drink water only after her. She offers them water and they both drink it, leaving Radhika jealous. Gehna thanks lady and tells Anant that she is fine and they should return home as family must be worried for them. Radhika says she will drop them home.

Bapuji and Paresh reach there and Bapuji asks if they are fine. Bapuji asks what is Radhika doing here. Anant says even she came here to pray in temple. Bapuji asks he had gone to bring Gehna from temple, then how did they come here. Anant thinks not to inform them about Gehna’s kidnap and says a scorpion bit Gehna. Bapuji gets worried and tells Paresh that let’s take Gehna to doctor. Gehna says she is fine as Anant treated her with herbal remedy. Anant says lady informed him about remedy. Bapuji thanks lady followed by Anant and Gehna. Radhika tries to walk with them. Gehna stops her and asks her to go home as its late night. Radhika says she is worried for Anant. Anant says Gehna, Bapuji, and Paresh are with him, so she should return home. She thinks that today Anant is asking her to go home, but in next 24 hours he will himself take her to his home.

Precap: Family celebrates Gehna’s birthday and Hema asks Anant where is Gehna’s surprise gift. Radhika enters and Anant says she will stay here from hereon.

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