Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naman telling Naitik and Akshara that he will not marry so soon, he did not even learn work, he will do anything if they force him. He leaves annoyed. They look on and worry. Jasmeet talks to Varsha. She asks master ji to do work soon. Naksh and Yash’s teacher asks them o help the kids whose parents can’t afford clothes and sweets for them, so we will share out things, we have to help by our hard earned money. Jasmeet tells Kaki that master ji did wrong work. Rajshri says where is Varsha. Jasmeet says she went to Ananya’s school. Rajshri asks did she cook food. Jasmeet says she made something. Kaki asks did you help her. Jasmeet says no, I was busy. Kaki says we have to send lunch late today. Rajshri says we will manage, as they both were also busy.

The teacher asks Naksh and everyone to work hard and earn money. She asks them to get the contribution and the highest one will get a award from school. Naksh says he can’t earn and teacher will not know from where he got the money. Mohit and Naitik have a friendly talk. Naitik says he is lucky to get everyone good, and praises Vipul. Mohit praises Naitik and they laugh. Bhabhimaa says pandit ji is busy, he can’t get the mahurat. Devyaani says she won’t give time to Naman. Akshara says we should give time. Devyaani says no way, they are modern thinkers.

Naksh tells Akshara what teacher said about collecting money. She asks him to show his diary. He says no and hides it. Devyaani supports Naksh. He asks them to give more money as he will get gold star. He says he is asking for the kids. They get happy. Devyaani says we will give maximum possible, don’t worry. Naksh says mum was asking me, I got saved.

Kaki asks Varsha to have tea. Varsha says she has to end Ananya’s project, then she has to cook for tomorrow. Jasmeet says I m sorry, I m not able to help you. Varsha says its good you are working. Varsha asks Jasmeet to boil milk for Ananya. Dadi says she has thought something about this matter. Yash and Naksh talk on phone. Yash says its lie Naksh, Naksh says if lie benefits the kids. Yash says teacher said to earn money. Naksh says he will not be caught. Yash says he will tell mum and she can tell your mum. Naksh says you make sure your mum does not talk to my mum. Naksh turns and is shocked seeing Akshara. She does not hear anything.

She asks him to do his work and collect money. She says write here who gave you how much money. She asks him to collect money from neighbors too. He says fine, I will go to them, but not today, its much time. Karishma tells Naman I m thinking to go to a resort. Naman says what will we tell at home. She says we are engaged. He says yes, its freedom ring, where is yours. Se says she removed it. They have a talk. He asks please wear the ring when you come my home. She says yes, we did drama and have to wear costume. He laughs. She says she does not want to marry, we have to avoid it. He says there will be some way, don’t worry.

Naitik calls Akshara and she asks what did he get in food. He says I m here in Udaipur. She says I forgot, we don’t accept changes soon. He says you and Naman managed everything well here, I want him to be serious in relations too. She says yes, woman is also responsible for this. He says time will teach them. She says yes and ends the call. Mohit comes to Naitik and says its Diwali time, and we have to give gifts to staff. They think what to gift. Mohit tells about and promotes the Diwali sale.

Naitik checks the mobile app and orders a saree for Akshara. Yash tells Rukmani that he will earn money from working hard. Rukmani says no need, take this money and say you earned it. He says no, I have to work and earn. She asks him not to trouble Nandini. Yash says Dadi does not listen to me these days. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa give money to Naksh. Akshara comes and takes the money. She scolds Naksh for lying to them and taking money. She says he has to earn, he has hidden this notice. Naksh says sorry. Akshara says go and work hard, earn money. Naksh says I felt if I work, I can’t earn more and can’t help them.

Akshara says the hard earned money would have given them happiness. Naitik comes and hears them. He says if you do this again, I will complain you, you know we can’t bear wrong things. Naksh says he will earn, sorry. Devyaani asks what will he do now. Akshara says he wasted time, he has to work hard and know value of time and hardwork. Naitik says its good what they are teaching. Devyaani gives work to Naksh. Akshara says you are making him do easy work. Devyaani gives him rs 500 for changing five cushion covers. Bhabhimaa asks him to give medicines to Dadda ji and she will give him Rs 1000. Naitik says why are you spoiling him, when they ask him how did he earn, what will he say.

Akshara says Devyaani too gave much money, its wrong. This will start a wrong habit. Devyaani says do you think so, she gets upset and leaves. Akshara comes to her and hugs her reminding their promise. Devyaani says she can give money to Naksh. Akshara says yes, but when school is making him do this, it will be for his good. Devyaani understands.

Karishma and Naman argue about the fake engagement. Akshara and Naitik hear the truth and are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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