Sinhasan Battisi 4th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 4th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,Into old fort yogmala tells raja bhoj tat martand is doubting on raja vikramaditya to this raja bhoj replies tat love should never have doubt in it yogmala then tells tat martand new tat raja vikramaditya is getting attracted towards chitralekha but he did not give any attention and neglected it yogmala then tells tat raja vikramaditya was thinking about the poem the whole night and wondering weather it was indicated to him or someone else yogmala tells tat raja vikramaditya was thinking about it until their was a siren in the morning indicating the start of swayanvar
Rajkumari chitralekha arrives in the hall where swayanvar is going to take place Senapati then for the final time announces the rules to win and get married to chitralekha he then takes rajas permission to start he then calls an raja but he fails to do it and gets back then he welcomes martand to and while martand is about to leave he tells raja vikramaditya tat as soon as he reaches the bow he should use his yogshakti so as to make him win martand then goes forward and releases an arrow and it does not hits the target martand is confused and angry while chitralekha thnx god for not letting him hit the target martand then also misses the second target and martand gets angry and warns raja vikramaditya in his mind that if he cant do this to him and martand then with his power of concentration hypnotises and makes everyone in the hall still other than raja vikramaditya as he has only one chance left to win this competition
Into old fort yogmala then tells raja bhoj tat raja vikramaditya is at this moment very confused as he does not know wat to do and asks raja bhoj that wat will happen raja bhoj then tells tat whatever may happen everything good and right will happen martand is then asking raja vikramadity that y is he not able to concentrate and help and asks has he lost his senses after seeing chitralekha and reminds him of his promise and asks should he understand tat he has won then raja vikramaditya replies tat he will follow his dharma and the winners name is on that pot tied above
Raja vikramaditya then goes and takes his place and offs the hypnotism done on everyone chitralekha in her mind then tells herself tat they r made for each other and no one could separate us and senapati then asks martand to make use of the last chance to wim chitralekha raja vikramaditya then uses his yogshakti and helps martand to hit the target at point blank and wins everyone claps and applaud.

Yogmala is then seen talking to raja bhoj and chitralekha is seen putting garland to raja vikramadityas and everyone in the hall looks shocked

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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