Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik doubts Naira

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying the evening got ruined. Naira holds him. They fall down and get close. Aahatein….plays….. He kisses her. She recalls doctor’s words and gets away. She says your clothes got drenched, go and change, else you will catch cold. She thinks sorry I couldn’t come close to you because of my fear, once I talk to doctor, there won’t be any tension. Naksh asks are you thinking of Naira and Kartik, I m thinking the same, like they have some issue, should we talk to them. Kirti says no, we shouldn’t interfere. He says I don’t think we should worry, they are sorted. She says yes, where there is love, fights don’t stay for long. He says tension over then.

Naira makes garlands. She thinks doctor was busy and couldn’t talk yesterday. She calls the doctor. Manish says I m calling Mihir, but no reply, I had to ask him about new order. Akhilesh says Mihir would be busy in the wedding. Kartik thinks whom is Naira calling. Naira thinks I can tell Kartik if I know about it. Dadi says I spoke to Guru ji, he asked me to get Grah shanti puja done, we have to be careful and get this puja done, Naira will you stay at home today or go for work. Manish says Naira has to go, wedding is today. Naira says Mihir will manage. Dadi says its good, she can give attention to Kartik and family, she has no time for him. Naira goes after Dadi. She says you really think I don’t keep my responsibilities well, what work stopped because of me, if I got married, don’t I have a right to do my wishful work, if we have talent, why don’t we do it, person doesn’t work for money, but for wishes, dreams also, its not a bad thing, we don’t become bad by doing this, everyone trusts us and supports, except you. She cries and goes.

Suwarna says I will take the chadava and puja items. Naira says I will go. She takes the plate. Kartik gets the car keys. Mihir calls Naira and says sorry, can you come here for some time, the safe has your thumb print, its not opening, come soon, bride may reach any time, sorry to bother you, even I m helpless, make it quick. She agrees. She thinks I will do this and come. Kartik says its an hour, she didn’t come back. He disconnects Mitali’s call. Mitali messages him… you didn’t come in marriage, Naira came alone. She sends the pic. He says I won’t see the pic. Manish says we will go in wedding after puja. Akhilesh says Kartik and Naira can also go. Kartik sees the pic. He gets shocked. He recalls about Mihir. He angrily cries in his imagination. Naira opens the safe. Mihir thanks her. He says sorry, you look unwell. She says I m fine, I will go home and rest. She gets dizzy. He asks are you okay. She says I m fine, I will go. He says you can rest in my room for some time, make yourself comfortable.

Shukla calls to call him. Mihir says sorry, I have to go. Naira says I will no, everyone would be waiting. She feels sick and runs to the room. She punches the code and gets in. She rushes to washroom. She comes out and faints. Mihir comes and asks may I come in Naira. He doesn’t see her. He says maybe she went to her house, text me when videographer comes. Shukla goes. Mihir sits working. Kartik comes there and looks around. Mihir drops the pencil and picks it. He doesn’t see Naira. Kartik says congrats. Jadeja says thanks, what happened to you, you would be coming in wedding. Kartik says I met with an accident, I m fine now, I will come.

Jadeja says we will proudly show the bahu’s jewellery, sorry for whatever happened, get your wife also. Kartik says she is here, didn’t she meet you. Scindia says maybe she is with bride or in Mihir’s booked room. Coffee falls over Mihir’s clothes. He gets Shukla’s call. He says I m coming in 5mins. He goes to change. He leaves in a hurry. Mitali looks on and says he was wearing different clothes, why did he change. Kartik says Naira isn’t answering, where is she, I shall go back. Naira gets conscious. She says what happened to me, I m here since long time. She picks her phone and purse. Her phone gets off. She leaves from the room. Her earring falls down. Mitali sees Naira leaving. Kartik leaves from there. Mitali comes to him and keeps Naira’s earring over the car top. Kartik sees it and recalls Naira.

Mitali says I m sending you hotel CCTV footage. Kartik says I don’t want it. She asks him to see it once if he trusts Naira so much. He gets shocked seeing the footage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When will this crap end. Aur koyi story hi nai he. Sirf serial ka Naam keliye dhekthi hu. I like kirti ka maturity level.

    1. naruto uzumaki

      barathi becomes bhatti dhuaa uth gya

  2. Kartik is just so immature nd childish..he is becoming annoying day by day..all the time he is like “naira avi tk kyu nahi aayi” “naira kisse baat kar ri h” “naira kahaa h”

    If in this condition he can go to hotel nd wedding thn y not office or why dont he work at home? Bus pura din naira naira

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