Chandragupta Maurya 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Durdhara and Ambhi Raj’s Waghdan?

Chandragupta Maurya 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ambhi Raj asks Ambhi Kumar to apologize king Seleucus. Ambhi kumar says Selecus’ soldiers tried to misbehave with Durdhara. Seleucus says whatever the reason was, he should not have trashed soldiers. Ambhi Raj says Seleucus is right and orders Ambhi Kumar to apologize Seleucus. Ambhi Kumar says he rightly punished soldiers for their mistakes and he will not apologize. Seleucus says Ambhi Kumar should remember that he and his father are still alive because of him. Ambhi Raj insists again. Ambhi Kumar apologizes and leaves. Ambhi Raj requests Seleucus to forgive Ambhi Kumar and walks away. Arya/Chandragupta provokes Seleucus that Ambhi kumar got arrogant as he will be more powerful after marrying Dhananand’s sister, else he had never misbehaved with Seleucus. Durdhara waits for Chandragupta and hopes he created differences between Ambhi Raj and Seleucus. Chandragupta returns and asks if she thinks he succeeded or not.

Shipra informs Sthulbhadra that king Dhananand is calling. Sthul meets Dhananand nervously. Dhananand asks him to have sweets. Sthul gets more tensed thinking earlier similar incident where Dhananand asks him to identify dishes with closed eyes and thinks Dhananand must have identified him. He tastes all sweets thinking he would die of poison. Dhananand asks how are sweets. Shipra says she informed king that he is Takshashila’s citizen, so king wanted him to taste sweets and inform which one is most tasty. Sthul eats all sweets praising each one. Dhanand asks Shipra to send him away and select last sweet. Shtul walks away relaxed thinking he is not caught. He returns to Chanakya and informs him whole incident about Dhananand making him select sweet, asking about dharamshala and best mangoes in Takshashila, etc. Chanakya says that means Dhananand played his next move.

Chandragupta continues forcing his moral gyaan on Durdhara when she brings herbal medicine and says it is for his wounds. He says his wounds are not habituated to medicine. She angrily warns him to sit quietly and applies medicine to his wounds. He says she should get medicine via acharya/doctor for her anger. Durdhara asks if she is worried for him. He nervously says why should he. Guard chants that king Dhananand is coming. Durdhara asks Chandragupta to hide. He hides behind sofa. Dhananand walks in and tells Durdhara that he got a surprise for her. Durdhara says nothing surprises her now. He calls Ambhi Raj, Ambhi Kumar, Seleucus and informs Durdhara that he does not want 2 lovers stay away from each other anymore, so he has fixed Durdhara and Ambhi Kumar’s waghdan tonight. Durdhar stands tensed hearing that. Chandragupta returns to Chanakya and informs what Dhananand told. Chanakya says Dhananand doubts they are alive and has already started his plan, tomorrow he will get a special gift during waghdan ceremony.

Chanakya Niti: Ocean’s salty water when evaporates falls back as rain but is not salty; similarly when one’s intentions are right, one can achieve anything impossible.

Precap: During waghdan ceremony, Chanakya emerges as ghost and warns Dhananand that they will conquer Magadh soon and he will be finished.

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