Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th April 2013 Written Update

gy3 refuses she can’t come today for some reasons. rj tells then she will also not go today, gy3 explains rj that if she goes she will be able to teach gy3. rj-gy3 cuts the call. Naitik gets a call from someone naitik tells I’m coming . akshi calls naitik & asks him where is he? she asks him to come soon as the person is waiting from long time. Akshi gets a call from office, the manager asks about pendrive akshi tells its with naitik. the manager tells akshi naitik went out from office long time ago. Akshara is shocked that naitik lied to her. the decorater again asks her to decide it, gy3 & duggu help is deciding the shades. everyone leaves akshi is sad!

Varsha is bringing tea, ananya wants to renovate the interior decoration. ananya is trying to convince M’s. M’s get to know ananya is taking to renovate the M’s. Akshi asks naitik you are late today? is their something wrong? you went early from office today? naitik tells I went out to meet someone for a work. now should I have to explain you more with details? Naitik chides akshara, Akshi tells him she , gy3-duggu decided the shades for their room. naitik smirks says good while going akshi couldn’t wait for me. akshi tells you lied to me.

At duggu’s room akshi trying to spread bedsheet but she is unable due to cooler. akshi tells duggu to switch it off duggu denies, he screams infront of cooler. Naitik enters BG jaadu yeh kya chal gaya starts! Naksh spreads bedsheet, they both bump with each other. duggu tells I can’t sleep alone on bed I’m afraid if someone comes out of the cooler naitik tells don’t be afraid nothing will happen like that.

naksh lies down, duggu keeps on suggesting naitik tells he will sleep with duggu in bed. akshi’s face falls. both naitik, duggu lie down.. duggu & naitik starts putting their legs on each other . duggu is like what are you doing naitik? akshi tells I will sleep with duggu. naitik while getting down from bed naitik scarstically says if she could have said that first only she wants to sleep in bed.

akshara feels sad, akshi-duggu lie down.. naitik glances at akshara & doses off to sleep. at morning naitik smirks are you coming to office?oh I know you must be not coming right? will u drop duggu to school or not? akshara says gy3 will drop duggu to school. naitik so u will be busy today at home & I will be busy at factory. akshi is about to say something when duggu calls her name akshi goes. naitik gets call from his friend, he asks naitik whether he is coming to meeting him or not?

also thanks him for coming y’day on right time. naitik tells yes he is coming today. ajay tells naitik not to disclose about this to akshara.! as it matter between hubby & wife, what she will think after coming to know about this? naitik promises he won’t. they decide to meet a place akshi hears about the place(she thinks why did naitik told her he is going to factory?) akshara asks is there any imp work in factory naitik first I will go to some other place then factory he leaves while saying this.

At institute both gy3-RJ gives a thanking speech to the class. Teacher also appreciates their effort & says they are proud of them . rj-gy3 are best students of her class. Akshara enters her room , she thinks after renovation naitik will be happiest to see that.

* Dream sequence * Akshara turns around & sees naitik drawing a heart shaped figure on the wall,she goes near him takes the brush & writes ” NaKsh” in it both smile.Naitik gets into romancing mood, he keeps his hands on akshi’s shoulders & takes her near window, he pulls curtains so that the workers doesn’t see them. naitik comes closer, akshara blushes she tries to go just then her dupatta gets struck on packings, naitik frees her dupatta.. both smiles.again she is about to go naitik holds her dupatta & starts pulling her dupatta so that akshara comes back. naitik turns her towards him, both come closer. Akshara realises workers seeing them both brokes up again naitik pulls akshara closer to him. just then akshara hers a broken sound of glass.*Dream ends*

Akshara turns around & realsizes it was just a dream. she tells workers to work carefully. Akshara wishes if Naksh could be closer to each other just like the dream having naitik closer to her.she tells naitik will sure get happy seeing the renovation of their room.episode ends.

Precap: Naitik enters their room, then he calls akshara. Akshara happily enters their room..

Update Credit to: Rasmi24

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