The Buddy Project 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 4th April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 4th April 2013 Written Update

Khushi ‘s gonna be busy today so here I m at ur service …
The episode begins with coming to her bedroom. .. she’s on her bed . replaying the events of the day n crying
FBs of the KiSha moments in locked washroom. . of the catch, of Kiya climbing on KD’s back in order to turn d fire alarm , their almost hi5 . . FB shifts to d Farewell party the MMS on KD’s phone, of Panchhi being rediculed for no fault of hers n the last FB is of KD beating up RV today. . she calls the camera. . n says ” You did it again KD. . but this time I m gonna teach u a lesson”
Scene shifts to Panchhi standing in a night suit her hair covered in towel. . she is on the verge of crying when her mom comes n tells her such small things keep happening in clg. . u shud never lose hope n always stand up ( I love Panchhi’s mom. . she’s the best) Panchhi calls the camera n says . ” I’ll show them all Who I really Am” ( aww. . u go my rockstar we are all with u)
The scene shifts to KD sitting outside his house. . replaying the days events
FB . . KD n RV running towards each other n their almost punch with JJ’s head in between . . n JJ’s words. . he closes his eyes at the thought of it n goes in yet another FB. ..of the camp night !! whr KD is hugging JJ. .
Scene shifts to RV who is sitting n getting FBs of the RanSh fight, Him giving JJ his dad’s watch n JJ telling him to choose the right path. he too had no1 to show him d right path.
screen freezes on RanSh standing face to face
( brilliant editing. . all throughout)
Scene shifts to Dean, Sophia n JJ sitting on upturned chairs…still @ d battle field!!
Dean says
” What cud have been a solution to the problem turned out to be the problem itself”
Sophia says
” till now this clg was doing rehersals of world war 3 thanks to Avi n Omi rivalry but RanSh have actually turned it into war!!”
JJ says” u’d offered me a job here sir? I accept it”
Dean Pats his back
n JJ stands up n says Buddies this tym around JJ is back but as JUNGLEE
( oooh. .. expressions n Zooms simply perfect)
Next scene
JJ still sitting @ battle field. . his jacket taken off. .. Thinking. .. abt buddies. .. he searches for his phone n calls a Prateek
He says he’d have to push back d education project as he believes one shud see n rectify his own house before trying to change the world n right now his family is messed up(ironic but true)
He says Buddies in the hatred that u all have gathered up for each other y cant u see that u are missing such a wonderful clg life… What all I had thought for u all. ..
n goes into an imagination mode

1st day of clg. . Piddhi n Panchhi coming together talking casually abt xlg life in general
d fact that they no longer have to wear uniforms , the fact that While in school if u get late u have to sit in d last bench but in clg if u get late u have to sit in d 1st bench ( so true n specially if its a boring lec. . .. urgghhh a nightmare lol)
Panchhi happily says the best part is we are free to do whatever we want n happily dances around when seniors come n start bullying them calling Panchhi- Piddhi moti-chhoti!!
Piddhi says he knows Karate
n Seniors retort u shud know Karate-parathe
n one of them says aaloo parantha khayega n slaps Piddhi on his cheek. d other guy encourages him to slap on d other. . S1 is abt too but is stopped by RV who says they are from RA n they are taught to share things they like paranthe’s right lets share them. . he takes d seniors hands n slap his hand on d Seniors cheek . .. d senior is abt to retort when KD trips him down n says to RV kya yaar kitni baar kaha hai ki gire hue logon ke mooh nai lagte . ..RV says oh dont worry he didnt he just let d senior slap himself
d seniors ask what do u think of urselves . . do u think u are smart n cool?
RanSh agree simultaniously
KD points at RV n says he thinks he’s smart
n RV points @ KD saying he thinks he’s cool
n add n we think u are fools

The seniors retort this clg dont act oversmart while Kiya comes wid Police n d seniors go on to say they were jus joking n The police takes them away
d buddies look @ each other holding each other’s hand call d camera n say ” The Buddies Rock” wid d title track in d BG!!( God this was jus adorable. . oh I wish. … . )
end of JJ ‘s imagination
JJ is [email protected] his imagination n suddenly reality hits him. he feels sad. . looking @ camp pics . . d wonderful Buddies moments!!
Next scene. .. JJ says there is so much love around dont know whr these buddies get tym to pile up so much hatred
Imagination #2
RanSh+Piddhi sitting by d staircase rating girls wid vele BG( Gosh what a scene . . )
KD says an extra pt. to Jyoti n reason is muted . they are still rating when d girls come there
n RanSh go on to manaofy Kiya -Panchhi
KD running like a 5 yr old behind Kiya. . . trying to manaofy her
RV offering food trying to bribe his Moti. ..
n mock cries
Finally RaHi make up n Hug ( Haye RaHi. ..
While Kiya is shouting @ KD
( the whole sequence is jus so cute. . n Fahad is cuteness personified)
While RaHi are Hugging KD comes wid a puppy dog Face n sits on a chair near RaHi
RaHi ask what happened
n he says nai maani. .. RV say toh chal manaate hai( Kunal- Fahad love u 2 muaahhh)
next scene
Kiya walking all angry Piddhi blocks her path n is standing wid a playcard which says
he winks @ her
She tries to move further n is blocked by Panchhi
her playcard reads
“dont Walk away”
she ignores n moves further
n is stopped by RV
his Playcard reads
” KD has something to say”
She ignores yet again n is this tym blocked bg KD
who holds his ears n makes a puppy dog Face
RaHi+ Piddhi are smiling n pointing towards KD
KD is doing actions
he pts himself then her n then places his hand on his chest n closes his eyes
RaHi+ Piddhi slam their head
n RV pts out that d hearts on d left not right
KD realises his mistake n corrects himself
while kiya blushes n Smiles @ KD ‘s naiveness
n KiSha hug
( awww. . so cute)
end of JJ’s imagination
JJ says he’s seen so many dreams for his Jokers
n this time he’d make them realize those dreams JUNGLEE style
end of Epi

Piddhi says he’s written an application for his own suspension
KD says why
Piddhi says coz he knows JJ will not suspend them. . he’ll call them in a rum n do their Mother-sister together
Kiya sees JJ in clg n is tensed that now they’d pakka get suspended
– Rads
special thank u to PS aka Amina for giving me links. .. love u loads!!

Update Credit to: blue_orchid

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