Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Baby’s Naamkaran ceremony

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying music and dance are best stress buster. She dances with Kartik and hugs. Its morning. Manish asks Naira did she talk to Leela about getting baby out. She says yes. He says she is a nice lady. She says I felt bad, I did wrong. He says nothing to stress about, how is Kartik. She says he is fine, but not much. He says I think he is emotional about Kirti. She says yes, once she gets fine, everything will be fine, can we sit, I m tired. He says babies look peaceful when they sleep. She says yes, life changes after they come in our lives. He says I will change it, tell me what to do. She says we shall try tongue twister. They try and laugh. Baby smiles. Manish says he is smiling as if we are entertaining him.

Dadi calls him and says come back with Naira and baby. He asks is everything fine. She says come home and then I will tell you. They come home. Manish asks is everything fine. She takes baby and says I wanted to see the baby. He says I was scared. She says get habitual to this now. Naira smiles and asks Kartik is he not ready. He asks why. She says we have to go to hospital for follow up. He says sorry I forgot. She says we will meet Kirti there. He nods. Kartik stops nurse and says Kirti’s baby was born on due date, my baby was premature, what if doctor asks and knows it. She says no, its Naira’s check up today, I will go at the time of baby’s check up. He asks her to handle it. She says sure. He thanks her. She says madam has refused for advance, you can pay me my fees without asking. He asks fees?

She says I have helped you at hospital and home, I lied, I saved you and worked so hard, I deserve some fees, right. He gets shocked and says I thought you were helping me. She says I m helping you and asking for your help. He says okay, I will arrange it, give me some time. She says okay, but I don’t have much time. She goes. He says what’s guarantee that she won’t tell anyone. He says I didn’t sit back in peace until both babies… just decide and do whatever you want, give me some courage to tell the truth else I will deal it my way, just protect Naira and Kirti, I request you.

Naira sees Naksh with baby and says look at Naksh’s smile and happiness, Lord didn’t do right with Naksh and Kirti. Naksh asks did you meet Kirti. Naira says no, I didn’t go there. Naksh says doctor said she is improving, this baby is lucky for us, maybe she will be discharged soon, the recovery charges are good at home. Naira says she will be soon out of coma. Kartik says yes, of course. He prays that everyone stays happy. Doctor meets Naira and says your progress is good. Naira says thanks, happiness makes me stay fine, my baby is working like a medicine for me, it will be the same. Kartik hears her. He sees his inner self, who asks him to take the baby to Kirti and give it to her. Kartik says I will handle everything, you just go. He gets a vase and throws. His imagination breaks. Bhabhimaa keeps things from Kirti’s bag. She asks Devyaani to check if paper is imp. Devyaani says these are names for the baby. They cry and think what has happened. Devyaani says when Naira’s baby Naamkaran happens, we will give this list to her, its Bua’s right to name baby. Bhabhimaa says Lord please make a miracle happen that Kirti gets fine to name the baby.

Naira asks Kartik to make baby name lists fast, Dadi said Naamkaran will happen soon, alphabets will be just for kundli, we can have lots of nicknames, you know why. He says because you didn’t had any nickname. She says yes. He tries. She says you couldn’t write any name, if we had a daughter, we would have named her Kaira, joining Kartik and Naira, its Bua’s work, if Kirti was fine, she would have named the baby, I wish some miracle happens, Naitik got up on Naksh’s birthday, bhabhimaa told this to me, why don’t we bring Kirti home, maybe some miracle happens, we all will try, our voice will reach Kirti, maybe she gets a new life on the day of baby’s Naamkaran. He says yes. She says lets hope for the best. Kirti moves her toers.

Everyone praises the decorations done by kids and clap. Lav says we will put the name here when name is chosen. Kartik holds Kirti’s hand and asks her to get conscious soon. He says I will apologize to you and convince you, please wake up now, I need you, get up and handle everything, wake up for me and your baby. He looks at her and says did her toe actually move or did I imagine this.

Naira says baby’s vaccination is due today. Nurse says the injection is not for this baby, get me those papers, I will handle the test. Kartik nods. Naira says Leela…..

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. naira said that naitik woke up om Naksh’s seventh birthday but he woke up on his fifth birthday…

  2. Wow now makers will make a story that adithya or that nurse played a drama and made kartik do the baby swap….. and again kartik will just be proved as a victim of a big conspiracy…..and nobody will blame kartik….again he will be portrayed great for giving baby back

    1. Not fair I wish both ??shld be der

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