Tantra 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanchan spoils Niyati’s plan

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Tantra 31st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saudamini brings the dagger close to Guru jee’s eyes. He opens his eyes which were igniting red. Saudamini orders Guru jee to hold this dagger and kill himself. Akshat stood there in a state of shock. Niyati arrives from behind shouting ‘Jaye Mata”. There was a red dust storm around and everything was invisible for a while. Saudamini furiously questions if Niyati came here as well, to destroy her game? Akshat caught Saudamini claiming this was their game, and they wanted Saudamini to come here with Guru jee. Saudamini challenges that Niyati won’t know in the next four dark nights where she did the Tantra. Guru jee nods at them, and puts a bead string in Saudamini’s neck. He then works with some powder. Saudamini stood as a statue. Guru jee asks Niyati if she is ready. Niyati asks if he can’t do this. Guru jee says Niyati vowed for the sacrifice, she must continue chanting the Mantra he taught her but she must make sure it doesn’t break. Saudamini is under their control, she will take them to the roots of Tantra but if this Mantra stops Saudamini will also become conscious. Niyati comes with Saudamini into Jalsa as she leads them. Guru jee wounds a string over a fruit and hands it to Akshat to keep it for their protection.
In Jalsa, Kanchan reaches right behind them and calls Prithvi. Sumati wakes up with her call. Kanchan comes running to Prithvi. Akshat stops Kanchan asking why she is shouting, everyone is asleep. Kanchan runs inside to Prithvi’s room. Sumati comes downstairs. Prithvi was shocked to see Kanchan who was injured on her head. He unties Kanchan’s hands behind her. Prithvi asks who did this. Saudamini was leading towards the roots of Tantra. Niyati continue chanting the Mantra. Kanchan stops Saudamini and says Saudamini has been hypnotized, and it’s done by none other than Niyati. Everyone stared at Kanchan. Kanchan asks them to stop her Mantra. Niyati continue chanting the Mantra and doesn’t stop. Kanchan says this Akshat is holding the black magic fruits, he is involved with Niyati. She accuses that this Tantric Guru jee is helping them.
Sumati inquires Niyati what she is doing, she tells her to stop this Mantra. Guru jee forbids Niyati with the signal of his eyes. Sumati shouts at Niyati to stop it. She brings a glass of water throwing it over Niyati’s face. Niyati stops the Mantra. Saudamini blinks her eyes and gets conscious. Dadi scolds Sumati for her behavior. Niyati’s uncle asks if she is really involved in the black magic. Niyati was unable to reply. Sumati smirks that she was fine till she was chanting the Mantra, now she has no replies. Kanchan says she will tell them the story. She says she was coming over to Jalsa, they spot her and Akshat go out of Jalsa. They seemed nervous so she followed them. They went to Samshan Ghat. Kanchan says they hypnotized Saudamini with the help of this Tantric. Prithvi says he is here, let them speak. Kanchan says she felt it was all strange and watched them. She heard them saying that Saudamini is now in her control, now they will do black magic through Saudamini’s blood. They will gain such powers that no one would be able to stop them. She tried to stop them but Akshat hit her with a stone furiously. She was unconscious and they left her there with her hands tied. Niyati asks Kanchan who would believe her, she didn’t get any proofs with her. Kanchan thinks for a while then says she has the proof. She plays a video clip when Guru jee was putting the bead string in Saudamini’s neck and working with his Mantra. Kanchan says she could only record this portion.
Akshat tells Prithvi he can explain to him that this is a lie. Prithvi slaps Akshat and says this is done, what’s left now. He is holding this black magic fruit, and this video is evident itself. Akshat says Prithvi may ask Niyati. Prithvi says Niyati is his daughter, he will ask her what he has to; he must leave before he forgets that Akshat is JK’s son. He drags Akshat by his collar. Guru jee stops Prithvi and says Niyati isn’t mistake, its Saudamini and the girl standing beside her. Prithvi stops Guru jee and inquires if he is a herbal doctor? He had requested to cure her daughter, but he is misleading her instead. He clutches Guru jee’s neck and inquires what he wants. Niyati requests Prithvi to trust her. Niyati claims that Kanchan is lying.
Sumati now asks Niyati if she is telling the truth, if the video they just saw is also a lie. She inquires why Niyati was digging nails outside Jalsa. She gave her medicines to sleep so that Niyati can leave Jalsa and do the black magic. Niyati says not everything one sees isn’t true. Prithvi qualifies there is no doubt in what they saw. Saudamini now asks why she did this, she killed her daughter first and now she is behind her life. It’s hard for her to live in this city anymore. She removes the beads string, hands it to Guru jee and leaves with a smirk. Niyati was tensed how she will complete her task now.

PRECAP: Saudamini and Kanchan were happy that the third nail had also destroyed, and only four nights are left. Afterwards, Niyati will also die. Niyati vomits blood.

Update Credit to: Sona

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