Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh saying another invitation, why this for every small. Naitik says its their wish. Naksh says its cocktail party invitation. They all discuss about Goenkas. Gayu says my dress has come, Naira’s dress will come. Bau ji says I have no black coat. Naksh says its theme party. He shows card to Rajshri. Rajshri says Naira’s name is written as Noir. Naksh says its french, theme is black and white. Baisa says we choose colorful clothes and they are saying black and white. Bhabhimaa says we have worn white in Yash’s marriage. Naksh says Dadi was angry seeing someone wearing black in puja day, Kartik saved us that day, this is also part of marriage, this has Petpuja. Devyaani says yes, they always say they are right. Naira says let them go. They laugh.

Akhilesh tells guest list. Manish asks him to invite guests, media, business partners. Aditya and everyone have a talk. Manish says arrange bartenders from seven star. Kartik says if there were competition of showoff, Manish would have won gold, silver, bronze everything. Baisa says we are simple people, we will go there, but not touch anything. Naira says yes, those who have to drink, drink from someone’s hand. Baisa says take water from our home. Naitik says you mean we should get rum whiskey in those bottles. They laugh. Rajshri tells old saying about wine.

Manish says my NRI friend Deepak Kapoor is coming this time, he visits Rishikesh. Dadi says its good he is coming. Surekha says Naira has connecting with Rishikesh, I heard Naira and Kartik met there for the first time. Dadi says Naira and Deepak can share a talk about Rishikesh.

Naira and Kartik spend some time lying under the sky. He kisses on her cheek. He says I don’t wish to let you go. She says I also feel so. He says we are meeting to become inseparable, I told you to do court marriage, matter would have ended. She says I wanted to start matter. He asks will you drink much in cocktail. She says yes, I will drink a drum. He asks then what will I do, fine you drink, I get Talli/drunk just on seeing you. He sits staring at her. She laughs and turns face. He leans to see her. Yeh rishta kya……plays… He kisses her hand. He gets close.

She pushes him and runs. He catches her. He asks her did she drink till now. She says yes, in my thoughts, sometimes I like to do stupid things. He says do it, but not tomorrow. She asks why. He says your track record is solid, you always do something in every function, else it does not complete. Its morning, Bhabhimaa and Baisa worry seeing wine bottle. Naksh says I got this, we have to take gift in cocktail party.

Bhabhimaa says you should have got juice of imported fruits. Naksh says its also juice of imported fruits, its vintage, its 75 years old. Bhabhimaa says you should have got fresh. Bau ji says wine gets better with time. Baisa asks them to keep it inside. Naitik asks what will they do there. Naira says we will not take Bhabhimaa and Baisa come, I will explain Kartik. Bhabhimaa says no, let us come, we want to see how people get drunk and do drama. They smile.

Pungi calls Naira. Naira asks her did you talk to Negi, when are you coming, what, you did not get card. Baisa and Bhabhimaa worry. Naira says I will call later and ends call. She asks Baisa did she send card to Rishikesh. Baisa says yes, I will check with courier guy. Naira goes. Bhabhimaa says call them, Naira will get annoyed. Baisa says if her truth comes out, Goenkas will not like it. Bhabhimaa says what wrong she did, she just got scared and ran away, she did not do wrong. Baisa says Goenkas will never accept that Naira stayed in ashram, it will be bad for us, its better for everyone if this is hidden.

Manish likes the arrangements and compliments Suwarna. Dadi says she was your secretary, she knows your choice. Manish says no need to say that. Dadi says I forgot, I have no right to say anything to Suwarna and Naira, both Manish and Kartik do not like it. He says I did not like it, international magazine wants to feature this marriage. Dadi says tell them nothing will get print without asking us, there are many truths in Naira’s life which I don’t want to come out. Akhilesh agrees.

Singhanias come. Dadi boasts of her family. Naksh says we will guess will their wine be of organic wine or natural. Gayu says it will be made on special order. Naksh asks her not to laugh much. Kirti smiles seeing him. Naitik gifts the vintage wine. Aditya likes it and says wow, what a brand, its rare, how did you get it. Naitik says our client got this for us. Manish thanks him and says its a lovely gift.

Suwarna asks for Naira. Rajshri says she is coming in other car with Mishti. Naira and Mishti reach. Naira says we got late, why is it dark here. Mishti says I m scared and runs. Lights come. Naira sees Kartik there. He walks to her. Yeh Rishta kya……plays………. They have a romantic moment. She kisses her hands. She says we were going to meet inside. He says I wanted to see you first. She thanks him for giving her so much importance and this moment. He says I m getting drunk without having wine, I told you I lose control seeing you. She smiles and runs. She sees the watery mud and recalls an old moment. She asks him to do something, get a log, on which I can step and go, else my dress will spoil. He says do you think I m such a donkey, fate is giving two lovers to fulfill dream, would I get log in between. He gives his hand. He lifts her. He takes her upstairs. Yeh rishta….plays……..

Bhabhimaa says we used to keep bowls as they made glass tower. Baisa says why did they keep it upside down. They smile. Manish asks Akhilesh to personally receive Kapoors. Baisa worries hearing about Rishikesh. Bhabhimaa says truth will come out some day. Akhilesh and Manish welcome Kapoors. Deepak Kapoor says we are glad you invited us in son’s marriage, Rishikesh trip was good. Manish asks was it not trouble like last time. Deepak says no, that thug girl was not there, maybe she moved on. The lady says I thought to teach her a lesson. Manish asks them to come. Kartik and Manish come in party and smile.

Kartik and Naira dance. Kapoors see her. The lady says she is that girl, what was her name…

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lasyashree.10

    Hey everyone!

    Awesome Kaira scene…..

    Ohio….show off truly yaar!!

    Bhabima and Baisa why r you hiding ?

    Excited n suspense…..

    Ok goodnight I’m so tired ?

  2. i dont understand wats the need of creating trouble in every episode.
    its not required.
    akshara please come back and get kaira married soon
    rest the episode was good

  3. Fenil

    Hello every elder and younger Sista and Brothers, hope u all are good ?!

    Awesome Episode

    Baisa and Babhimaa’s worry is right from their pov becoz many hurdles was in kaira’s relation, but somewhere it is also wrong.

    Naira’s truth make way itself ,all of sudden Mr.Dipak Kapoor came ,if he is so important for manish then he should invite him in engagement also ?

    Karthik’s decision for court marriage,will singhanias permit him ?

    PN – Thanks Sista and bros for your precious prayers , no change in his condition, i will inform u all about him time time.

    Dears, who appearing for boards exam , be cool and confident in this last phase of exam path .All The Best.

    Good Night ,Jsk , JY….take care.

    1. Hi Fenil
      We continue to pray for his recovery.
      Peace ✌️
      God is Good

  4. Hey all good morning my YRKKH family
    Rahul I pray you reach safely
    The episode was lovely
    The ladies looked lovely in their outfits & the gents very handsome.
    Everyone looks cute. I don’t think I will be able to watch the next episode where Naira is exposed.
    This is a lesson to us – be careful what you do today because your tomorrow might be affected by it.
    Thanks Ameena for update ????????????
    Have a wonderful and blessed day all ???

  5. Ab to akshara ko Lao

  6. Hi Aniket!
    It ws ua idea to make a family here na? Thank U so mch bro….Henceforth, I would like to call U “FAMILY MAKER”!!! How is ua nickname bro?? Waiting fr ua commnt!! Dilwale Captain, Nickname keeper & Family maker (Among these, Wich one u like d most bro?)

    Hi Rahul bhaiya, buzy??missing ua long comments bhaiya…How r u nw?

    Hi Fenil bhaiya!! Wil definitely pray fr ua best frnd! Don’t worry bhaiya. How is he now??

    Hi Sophie dii, Y noo comments frm U di? Hope, U r fine..
    Hi Pat dii & lasya!! Y u 2 r tellng dat am funny?? Pls tell me…..Thank you pat dii for ur wishes & prayers!!!

    Aniket, Lasya, Twana, Aliyaa, Soumya prepr wellll guys.!!
    All the best!!!

    1. Hi Raf
      The way you write, whenever I am reading it – I smile
      The nicknames & knowing everyone is cool
      Sometimes When I am reading your comment is like I am reading Aniket’s comments too – you write similarly
      Your writing is similar.
      It’s fun to read your comments – you also comes across as a happy person or someone who likes to be happy always.

  7. Chanya

    Hi guys!!how are you all?fine na ..couldn’t read the previous updates I will reply after reading..prepare well those who has guys
    Coming to episode really liked kaira moments..scary precap..bye

  8. Hi Guyss…. Why less comments? Seems like everyone z busy….
    Hope everyone z finee…..
    Fenil bhaiya… ya… like Pat dii said, we will continue to pray for ur friend’s fast recovery!!
    Oh Chanya… Hi dear how r u? Hope u r doing fine… and how’s ur medical college??
    BFF I hope u r preparing well for the board exam… Remember my punishment?? Better to study than sleeping ok? Or else the punishment will be worse… same will be applied to Aliya n Raf…
    N Aliya I know u r studying hard.. prepare well dear..
    Raf u well.. All the Best everyone…
    And my cutie Soumya dear prepare well for the exam dr.. All the best…
    Shesha how r u?
    Hey Vrushy don’t u hv exams??
    Adii bff… How r u?? Hope u r fine…
    Sruthi, Sachu dii, Ishu, Ishika, Trishi, Pawan, Garima, Shilpa, Tanu dii n everyone long time no see…. Guys where r u all??
    Ah Rahul bhai… I thought that it might be u…nice click.. ?
    Hey lasya how r u?
    After a long time I’m typing a big wala comment… ?
    And suha n Shesha…how r u? U guys r also missing today…
    TVfan1 why rn’t u commenting now?
    Sophie diiiii where r u????????????????
    Hope u r fine……….
    Coming to the ep…..
    Who r Kapoors??
    Kaira rockzzz…
    Why do they tell Naira Thug girl?
    Over all ep was good…..
    So Bye guys.. Gotta goo… See ya guys soon…… Love u all.. sorry I forgot to log in?

    1. Vrushy

      Hii Twana.
      Glad to see you after soo many days.
      I have my exams in march so its still time for it !!
      What about your exams ?!!

    2. Rosa18

      Hii,Twana dii, they call Naira thug because in rishikesh Naira changed her name and used take money from tourists in wrong ways n iguess Kapoors are one of those tourists

      1. TYSM Rosa for the info… I really didn’t know ?

  9. Hi i am a new one here so can i join with u all

    1. Vrushy

      Welcome to the Yrkkb fandom !!

    2. Vrushy

      Welcome to the Yrkkh fandom !!

    3. Rosa18

      Hii,Welcome of course u can dear..It would be great if u could give ur intro

  10. Hello all my sisters and brothers….
    I’m sorry I was not commenting since Long… Don’t mind ..pls my It was my husband’s own sisters marriage so…. Was busy….

    Hey raf.. you really deserve the tag Gayu
    Twana in back dear and thank you for remembering me..
    Rahul have a safe traveling..
    Fenil of course we will pray for your friend..
    Vrushy I’ll surely read your ff soon
    Aniket…ha u are toh dilwale and the hyperactive member of family.
    Lasya you are missing what. Happened all fine?..
    All the others hi dear… prepare for your exams well….and be healthy

    Fine now did you all forgave nitya.. that’s what my 100$ question is….

    Please di reply…will be waiting

    Bye for now❤

    1. Vrushy

      No worries.
      Do read whenever you get time !!
      I have started writting a new one now as well. So currently I have three FF’s on my sleeves !!

  11. Hi BFF, Where is ur registered dp? Yes, I am studying good. NEET Forms r released. Did u fill the form? Yes I remember the punishment n as I dont want to end up with shivering all day long so I have reduced my sleeping time n increased my study time.! How is ua preparation going on? Hi Gayu, Ya I know ua Birth date, Its 4April rite? I would love FAMILY MAKER as my nick name among those.! How r ua preparations going on?

    1. Hi BFF… lol…u r superb at cracking jokes… Rahul bhai remember to get down frm Kolkata!!
      I saw that I haven’t logged in afrer I finished typing the big wala comment… I didn’t have time to type it again after logging in… so I posted without logging in… Hope u understood ?
      Thankz for telling the NEET forms hv released I didn’t fill it yet.. And BFF happy to know that u hv reduced the time u take to sleep n dream? Study HARD!!

  12. Hi Fenil bhaiya, M thara se choto hu. Mana kaina Aniket bhai bola h? Mana Aniket hi bolto ja. I wish Deepaks soul rest in peace.! How is ua ICU wala friend? Hi Bachelor bhai, Till where have u reached? I hope by the time I am posting u have reached safely.! Yes Rajan sir alloted me that survey work. Dont u remember? Oh how wil u remember, U r GAJNI THE SECOND- Who forgets all the things in 15mins. Atleast remember u have to get down at Kolkata orelse will reach somewhere else.! Lol.!

  13. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone.
    How are you all ?!! Hope Everyone is fine.
    Loved the cocktail party walla idea. It addded a modern touch to the wedding track. Looking forward to kaira’s dance today !!
    Why are the comments reducing ?!!
    Do comment peeps. Only a small sentence would also do if you are busy.

    Really do u like dat nickname???
    Yess, U r absolutely right bro, its 4th April!!!
    ya, I’m preprng welll, hw is ua preprtn going on bro???

    Hii tanu dii,
    Thank U….

    Hi Pat dii, Thanx fr telling!!

    Hi Rahul bhaiya.!!
    What happen?? Comment karna bhool gaye kya???

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