Badho Bahu 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malti ji agrees. I am under your care now. Tell me what to do now. Kamla ji tells her to do anything to throw Badho out of the Akhada at any cost. Malti ji denies. How can I do this? What if while doing this my husband becomes my enemy? What if it goes against me? Kamla ji calls her fool. You changed your path seeing obstacles in your way. You cannot do anything but cry. Remember that this Badho will wrestle right before your eyes and you wont be able to say no then. Don’t come to me then. Malti ji gets thinking.

Pinki tells Lucky that Badho just left for home. He nods. I know already. She adds that she seemed upset. Hope everything is fine. You look upset since last some days. I shouldn’t say but everyone can clearly see that you are not happy with your marriage. I wont be able to do much but we should make light of this situation. Teji has arranged for a party tonight. He has invited his few friends too. It will ease things. Lucky says Babu ji wont let him do it. Pinki points out that there is some wedding tonight where all elders will go to. Lucky agrees for it and excuses himself. Pinki smiles.

Pragya is in kitchen. She turns sensing someone’s presence. It is Teji. She asks him what hide and seek he is playing. My heart is running fast. He holds her hand. I too should hear then. She asks him if he isn’t ashamed. Pinki peeks at them from outside. Pragya frees her hand. If anyone sees us like this then they wont spare us. He holds her hand again. I can even die for you. She asks him to let her go. These things suit in films only. You get beaten up real bad in real life. She excuses herself. Pinki calls out to Pragya. Pragya and Teji get worried seeing her. Pragya begins to go when Pinki calls out to her again. She gives Pragya her lunch. Teji and Pragya heave a sigh of relief. Pragya asks Teji to pick her up after class. He nods. Pragya thinks Pinki dint see anything.

Pinki tells Teji not to relax. I saw your love story. He gets shocked. What are you saying? She tells him not to act innocent before her. I know everything. He refuses to accept it. She says I am not misunderstanding anything. I know you too well. Let me tell you one thing clearly. You might shoot arrows outside but don’t try anything here. This is my home, not your city. Pragya is my SIL. Stop your tactics here or I will get you thrown out of the house with Rana ji’s help. She walks out in huff. Teji thinks how this new villain came in his love story. She screwed my story. What to do now?

Lucky enjoys being alone in his room. Malti ji smiles seeing him happy. She remembers the days when he used to smile and stay happy. Lucky turns and finds his mother standing at the door. She sits down next to him and caresses his face. He says I am not a kid. You are crying again? You cry on every little thing. Why do you become so senti? She says I was yearning to see you smile. Keep happy like this. It makes me happy. Don’t worry. I am here. I wont let any problem come in your life. You will smile like this always. He nods. I am really happy today as I will sleep peacefully tonight in my room. I will also go in a party at night. She agrees. DO whatever you want. Just keep smiling like this. She goes out. He relaxes on the bed. Malti ji looks at him. Kamla Bhabhi was right. I will have to stop that fattie from learning wrestling. I can do anything to see my son smiling.

Pinki’s phone rings. It is Payal. Teji picks the call. Payal does not let the other person speak and starts talking. She shares that they are taking Jamuna ji to hospital. Badho said you will take care of everyone including Lucky. Stay in your limits. I told you before wedding too and I am telling you now too. Stay away from him. Don’t try to do anything that is wrong. Remember that you are someone else’s wife now. I wont spare you if you try doing anything wrong now! Teji smirks. Pinki comes to kitchen looking for her phone. He shows it to her. She asks for it. Teji shares that Payal Bhabhi called. I thought to pick it up thinking it might be something important. She kept talking and I was listening. I know everything about you now. Pinki worries. She says I don’t understand anything. What are you trying to say? He tells her not to act so innocent. I know what all happened before marriage. Pinki’s face becomes pale. Teji returns her phone to her. She stops him. It isn’t what you think. It was before wedding. It isn’t so now. Lucky ji is just my BIL, nothing else. He says I was thinking what if Rana ji finds out about it. Gods know what will happen then. Pinki talks sweetly to him. How will he find out? You wont break your own sister’s home, right? He says I too was thinking was my beloved sister was trying to put an end to my love story. She says I dint say anything. I want to help you. He says what the harm is if I do friendship with Pragya. Pinki says it is alright. Become friends and keep it to that. There will be a mess if anyone at home finds out. I don’t want anything wrong to happen with you. He nods. She tells him to keep her secret with him only. He agrees on the condition that she wont tell anyone about him and Pragya. They promise to keep each other’s secret.

Komal assures her mother everything will be fine. Doc shares that BP was high. Everything is normal. Komal asks about symptoms. Doc asks Jamuna ji if she was tensed over something. Komal gets thinking. Doc advises her not to take any tension. It will be good for you if you avoid any. There is nothing to worry. Komal thanks her. She turns to her mother. I know you were worried because of me. I said I wont return after Pag Phera. Jamuna ji thinks of Shankar’s argument. She tells Komal that wasn’t it. I was only thinking about your decision to wrestle. Will you be able to do it? I cannot understand this matter only. Komal nods. I know Shankar BHai would have taunted you. Vardaan would have kept quiet which would have only angered Shankar Bhai all the more. Don’t worry about me. I have thought well before choosing to do it. Babu ji will be my Guru. What can go wrong? I will always have his and Bholenath’s support. don’t worry. I am perfectly alright. Jamuna ji agrees.

Precap: malti ji agrees to do whatever it takes to make her son happy. She promises Kamla ji she will do whatever she will ask her to. Lucky saves a girl from being molested. He also invites her for his house party. Everyone at home if surprised to see Lucky coming home with some other girl.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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