Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani talking to everyone about Karishma. She says she can’t be a good bahu, she is not good, she has trapped Naman. Naman comes and says why are you blaming her, I said its my mistake. Devyaani says she does not like her. Naman says I like her, she is good and is my GF, I will not leave her if you don’t like her, Devyaani scolds him. Naman says he is not ashamed to tell the truth, he does not want to hurt her, but you are hurting both of us, you don’t know her and made an opinion, give her one chance, try to understand her, I know you will like her, if not, sorry I can’t listen to you. Everyone is shocked. He leaves.

Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani not to be angry on Naman, as he may take a wrong step. Devyaani leaves. Nandini tells Rukmani that Yash slept. Rukmani asks Nandini to call her Maayka and get to know the two matters. She tells about Naksh’s bravery and Naman and Karishma’s shameless act. Mohit says leave it now. Rukmani says they will ruin the respect. Mohit says they love each other and want to marry. Rukmani says even if they marry, they will shake the family.

Everyone at Maheshwari house discuss about Naman and Karishma. Dadi says this matter should be managed. Varsha says what they did is wrong. Vishwamber asks Anshu and Jasmeet why did they not explain them. Rajshri says I hope this time they understand. Karishma calls Naman and says Pammi and Sethi are angry and called my parents. Naman says yes, my mum is upset too. She says your family is so outdated. Naman says even if anyone saw us, they would have reacted same. She asks him to handle the family. She says your mum is calm always, but don’t know what problem she has. He says he fought with her for her. She says she will see what he does. He says I will stand for the right tomorrow.

Akshara and Naitik talk about the matter. She says I feel elder’s decision is right, we should get them married. Naitik says they are young and not responsible. Akshara says they love each other and will marry, why won’t they to wish to complete the relation, once they marry, they will understand, we will help them. He says but new generation is different. She says yes, sorry Naitik as all this happened today. Naitik asks her not to worry and hugs her smiling. Rukmani talks to Devyaani and says how can Karishma do this, what did Naman see in her. She asks Devyaani not to accept her, Devyaani says yes. Rukmani says she is not ashamed, what respect will we give her, will you prefer accepting her, you have to ask Naman’s dad too when deciding.

Rukmani says she is her friend so giving advice. Devyaani says she has to make kada for Dadda ji and will talk later. She ends the call. Its morning, Naksh says he does not want to eat the dish. Akshara asks him to have it. Devyaani comes to them. Devyaani explains Akshara to let Naksh decide, his choice matters. Akshara says yes, but its different. Naksh leaves. Devyaani says you told me that child’s happiness matters a lot. Akshara says this is not good food for Naksh, but Naman can’t forget Karishma, he will not forgive you, its not Karishma’s mistake, you should hate them or forgive them, why does you always hope from girls to be good, why can’t we expect this from boys.

Akshara asks Devyaani to think about new generation and decide for Naman’s life. Rajshri says shall we go to Akshara’s in laws. Kaki says yes, Pammi called us. Dadi says I feel we should not go. Vushwamber says yes, it will be good if we don’t go, as Karishma’s parents can feel better. Rajshri says then what to tell them. He says we will come when they need us. Sethi asks Karishma to apologize to everyone. Karishma says you feel its my mistake. He says the thing which hurts anyone is called mistake. Pammi asks her to understand.

Karishma says its my life, with whose wish should I live, you want me to get married in big family like Jasmeet. Sethi says go and get ready, we will talk when your parents come. Karishma’s parents come. Karishma sees them and is shocked. Devyaani calls Jasmeet and asks about Karishma’s background and nature. Do you think Naman and Karishma can stay happy together? She says tell me truth, your advice matters a lot. Jasmeet says Karishma is a good person, they both are good, and my friends, but Karishma becomes selfish sometimes, but she does not hurt anyone.

Jasmeet says when a person is in love, she will change for Naman. She says they love each other a lot, Karishma fought with me for Naman. Muskaan asks Naman to think if she did this infront of his eyes. Naman says stop. She says then you think elder’s anger is not fair, fine do what you want, but apologize once to elders. She leaves. Naman realizes his mistake. Naitik talks to Vipul on phone. Akshara says Karishma is coming with her parents. Bau ji tells Bhabhimaa to not tell Dadda ji.

Devyaani says you all can take decision. Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani to decide, we all will find a good way. Karishma comes with her parents and Jasmeet’s parents. Bau ji welcomes them. Devyaani greets them. Sethi says he is Duggal, Karishma’s dad. Naman comes to Karishma. Akshara signs Muskaan. Muskaan asks Karishma to come. They leave. Bau ji apologizes as its Naman’s mistake too. Duggal says we should be sorry too. Bau ji says he has a suggestion.

Naman and Karishma talk with Muskaan. Karishma says she does not want to go. Naman says me too. Girja says everyone is calling you. They go to them. Bau ji asks them to know their decision. He asks them to get engaged as they are not against their love and want this relation to get a name. Naman and Karishma are shocked. She says she is not ready for engagement, as she wants to focus on career. Naman says whats the need for engagement, its like getting punished for having an affair. Everyone is shocked. Karishma says even Naman is not ready.

Naman says we felt you will separate us. Karishma says she can’t be engaged. Pammi asks Poonam to explain Karishma. Karishma says you know my ambitions. Duggal says we always let Karishma make her decision, I think its fine if she does not want to do engagement, we don’t have any problem with her decision. Poonam says yes, kids should not feel marriage is punishment for love. Naman thanks them and says he does not want to get engaged. Devyaani scolds him for doing shameful things, is this a joke, it’s the limit.

Naitik asks Naman and Karishma whats the problem, they can get engaged and take time for marriage. Naman says yes, we will come. They come to elders and everyone look at them waiting for their yes or no.

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