Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Raj’s residence
Bhawna washes her hands vehemently, while vikram comes saying that this colour maybe wiped off, but what of the blood that stained her hands long back, referring to her as Sangeeta. he pledges to take his revenge but is quiet just because of the two innocent kids who are getting married. Arpita comes in asking the coconut to be tied, to avoid evil eyes, and that girl’s mother and the groom’s father shall have to do this together. she leaves. Vikram plain refuses. Bhawna tries to make him understand, and vikram says that its a ritual, but he wont do anything with her, and he would prefer dying first. Anjali comes asking them to perform the ritual. Vikram denies and leaves angrily. Anjali expresses her confusion at vikram’s latest strange and weird behaviour and is determined to find out the reason. she leaves. bhawna is tensed wondering what if vikram tells her. Anjali asks vikram why he isnt performing this ritual, and behaving so weird, when rituals matter so much to him. Vikram finds bhawna coming behind her, and thinks that sangeeta sent her, and then angrily tells anjali that he wont do this ritual and any evil can befall if its has to. They are all tensed and surprised at his rudeness, as he leaves hastily. vikram says that long back, he asked a Mannat in the temple, but it became a bane for him, hence he wont be able to do it. They are tensed.

Meanwhile, Avni starts gloating about her mehendi in front of arpita, while she reminisces that her mehendi hadnt gone dark, indicating that her love wouldnt be able to sustain and true that it didnt. Avni finds arpita tensed, and asks whats the matter. She leaves saying that she has some work. Avni is thirsty and finds a glass of water, but in her bid to take it from the opposite sides of her hands, her palms being mehendi stained, she falls, and is caught by Raj, and she thanks him for always being there qhenever she is in any trouble. he amusingly offers to help, but then drinks the water much to her displeasure. she angrily is about to leave, when raj goes to get cold drink for her, to satiate her thirst. She is overwhelmed as he makes her drink. But then he gets an idea and then gives her a ring so that her mobile rings. When avni asks him to get the phone, it inadvertently leads to them getting closer, while a romantic eyelock follows. Raj’s brother comes and then pulls on raj’s trap, telling avni that it was Raj’s call. When raj amusingly tells avni why he did so, avni reprimands him lovingly.

Later, Buaji starts commenting as to how vikram’s rude behaviour wasnt required. Anjali is baffled, while bhawna asks to let the matter go. avani and raj come, and ask about his father. Anjali lies that she sent him out for some work. The ritual starts to exchange gifts. Bhawna thinks that they would have to find another way to finish this ritual. the gift ceremony starts, and arpita doesnt agree to akshat’s request to give the gift together. Avni’s friend gives raj a gift thats a book, called What wives want, and when raj claims that he knows everything that avni wants, he is forced to think, when avni’s friend tells raj that he didnt properly propose to avni, something that every girl wants. Raj thinks that he actually didnt do anything like that. Arpita too gives them the gift. Anjali says that one person’s gift is still awaited, a really special person. Meanwhile, Raj’s brother is negotiating with someone over the phone, when the same unidentified person walks in, whose presence cheers him up. They hug, and tell anjali that the person they were waiting for is here, who actually turns out to be anjali’s brother. Raj too comes and greets him, and then he asks for avni. Avni comes to meet him. She bends down to touch his feet, but he asks her not to, as he maybe Raj’s uncle, but they dont have much age difference. Anjali asks virat, her brother to give them the gift that they have been waiting for long. Virat tells avni that raj isnt ready for her, and is not right, while flirtingly presents himself as the suitable groom. Avni uncomfortably smiles, while raj asks her not to mind as he is like that. They all banter.

Virat asks about Vikram from anjali. Anjali explains her confusion, and vikram’s rude behaviour. Virat calls up vikram to ask whats the matter, while he asks virat to stay out of this and not interfere in this matter. Virat too asks him to come home straightaway and then cancels the call. Virat senses anjali’s tension, and says that if the ritual is so important to her and avni’s family, then he himself shall do this ritual.

Meanwhile, in the garden, Bhawna calls the priest to find out if there’s any other way to perform the ritual. But is told that this ritual is very improtant as it acts as a security guard, and that fgor her daughter she has to do it, to ensure avni’s happiness. She tensedly thinks that she wont let it happen and that she has to fulfill this ritual somehow.

In his room, Raj waits impatiently while avni comes out after having taken off her mehendi, and claiming that she herself didnt see it, as she wanted to see it with him only. She excitedly opens her palms so that they both see. But they both are shocked at what they see. raj tells her that its very dark, and then go onto find his name, as it must definitely be dark. As raj excitedly asks avni to show her mehendi, she is disappointed that it doesnt have the dark colours that it should, and her name too isnt properly inked. raj is tensed to see avni sad and disappointed, and tries to compose her. Avni starts thinking of it as a bad omen, but raj convinces her otherwise saying that a mehendi cant decide the intensity of their love.

Outside, Bhawna waits impatiently, as vikram pulls his car to a halt. He storms inside, but she stops and requests him pleadingly, to do this ritual with her. Just then, Anjali comes and tells Bhawna and vikram that the ritual has been done. Bhawna baffled asks how this happened. anjali tells that virat did it, as virat descends down the stairs to meet them. Bhwan is still not sure if thats the right way. Virat is shocked to see them, while Bhawna is shocked to see him too, as past memories flash before her, of a woman screaming for help. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Virat says that he wants vikram to forget that fateful night, but he would see to it, that bhawna never forgets it, as whatever happened that night between them, was just out of his revenge for her. He thinks that now bhawna and her daughter shall fall prey to his traps and tactics.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Fast….!!!

  2. Vikram is an idiot! He has two choices…1) Tell everyone the truth and let all the consequences hit Bhawna OR 2) Forgive and let it go.. His trying to get revenge hurting Bhawna will eventually impact the marriage between Raj and Avni since neither of them would never want to see Bhawna hurt. He needs to get some maturity and have better decisions. I don’t see this coming out positively for the kids at all!!!! Chose and go forward man!!!

  3. Interesting episode with this new person Virat

  4. i think with this rate they might get marry for New Years

  5. I think n think n think over n over, how bad can the truth be. N I still believe that bhawna is innocent of that act, I believe is an misunderstanding, but den again if she is innocent y is she soo scared of? I jus can’t figure out, plz let the suspense end soon n i hope everything ok good wit her

  6. N I hope everything turns out to be good wit her** sorry mistake

  7. Please get to the story of that dreadful night. The suspense is killing or will it just be a waste of time thinking about. Like other stories nit won’t be as bad as they make it out ho be.

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