Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karishma telling everyone that she has an important presentation today, the time is clashing for engagement and seminar, so I came to tell you if we don’t do this engagement today, as every day is special in Navratri. Bhabhimaa says yes, but. Karishma says this seminar is life time opportunity for me. Devyaani asks what did your parents say. Karishma says they told me to talk to you all. Naman says lets do engagement before seminar. Devyaani says the mahurat is not there, pandit ji can’t come. Naman says her seminar is also important. Akshara asks whats the duration of seminar. Karishma says 90 mins. Akshara says fine, lets keep it after her seminar. Karishma says she will come soon. Everyone agree. Karishma thanks her and says I will leave now, as I have to prepare for both the things.

Devyaani says I think we are hurrying up, we should think about this girl. She is not happy with engagement. Akshara says everything will be fine, don’t worry. Jasmeet comes to Karishma and says congrats. Karishma asks why did you come. Jasmeet says you are my good friend, so I m saying, don’t play with family’s emotions, everyone will be hurt. Karishma says your engagement was breaking, did you forget when Anshu left you, Naman helped you. She taunts Jasmeet. Jasmeet says she remembers everything.

Jasmeet asks Karishma not to do any mistake. Karishma says she has to prepare for seminar and leaves. Jasmeet calls Akshara and Akshara says she is busy and will talk later. Everyone reach Singhania house for the engagement, Naman and Devyaani are upset. Akshara asks them to patch up. Naman hugs her and they smile. Akshara talks to Naitik and Mohit. Naitik asks about Dadi. Akshara says Dadi did not come, she went to temple. He asks about Rashmi’s mood. Akshara says same like always, don’t see her mood, she came in Naman’s engagement, and its great.

Karishma and Jasmeet’s parents come. Bhabhimaa asks where is Karishma. Poonam says she will come after her seminar. Bau ji asks them to come and meet the guests. Akshara asks Naman to try Karishma. He says not connecting, don’t worry, she will come. Devyaani worries. Bau ji says don’t worry. Bhabhimaa says when will she come. Pandit ji says the mahurat has less time now, call girl fast, does she know. Bhabhimaa says yes. Duggal asks Poonam to call and ask.

Jasmeet tells Anshu will Karishma not come. Anshu says no, she will come, else Naman would know it. Jasmeet says maybe he is not telling us, I will talk to Akshara, He says if you are thinking wrong, everyone will get a doubt. Karishma comes in time and everyone is relieved seeing her. Devyaani says you should have called or messaged. Karishma says there was no network. Naman says thanks, come, lets exchange rings. Rukmani asks about her clothes. Karishma says if I go to change, mahurat will pass, if you can wait, I will go ad change now.

Naman says clothes are not important. Devyaani says yes, this shows the heart. Bhabhimaa says but rituals are important for us. The kids say engagement is boring and they are fighting. Devyaani says she wants her bahu to follow all rituals. Akshara stops her and asks Karishma to come. She makes Karishma don a red Chunri. She does a tilak and makes her look Indian. The engagement starts.

Naitik and Akshara think to revive their love story by something new. Naitik says there is no formula to make marriage superhit. She says is it necessary for you to go tomorrow, please don’t go. He says I know, but I have to go. She says I will miss you a lot. He says me too. Karishma gets a message in between the rituals. Everyone look at her. Jasmeet says we should tell everyone that they are playing with family’s sentiments. Anshu says I know, but Rukmani will make a big issue. She says its wrong to stand and see. He says they will realize later and change.

Karishma gets a call and answers saying I will let you know. She asks Vishwamber about the booking. Rukmani asks Karishma to focus here, and tells about Mohit, who did not go Surat for his family, she is on phone during engagement. She taunts Devyaani. Shaurya says he will manage calls and takes her phone They exchange the rings. The engagement is over and everyone clap. Naman hugs Karishma and the elders get miffed. Naman and Karishma hug Devyaani. Devyaani blesses her and says I want you and Naman to be together and happy. Devyaani asks will you not give anything else. Everyone say congrats.

Devyaani gives the jewelry. Karishma likes it. Naksh asks what will we call Karishma. Rukmani says Chachi. Karishma says please don’t call Chachi, it looks odd, else call Bhabhi. Devyaani says the girl who runs by relation’s name, what will she keep relations. Jasmeet hugs Karishma and says congrats. Karishma says you were going to say everyone, what happened. Jasmeet says see Anshu, I told this. That Naman and Karishma cares for family. Everyone smile.

Kaki talks to Devyaani and says I also felt strange when Anshu got engaged. Rajshri asks what did you think about marriage. Rukmani says get them married soon. Bhabhimaa says lets ask pandit ji. Karishma tells Naman that its good to get engaged. He says yes, got license for many things. Mohit asks Naman to come. Karishma says the ring is good. Rajshri tells Kaki that Karishma is modern. Varsha says Naman and Karishma have same thinking. Kaki says I feel she is stubborn. Rajshri says we are related to them from both sides.

Duggal says we did not interfere in Karishma’s decisions. Poonam says she was in hostel. I did not teach her cooking, but you are joint family and will manage work, Karishma will take time to adjust. Devyaano says she is linked to her values, if we don’t give them values, what will they give to their children, parents should do it. Akshara calms Devyaani. Bhabhimaa asks pandit ji to take the mahurat for marriage, Karishma hears this and is shocked. Bhabhimaa says they want to the marriage very soon. Mohit asks Naman how does it feel, congrats to get into our list. Karishma comes and asks Naman to come to talk to her. He leaves. The elders find this odd.

Karishma says she does not want this engagement and throws the ring. Naman says same here and throws the ring in anger. Akshara and Naitik are shocked hearing them and seeing the rings on the floor.

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