Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik shocks Manish and Dadi

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking the man are the papers ready. The man gives him papers. Kartik asks Manish and Dadi to sign, its a mutual agreement for baby’s safety. They get shocked. Kartik says it states that you can’t touch our baby, you can’t play or feed baby, you can just see the baby, only when Naira and I are around, when baby grows up, you can’t talk to baby, so that your thinking doesn’t affect badly, if you try to break this agreement, Naira and I will take our baby and leave. Dadi cries and says you documented all this and want me to sign. Naira comes and looks on. Kartik says I m really scared for my baby and Naira, you may plan something else. He asks them to sign it. Manish signs and asks Dadi to sign. She cries and signs it.

Naira cries seeing this and goes. Kirti messages Naira to apologizes and writes, nothing will happen to your baby, we all are with you. She calls Naksh. She talks to staff and says we will decide when Vaishali comes. Vaishali calls her and says I m in rush, I had requested Aditya, he will be there, discuss designs with him. Kirti says I will mail designs, no need to send anyone. Naira says I m trying to be fine. Bhabhimaa asks what happened. Naira says Kartik is upset with Dadi, but he is doing wrong to end relations. Bhabhimaa says you explain him, he is fighting for right and wrong, your inlaws are lucky to get you, your mum was also such, do what you feel right for your baby. Naira agrees and ends call. She takes Akshara’s book. Naira hugs Kartik and thinks this won’t be good, we have to make things fine.

Its morning, Dadi sees Naira eating salad and asks Surekha to advice Naira. She goes and gives olive oil to Naira. She advices Naira. She asks Surekha to go and throw laddoos in bin, if anyone eats it, anything bad can happen. Naira cries. Kartik asks her to have juice. Devyaani says Naira will be in tension. Kirti says dad and Dadi didn’t do right. She gets Aditya’s call and gets shocked. She disconnects. He messages, please call me, its office work. Kirti coughs. Naira coughs. Manish gives her a glass of water and apologizes. Kirti comes. Naira says explain Kartik that this isn’t needed. Kirti goes to Kartik. She says Suwarna called me, she wanted me to talk to you. Kartik says you don’t take their side, this is about emotions. Kirti says its not dad and Dadi’s mistake, its not easy to change such thinking. He says they can give it a try. She says you can’t make anyone away from life, you can hurt someone if you are hurt.

He says my intentions weren’t such. She says even their intentions weren’t bad, they made a mistake, you don’t do this mistake. He asks what shall I do. She says change their thinking by your conviction and logic. He says they won’t understand. She tries to explain. She says dad is not wrong, he didn’t know about that van, you could have explained him, they have always forgiven us, dad never punished you, you are not able to forgive him for one thing, its wrong to behave like this, you can’t form or break relations by documents, its up to you now. She goes. Naira looks on. Lav and Kush play. The laptop falls. They worry. Kartik comes and asks what happened. They say sorry, laptop fell down, don’t scold us. He asks them to stop crying and go to study. They go.

Naira asks did you forgive them. He says yes. She says mistakes can be forgiven, we need to forgive elders, how can we manage a new relation with our baby, just start practicing forgiveness. Dadi gets pandit’s call. He says you didn’t tell me about baby girl or boy. Dadi sees Kartik and Naira and disconnects the call. Kartik gets the laddoos jar and asks Naira to eat it. Dadi cries. Naira says I spoke to doctor, I will eat things prepared by you, Kartik and whatever I like. Kartik asks Dadi to make more ghee laddoos. Naira asks Dadi not to cry. She says you did what you have seen since childhood, its okay, many people want boy or girl, even you are right, you shouldn’t impose thinking on pregnant women, from now onwards, make laddoos for my health, not to make a girl a boy.

Dadi says forgive me Naira and hugs her. Everyone hugs. Naira is seen dead…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Not naira kriti is seen dead

  2. Atlst naira loser apni manmaani kardiya
    To make kaira mahan nd centre of attraction they r making evry1 bad

    1. what they are showing is wrong thinking on the elders part…not to show Naira mahaan. She also deserves happiness even though you want her to suffer and highlight Kirti. Nairas parents didn’t do the same with Kirti…plus that dadi is bad…Lot of elders still think that they want boys whereas girls are no less. They are now more responsible than boys can ever be.

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