Tantra 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Nirwan takes his life

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Tantra 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nisha cries hard. Damini smirks that there is drama around at two places.
Nirwan dialed the call, then shouts for Niyati. Prithvi clutches Nirwan’s collars and asks him to stop it, first he misbehaved with Nisha and now he is blaming Niyati. Sumati asks Nirwan to stay calm, his forehead is already bleeding.
There, Damini sprayed chilli powder over the lemon working with the black magic. Nirwan continue shouting that Nisha left him, now he will lose his life.
There, Niyati thinks she wasn’t wrong then, there is surely a force behind all this. She asks Baba how to save the Tantra. She gets a call from Akshat and calls her back home, Nirwan has created a lot of trouble and even blaming her for his broken marriage.
Baba gives something to Niyati to feed Nirwan, he is under the effect of Tantra and may not live till tomorrow morning otherwise.
Nirwan runs towards the roof. The family follow as he ran witlessly. Jalsa place continuous hurdles on their way, the door of the roof behind Nirwan was locked. A servant comes to announce Nirwan is on the balcony outside.
Niyati finds the cycle chain broken and runs by foot.
Damini was working with her Tantra to place continuous hurdles.
Nirwan had climbed the balcony and assures she will join hands to Nisha and apologize on his side. Prithvi makes a fake call to Nisha but Nirwan says nothing can be undone, Niyati is no more in his life only because of Nisha.
Damini continue pricking a lemon with needles. Prithvi calls for a wooden ladder. Akshat climbs the ladder.
There, Niyati tries for a lift.
Damini pricks the final needle into the lemon saying there will be nothing between him and his death. Nirwan was about to step down the roof. Kanchan, from the neighborhood house enjoys the scene.
Niyati arrive at the gate of Jalsa. Nirwan gains little senses. Niyati thinks Nirwan is recovering even by watching this fruit, she must feed it to Nirwan anyway. Nirwan wonders what he was about to do. Soon, a rope swirls around Nirwan and pushes him down the balcony. Everyone watch Nirwan fly down from the height. Khanna family stood stunned out of shock. Sumati was the first to lose her balance and fell on the floor. The fruit in Niyati’s hand also slips on floor.
Damini laughs wickedly.
The Baba sense the strength of Tantra. He decides to gain further strengths and give a remedy of Tanta to that girl.
Inside, Khanna family mourned around Nirwan’s body. Sumati lay her head over his chest and cried. Prithvi sat on floor at a distance. Niyati was about to place her hand over Nirwan’s forehead, Sumati forbids her to even touch him; it’s because of her that her son died. Dadi asks what she is saying. Sumati replies she is right, he blamed Niyati till the last moment. Niyati argued and fought with Saudamini and broke his engagement. It was the first time Nirwan was happy but Niyati couldn’t bear it; it’s Niyati who killed her son. Niyati says it’s all because of Tantra that Saudamini had done, she has done it over Nirwan and on this house.

PRECAP: Mr. Bharat comes to take Nirwan’s body for post mortem. Nisha’s car undergoes an accident, the driver of her car fell outside the car while the car hits at a tree. Damini appears from behind and says she never leaves a proof of her Tanta.

Update Credit to: Sona

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