Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik scolding Akshara while her phone is in speaker. She says she kept the medicines, don’t know how he missed it. He says she does not know to manage just one kid and scolds her more. She says I will talk later, phone is on speaker. He is shocked and ends the call. She talks to the doctor and says Naksh took medicines in morning and will miss the mid day one. The doctor says its fine, Naksh’s sugar is normal now, don’t panic, the credit goes to you for good care. Naitik tries calling the teachers and could not talk. Rajshri tells Vishwamber about everything and asks shall we talk to Naitik. He says no, its their matter, we should not interfere. Akshara comes to them and says she spoke to doctor, everything is fine, Naitik is worrying a lot these days.

She asks Shaurya and Anshu to come and sit for the tika. She does the Bhai Dooj rituals. They gift her. She says thanks. Akshara says she will leave now. Rajshri says why so soon. Akshara says she has a work. Varsha says please stay. Akshara says I will go now. Naitik comes there to apologize to her. He greets everyone and accepts his mistake. Akshara is annoyed and says you scolded me like anything. Rajshri asks her to end this matter now. Naitik says I have work, I have to go now. Naman meets Karishma and asks how is she now. She says you don’t care about me, go and celebrate festivals. He says he came for her. She asks him to go. He says no, I will spend time with you.

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She starts arguing. He says why do you always fight. She says then just leave from here. Akshara thanks Naitik for coming and normalizing things here. He apologizes to her. She says I know you won’t do this intentionally. He says I know but… She says don’t you trust me, I have put it in his bag, I don’t know when he took it out. He says you should have double checked, my tension won’t be less till he is back, how will teachers manage, if we were with him, we would have seen him. She says I will come to bus stop directly and give him medicines, even I worry for him as you are worrying. Naitik leaves. Akshara feels dizzy and holds her head.

Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani about Naman and Karishma, and why did she not come in Diwali function. Devyaani says I don’t know, she is different, don’t know when will they understand responsibility towards relations. Akshara says she is calling teacher to take care of Naksh, but its not connecting. Jasmeet says you leave message. Akshara says I will make group chat with all mums. Kaki says mum always have kids as their life. Dadi says yes, mum’s love and prayer is the protective shield for kid, leave everything to Lord.

Rajshri asks Akshara to see her FB friends. Akshara says I want tea and snacks now. Varsha says come, we will cook food, I have to show something. Jasmeet says me too. Varsha says I said first. Jasmeet gets annoyed. Varsha tells Akshara that Jasmeet makes me angry, she always competes, she does not care about others. Akshara says she is like our younger sister, explain her. Varsha says she does not listen to me, you explain her. Akshara says you have to talk yourself. Varsha says Jasmeet thinks my words are wrong for her. Jasmeet hears her complaining and is angry.

The principal tells Naitik that everything is fine. Naitik says he wants to talk to teacher, as Naksh can get unwell. He scolds her. She says why did you send him, and you should take care of his medication, I think you are too stressed. Naitik leaves. Akshara likes the pickles and eats it. Dadi says Akshara used to like it when Naksh was coming. Akshara says yes. Rajshri says we made for our bahus. Jasmeet gets shy. They have a laugh. Akshara says she will come later, she has to go to see Naksh now. She asks her to send pickle to her.

Naitik waits for Naksh and gets message that bus will be late. He worries. Akshara comes and says she got message. Naitik scolds her and says you don’t care for him, you are not a good mum. She is stunned. He says Naksh is ill, how can you be careless about him. She cries looking at him. She walks away. He looks at her. She sits in her car and leaves. Rajshri and Kaki have a talk in kitchen. She says she felt Akshara is worried even when she did not tell them. She says Naitik and Akshara are annoyed, and I m helpless. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa are making jaggery items. Akshara comes home and asks Girja to give milk and biscuits to Naksh.

Devyaani says how did Akshara not get Naksh. Muskaan says maybe she is not feel. Girja says her eyes were red, as if she cried and came. They get worried. Akshara comes to her room and cries. Waqt na jaane ye………………jaane ye kya hogaya……………. Plays………………..She thinks of Naitik’s words and cries. Naitik waits for Naksh and worries. The bus comes. Naksh comes out and hugs Naitik. Naitik is glad seeing him fine. He asks how is he, did he feel unwell. Naksh says no, why are you asking this. Naitik is stunned.

Naitik stops the alarm and asks Bhabhimaa where did she go. Bhabhimaa says she went to her Maayka in morning with her bag. Naitik is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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