Gustakh Dil 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil asking Lajjo to promise that she will not meet Sagar now. He asks can she tell this, it shows its not possible for her, so its not possible for him to forgive her. He says but I will try for our sake. She says yes. Lajjo comes to Saraswati and sops her from washing clothes. She says your life spent in work, will you always work, I will wash the clothes. She says when Nikhil knows this, he will not leave me. Saraswati says show me your hand wound, see the mark went by haldi, you did not tell me how you got this. Lajjo lies to her. She says I will take the clothes. Saraswati asks is everything fine between her and Nikhil. She has seen them staying away. Did anything happen?

Lajjo says no, Nikhil is studying these days, he does not have time to talk, he is busy. She leaves. Ayesha tells Adhiraj that the kids have pushed her and the coffee mug broke. He says why did you get it and you are not in this lane for first time. She says sorry, I forgot, I had wonderful time, I went for shopping with Nani and I went to Thai restaurant for lunch, see Nani this for me. He gets annoyed and keeps the things back. She asks what happened. He says the gas cylinder delivery was today, you had to be at home. She says I m sorry, I will ask mum to send cylinder and we can return it later. He says no need to say her. I have managed everything by asking the neighbor.

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She says wow, problem solved. She asks why is he angry then, you spoiled my mood. He says im really sorry Ayesha. He asks does she find it right to ask help from her family. She says you mean I can’t take any gift from them, I don’t understand. He says I don’t know will you understand or not, if we can’t gift them back, then we don’t have right to accept gifts. He gets upset seeing her changing. Lajo comes to Nikhil and thinks to talk to him. Jasmine calls Nikhil and asks for help. She says her car broke down and she can’t trust anyone else. She asks him to come soon. He says relax, sit in the car, lock door, I m coming in 10 mins. He asks the address. Lajjo hears him.

He says I m coming. She smiles and says Nikhil…… Lajjo sees Nikhil leaving and thinks why is she claling him at night. She thinks of her words. Nikhil meets Jasmine and she is fine. She says lets wait for mechanic for sometime, I know you are busy but. He says let me see, I will check the problem if its small. Lajjo comes there with Nikhil and Jasmine is shocked seeing her. Lajjo smiles. She says you know the world is so bad, who else will know better than you. She says molestation cases happen with you, lonely roads, Delhi is not safe. She taunts Jasmine. Nikhil says I agree with Lajjo, Delhi is not safe. He says Lajjo insisted she will come along, so I got her.

Jasmine gets angry. Nikhil says I can’t get the car issue. Lajjo says you look tired, we will drop you home, come. She asks does she have to go home, or have some other plans. Jasmine says no, what plans will I have, I have to go home. Nikhil says I will lock your car and call mechanic, you both sit in the car. Lajjo says you started the game, I can’t leave it incomplete. Jasmine goes to sit in front seat and Lajjo asks her to sit in back seat. Lajjo sits with Nikhil.

Inder tells his daughter not to worry, as he will send money. He asks her to take admission in college and he is sending 6 months advance for hostel. Barkha hears him. He sees her and ends the call. He tries talking to her to defend the girl, as she did not get her parent’s love, she is all alone, don’t blame her, blame me, I m her father, if I don’t care for her, it will be my second mistake. She says she will not welcome and hug his illegitimate daughter. Nikhil and Lajjo come home. Nikhil asks her why did she come with him. She says he was going to help a lonely girl at night, so she thought to help him.

He says you are lying, the truth is you don’t trust me, I keep relation till friendship only, I m married, you have to draw a line in every relation, you won’t understand. He leaves. She says Jasmine does not know to draw line. Rina comes to Saraswati and gives the coconut hot oil. Saraswati says I was coming. Rina says Barkha said you won’t do any work and will just rest, I m sorry to take your name about books matter, Barkha was angry so I took your name. Saraswati says its fine. Rina says I understand what are you feeling. She says I heard you are from small village and even then your daughter earned a big name. Saraswati says yes, she was very smart since childhood.

Rina says yes, she is smart, then her roots will be in village too, a person can’t break the roots. Saraswati says yes, our house is ours. She asks how she feels working here, does she feel happy. Rina is shocked and says she has nothing, so she feels good to have few things, and if she has to go ahead, she has to make a start somewhere. Jasmine comes to meet Nikhil and says she has a plan for Lakhi and Saraswati/ Nikhil says thanks for efforts, I m really impressed. Lajjo is shocked seeing her. Nikhil tells Lakhi thay Jasmine got play tickets for her. Nikhil says he is busy and can’t go, as he is busy in assignment. Jasmine says I forgot. Lajjo says its fine, we will go some other day. Lakhi says but I want to see the play. Jasmine says I m sorry Lakhi for disappointing you. She says we are busy Nikhil, but Lajjo can go right, with her mum and Lakhi. Jasmine smiles looking at Lajjo.

Jasmine calls Lajjo and asks did she get her message, did Nikhil not give you’re his blazer. Lajjo checks the blazer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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