Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and Naitik thinking what to do about Muskaan and Alok. They get worried. She says we will talk to everyone tomorrow. He says yes, its risky if we get in this matter. Naiitk gets Neeraj’s call and says what. The ladies come to shop at Varsha and Jasmeet’s boutique. They say the aunty has sent them. Dadi says its good she has rectified her mistake, you should thank her. Jasmeet says why should we. Dadi asks them not to move back to thank. Rajshri says people are not always wrong. Varsha says fine, we will thank her. Muskaan cries. Rama tells about Alok to Rashmi, and says whoever gets him will be lucky.

Rashmi says she does not have courage to trust anyone. Muskaan says she trusts Alok but not on her fate. Rama says we don’t have option than to trust. Naitik says we did their work, and we are in trouble. He says he can’t do this work being awake all night. Akshara pacifies him.

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She says I have an idea of theme, mother and child, and lets make designs as per it. Naitik likes the idea and smiles. Vishwamber tells Rajshri bout his friend, who retired and he asked for work. She asks why,m he has two sons, why does he want to work. He says he has spent all money in children’s education and marriage, now sons have gone abroad and don’t send money, so he is worried. She asks can we help him. He says we can give him money, but I don’t want to, it can hurt his self esteem and I m thinking to find some job for him to help him and keep his self esteem.

She says yes, find some job. He says he has some ideas for elder people. She asks what. He thinks. Its morning, Akshara wakes up and sees the time. She sees her hand tied with Naitik. He asks her to sleep. She says its time for Naksh’s school. He says he will go. She says I have to make his titfin ready. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa come and ask her to rest, as Naksh is ready. He makes her have juice and asks her to rest. She says but Muskaan. He says yes, and says lets go. Vishwamber talks to Shaurya and Anshu about giving jobs to elders.

Omi says its good idea. Vishwamber says just see how many people can we hire. Shaurya and Anshu get into thinking. Muskaan sees Akshara and Naitik. They come to elders. Muskaan looks on. They sit for breakfast. Bau ji says Alok is on the way. Akshara tries to talk about Muskaan, and Alok greets them. Naitik and Akshara get puzzled. Alok says Bau ji has called him. Bau ji says we have to talk about Rashmi. They get tensed. Bau ji asks Alok to sit. Naitik says I also want to talk to you Bau ji. Bau ji asks him to wait, and tells Alok that nothing is hidden from him, he is like part of family.

He says he wants to tell something from his heart. Alok says I m glad, tell me. Bau ji says I thought a lot, and tell I felt I should talk to Alok straight. Alok says tell me. Rama, Gayu and Rashmi come there and greet everyone. Naitik says it will be tough to talk infront of Rashmi. Akshara says yes, if Alok refuses infront of her, she won’t be ready to marry anyone. Alok greets them. Gayu smiles seeing Alok. Bau ji says we are talking to Alok about that matter. Rama says yes, Alok can be trusted. Muskaan prays.

Alok says tell me, I m getting tensed. Bau ji says he wants to take his help in Rashmi’s business. Naitik, Akshara and Muskaan are relieved. Alok says he will teach Rashmi, and she has his number, she can call him anytime, he will come. He takes Gayu and plays with her. Rama smiles. Vishwamber asks Shaurya and Anshu do they have any problem, Shaurya says no, I mean this can be not good for our business, it can be our loss. Anshu says we have hard work to roam, and elders can’t do it. Shaurya says elders don’t like changing their mindset and it can affect our work. Vishwamber gets angry and asks Omi to come for office, and they can tell them that we don’t value time. Shaurya says no, we are just saying what we think.

Anshu says don’t feel bad. Vishwamber asks how can they say without trying it, you can get benefit of elder’s benefits. Muskaan asks Naitik and Akshara to fight for her, and if they lose, she will accept it, else she will be annoyed forver. They see Alok, Rashmi and Gayu together. Rajshri, and Sunai talk to Dadi about convincing their sons. Dadi says everyone is right on their place, if we take anyone’s side, they will get annoyed. She says we can just pray that it ends soon.

Rama and everyone smile seeing Alok teaching business to Rashmi. Akshara tells Naitik that don’t blame yourself. He asks how does she know what he is thinking. She says even I m thinking the came, I want Rashmi to be happy. He says but we can’t do wrong with Muskaan. He says yes, it will be wrong with all three of them. He says both are my sisters and why does this situation come. She says I feel this is right time, we should talk to family. Devyaani says they should know whats in Alok’s heart. Raman says lets ask him soon, we should know. Rama says he has someone else in his heart. Akshara says Alok loves someone else. They are shocked.

Devyaani asks what happened to Muskaan, and what was Alok saying. Akshara says Alok loves Muskaan. They are shocked.

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