Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Akshu denies her love

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhimanyu’s dreaming ends. Akshu thinks of him. She says I m sorry, but I don’t love you. Abhimanyu and everyone are shocked. Abhi says I know about the family pressure, say the truth. She says I told that. He says nonsense, say your feelings. She says I don’t love you, you have to accept this. He says I won’t believe it. She asks why, can’t you believe it. He says no, its love when your eyes find me, you like to meet me and spend time with me, is it not love. She says Aarohi’s eyes also find you and she likes you, is it not love, you had messaged her, is it not love. He says seriously, its not love, its a misunderstanding. She says this is also a misunderstanding. He asks who forced you to say this, Kairav or Harsh, some people don’t want our love…. She asks when did I say that I love you and want to marry you, you had a big misunderstanding.

She says I will end all this confusion by saying the truth, I don’t love you and will never love you. He gets angry. He says look into my eyes and say it again. She looks at him and tells him. He asks Neil to drop Akshara to her home. She says no, I will go myself, thanks. She leaves. She thinks forgive me Abhi. Pal kaisa pal….plays…

Abhi cries. He goes upstairs and falls down. Manjiri and everyone worry. Akshu cries. FB shows Akshu taking care of Aarohi at the hospital. Aarohi says Abhimanyu is so good, you marry him, you will get happiness, everyone will be happy, except me, if you get married to him, I will never stay happy and never forgive you, our relation will break forever, your sister is dead for you. Akshu cries. FB ends. Akshu says I can bear her anger, but not let her go away. Abhi says how shall I tolerate this, you love me and refused, why. She says I was helpless, everyone went wrong that day. He says you thought of everyone, but not me, how will I love, do you have a medicine for my pain. She says yes, time will heal this wound, I couldn’t hurt anyone, some people don’t have love in their fate. He throws the things in his room. They think of each other and cry. Ehsaan tera…plays…

Harsh says don’t know how is Abhi, he didn’t say a word. Anand says calm down, he will be fine. Manjiri says he isn’t opening the door. Harsh says I m so angry on Goenkas. Abhi gets ready and comes. He says I m going to the hospital. Harsh stops him. Abhi says you won, you were right and I was wrong. Parth says I will come with you. Abhi says its okay, I m fine. He leaves on the bike. Akshu comes home. She puts on the headphones. Abhi comes to the hospital. Doctor says Harsh asked you to take a break. Abhi says I will do the surgery, no break now, just work. Akshu goes to Aarohi. She says no one will hurt your heart, do what you want, when you are happy, everyone is happy, its bhai dooj tomorrow, I will get kachoris for you. She kisses Aarohi and goes. She prays that everything gets fine.

Neil says you can save your heart and your love. Kairav goes to ask Akshu something. Abhi says whatever Akshu told me is the truth. Akshu leaves from the house and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


    this whole show is just so boring. how long will they drag this track and when will akshu say that she loves abhimanyu, but this aarohi always has to create misunderstandings in akshu heart. do not know what will happen now and when will abhimanyu know that because of aarohi akshu took this big decision by rejecting his love. when will abhira get together and when will their official love confession will happen. this aarohi has a big ego problem and is very selfish, she does not love abhimanyu but all she wants is that she should steal everything from akshu even her love, her family and this kairav has no sense whatsoever, because all he cares about is aarohi and not akshu. this akshu should not be this mahaan that she sacrifices everything for family and aarohi. when will akshu think about her happiness that is abhimanyu. this abhimanyu should give up on akshu at all and should keep trying to win akshu when will this show get any better. every episode is so dragged all the time want to see abhira together soon and their wedding #abhira

  2. Akshara atleast shouldhave told abhi….that she cant put her happiness above her sister’s….and thats why she cant accept her love….bcz he too has right to know that the people near him thinks what…and since he is going to work with aarohi he should know that she has an intention to trap him by forcing akshu to leave his life

    1. That would have ruined the whole point of this story

    2. But phir maza aata na …that abhi know why is akshu ignoring him

  3. What is wrong with Kairav and the Goenkas …. instead of repriminding that arrogant and selfish Arohi they are asking Akshu to sacrifice…At times it feels that Akshu is Kairavs step sister and not Aarohi…l don’t know y the Goenkas are supporting Arohi….lt should be Arohi who should go away and not Akshu….I think Manish and the Goenkas forgot that Akshu is Nairas daughter who had kept the entire family united and also amended the relationship between him and Kartik… Atleast Manish should have supported Akshu

    1. I also feel like Kairav forgets the fact that his real sister akshu and I feel like it should have been a love triangle between two boys for a change maybe kairav and vansh

  4. Aarohi forced akshara to leave abhi by saying if she accepted his love then she is going to loose her sister…so the question comes when was aarohi of akshara’s? and the second question akshara is a fool bcz she knows that aaru doesn’t love her …even if she leave abhi then also is is going to have prob with her? and third question aaru thinks that akshu is jealous of her…and everyone loves her more and also she thinks akshu has nothing to do with her…but at the same time she is asking this to akshu bcz she know that she can do anything for her happiness…double standards…she knew that if she is going to say this to akshu she is going to do the same
    I just hope akshu get some brains from her mother and do the correct

  5. I find it Sirat’s mistake also bcz she always asked akshu to understand aaru…despite knowing that aaru is wrong…she always asked akshu to take care of aaru…but never tried to explain this to aaru…instead she said to akshu that she is short tempered and possessive and akshu should take care of her….she loved both the daughters but made akshu like this…shadow of aarohi and made aaru that arrogant…she was more affectionate with aaru and so asked akshu always to compromise for aaru’s needs and support her no matter what and maintain their sisterhood but just one sided from akshu’s side what about aaru…she should have forced such a promise for aaru also

  6. I guess I will watch again after all this foolery is done. Akshu is character is so weak that I am not sure if she will ever stand up for herself in life. Aarohi needs another humiliation from Abhi to send the message home that he doesn’t love her and will never love her. Abhi needs to stand his ground it is either Akshu or no one. Kairav is an idiot who doesn’t know what to do to balance his love for his sisters and he doesn’t like Abhi so no hope there. As for the older Goenkas, apart from Dadi, Akilesh and Manish are too arrogant to see Akshu is facade. Plus they only make the situation worse. Let me give the serial a break until Akshu gets a backbone to fight for her happiness.

    1. Agree with every word of yours. I’m also not watching this until this foolish track is ending. I even skipped today’s episode. Akshu’s character is too weak in comparison to naira and even akshara also. They were outstanding lead characters and that’s why they were loved so much.

    2. Jayanti seeram

      Quite agree with you. She should not sacrifice her love for her selfish sister. At times the writer gets amnesia

  7. Img what a stupid story, will never watch this anymore

  8. Kairav should have asked Arohi to leave the house and supported Akshu….In comparison to Kairav Naksh was so good as a brother who always stood by his sister and supported her through every tough times. ….Just hoped Naksh was here too today he would have surely supported Akshu and given her confidence…

  9. Bruh, I used to watch it but untill Akshara is married to Abhi I will only see their written update…Thanks a lot @Ameena for these updates

    1. Same here will never watch it until Akshu reunites with Abhi.
      Can’t stand Aarohi’s arrogance and selfishness

  10. I knew it,they are going to repeat naira kartik story here

  11. Crap..i don’t understand why they have just focused on female earlier they have focused on naksh childhood but when he grown up they just focused on naira’s life. Same now, like earlier they have focused on kairav’s childhood but now all the focus on girls lead..

  12. hats of to people who have the patience to bear the same old recycled stuff agian and again just fot two min of chemistry between leads .Yrkkh as lost all its charma which it ha during beginning of kaira and akshara naitik times

  13. I feel like they should have just ended the show or made a different love triangle maybe between Kairav and Vansh. I also feel like they should have gotten someone younger to play Abhi not a 37yr old who has to act with with 21yr old

    1. Yeah. We are tired of seeing love triangles with two girls (mostly sisters) fighting over a boy.
      Two boys could’ve been a change. Kairav-Vansh or even Kairav-Krish. I had liked Krish’s character more than other kids, he was different to the crybaby kids usually shown in serials. He had that cool dude, I-don’t-care attitude which would’ve been fun to watch. This Akshu-Abhi-Arohi stuff is too boring and repetative. I don’t bother for any romance or chemistry when the characters are irritating as hell. Akshu is so so weak, mahaanta ki devi, tyaagi naari, and what not. Abhi is okay but how can he force Akshu to accept love. What is she really hadn’t developed any feelings for him? Just because you love her doesn’t mean the other feels the same way too and calling it saccha pyaar in today’s date is foolishness.
      And Arohi is of course shown the bad, jealous, arrogant girl.
      I’m more interested in seeing what happened to Krish, Krishna, Luv-Kush, Naksh-Keerti and others. They are important characters, and more than this new Birla family, makers should have focused on them or atleast given a proper closure. They just ignored those characters, just like with Naitik.

    2. btw, their chemistry is quite good and it is receiving brilliant responses

  14. First of all the show is still running they should be thankful for that but instead they’re repeating the mix up same old stories.

  15. WHY WHY do the all the dramas have the same situations !!!…can’t find any that make me feel I’m being entertained rather than being mentally tourture !!!

    1. I wonder, I don’t know whether is the same director or what

  16. I stopped watching the serial once I gauged that akshara is going to do so called sacrifice for Aarohi who has no redeeming features. Really shitty seriel

  17. Now why is he sending her again. He was the one who called her, right?
    Why everyone has to torture the female lead like that. And why not arohi is doing her internship from other hospital? She’s the topper, every hospital must be willing to hire her🤷‍♀️
    I’m telling this again Abhimanyu should stay away from both the sisters, one is not thinking about him and one is only thinking about hi.

  18. I know for a fact that akshara and abhimanyu will end up together but until then there will be so so much of unwanted unecessary tracks just like today’s episode so I too have decided to not watch and not even read the written episodes until and unless akshara tells everyone (not in another dream sequence again) that she too actually loves abhi. As for abhi i feel terrible for him. He deserves to know why and what actually made akshara lie. He deserves to know that she did it only because of her evil stepsister Arohi. Also the goenkas do not know how to raise kids thats why in every generation there is unequality between the kids as one kid gets spoilt with too much love while the other is pressured to become mahaanta ki murti but still akshara should actually should have used her brains and went ahead with her love for abhi. Anyways i agree with all the comments here, once akshara-naitik and their families were removed from the serial, this serial has lost it its charm and charisma. Back then there were no unecessary tracks or overloaded negativity. Even when there were a problem it never got dragged or lasted long because akshara-naitik were smart enough to see through things and solve them. Anyways i stopped watching when they and the maheshwaris-singhanias left the serial. But yes i started watching because of the new 3 leads however akshu got no sense of maturity unlike her mom and naani. I hope TRP collapses until the makers give akshu some brains until then I will only read the headings of the upcoming written episodes and I will start to watch only when akshu gains maturity to stop becoming a sacrificial sister.

  19. I am really tired 😫 😩 😴 of all this sh*t story line,I don’t understand the writers at all,

    What do they take viewers for? I mean they should be creative but Askhara still dumb in this century, a sister that doesn’t like you let alone love you, you are making such sacrifice for her!!!!!!!!!!!!?????.

    This serial should just go off air already.

    I thought by bringing new faces and all, it will come with more sense from the writers but 👎, we just have to go through this again like Anapuma refuse to leave the Shahs alone even afterdivorce, Parki refuse to leave Virat and sai alone in more than a 100 episodes, Anurag and Kajol,Aditya and Malini/ Imile,I can go on and on, the list is endless.

    Why must there be problems between couples in most of these series?

    Why can’t we have a good couple story with twist in their daily lives from the work they do? I means work environment challenges.

    Why must there be an enemy in every household? Like Kamini and Napur, like Sai and all the family in laws ( except her mother in law). If MIL is not fighting DIL, it’s the other way around or one SIL Vs another SIL. I am just done with this one.

    Goenkas are just stupid lots, especially the grandfather, who can’t see beyond his ego at all times.

    Kairav is most silly one, supporting one’s family in time of need is very important in keeping them together.
    Askhara is the greatest fool of all time. Arohi is crafty and encourage by the whole family that behaves like she is the only daughter of the house.

    This is an unnecessary twist, instead we should be seeing how all children are progressing academically and career wise to encourage others.

    1. If it happened like that, viewers would throw their tv ngl this serial is still too good but yeah they repeat the same story lines….like what its a trait they receive from elder family members

  20. You know what? Their aim is to drag every generation for 4 years……Now what will gonna happen you see – Akshara will leave home and then idk what will happen but after that abhimanyu will also go after her like kartik did to sirat and till then I hope That foolish aarohi (not karishma sawant) will learn some lesson. Then she will again come back to this goenkas and then they will be married like after 1 – 2 months but it is unpredictable,,,the yrkkh directors may extend it to 4 months but idk what will happen …….but who the hell is that kairav…..instead of aarohi he sends aakshara ( maybe AFTER akshu goes the story will be interesting ) but seriously they repeat the same thing for 11 years…
    But the reason their show continuous is because of their way of recording, beautiful actors and actress and like the songs they use and the families they introduce here….

    btw, I am confused when aarohi checked her mbbs result, she was 2nd bcoz of akshu(god knows why) akshara saw the name Abhimanyu birla and she was angry on the dude but now why see loves him…maybe I am asking a foolish question lol

  21. to the heck with chemistry,what is the use of chemistry when leads are such stupid fools and the storyline is trash

    1. @Anonymous I agree with Gg. The chemistry between Abhi and Akshara is awesome. It is what made me watch this serial again but this unnecessary drama has taken me back to zero. I had stopped watching when Naira fell off the cliff only to resurrect through Sirat…. Indian serials joke too much.

  22. to the heck with chemistry,what is the use of chemistry when leads are such stupid fools and the storyline is trashxx

  23. its so unfair for kariav to ask akshara to leave. how can you ask your sister to leave your family what is wrong with everyone!! out of everything this annoyed me the most. kairav is a terrible brother. they could have at least made him like naksh.

  24. Another piece of bullshit from this idiotic producer. Are these people for real how can you throw your sister out of the house and at the same time pretend to be so caring. I wonder if those people have brain. This Arohi every member of the family should slap her and ask her to mend her ways. I hate her so much. Akshara is very beautiful her character is so weak and she acts as if she has no brain. Even Akshara in those days stand the family were quite orthodox but stand her ground. I want to tell the makers of the show that is he or she knows what they are protraying to the public bad over good, stupid idiot. Stop your stupid nonsense get some brain or if you have any?

    1. Lol,you are expecting too much from This piece of crap,it would better to stop watching this show rather than mentally torturing ourselves.

  25. I loved that moment when Akshara stood for herself after that cancelled Tilak ..But again she lost against the agony of her bully sister……That Arohi is just like when Sirat was before she met Kartik and only kairav met her. This kairav so called responsible and caring son and brother is worse even more than Aarohi atleast she didn’t asked her to move out of house

  26. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    This serial needs a time out 🙄🤦

  27. Boring ! Aarohi is such a b*t*h n Akshu is weak, stupid n idiot..Abhi is right n shud not try to convince Akshu agn..self respect bhi kuch hai..let her die fr her arrogant matlabi sister..I’m done with dragging aerial..

  28. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Akshu is heartless… moreso than Aarohi… if she can trample upon someone’s feelings… someone’s hope… someone’s love… knowing that she has that strong connection with the person… then that makes her heartless to his emotions… and whoever in the Birla’s family that said the girls were using Abhi for their own entertainment… was correct ✔
    Sorry to say… but Abhi needs to break free from that superficial arrogant family called Goenka… smdh
    Didn’t even watch the damn episode… just read the update… 👎👎👎
    I hope that Kairav being the fair person he has always been… pacifies Abhi… and helps him to move on… Not really looking forward to no blimey union now 😡
    People… don’t blame Aarohi for her arrogance… but blame Akshu for her foolishness and weaken frame of mind… no trace of Naira in her… just I see Kartik’s mentality… don’t care don’t care don’t care… btw, I just remembered why I said Kartik was a wuss 🙄 …and now i see his daughter is not far from her father’s personality 🤦
    Bottom line is:
    Kairav is truly Naira’s son…
    while Akshu is her father’s offspring 🙄
    Wuss [wʊs]
    VERB (wuss out)
    fail to do or complete something as a result of fear or lack of confidence.
    Disclaimer: comment is not recommended for children under 14 years of age 😐

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