Imlie 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Imlie’s First Article Is Published

Imlie 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya reaches office and searches Imlie. Editor asks him if tomorrow’s paper will be without a headline. Adi says he sent him article yesterday night itself and asks if he saw Imlie. Editor says Imlie is in Aryan’s cabin. Imlie in Aryan’s cabin thinks he called her early and himself is missing. She reminisces warden throwing water on her and waking her up for leaving lights on. She hurriedly finishes article and reaches office and hopes Aryan accepts her article, remembering Pankaj and Harish’s words. She starts her jokergiri and sitting on Aryan’s chair mimics him. She plays with the chair and falls down. Aryan enters and seeing her on floor lifts chair instead and signals her to get up. She gets up. He says if she has to sit on his chair, she has to earn it. She murmurs and yells at him. He asks what is she doing in his cabin. She submits her report. He reads it and asks instead of multination and corporate women, she researched on vegetable and tea vendor. She explains her reasoning in detail. He gets impressed and says her speech will get a space in Bhaskar Times. She happily thanks him and says many women will be acknowledged. He says he just thinks of profit and wants his newspaper reach 99% people and not just 1%. She walks away murmuring. Imlie walks to her desk looking at Adi happily and thinks he didn’t ask even at once about her report. Adi thinks she not even once informed about her report, but looks happy.

Adi returns home in the evening. Malini serves him water and asks how was his day. He says it was fine. Aparna questions him if he met Imlie and how her article. He says Imlie submitted article to his boss, but he doesn’t know if boss accepted it or not. Malini hears their conversation and thinks Imlie is unpredictable. Imlie returns to hostel and walks towards warden hiding her hands behind. Warden gets afraid thinking she wants to take revenge. Imlie offers her rose and thanks her for waking her up on time. Warden shoos her away. Back at T house, Aparna asks Adi why didn’t he ask Imlie about her article. Adi says she could have instead. Malini says Adi was busy working whole night on the article, he should concentrate on his career instead and shows his each article preserved by her.

Next morning at Aryan’s house, Narmada and Arpita during breakfast discuss and praise Imlie’s article. Aryan joins them. Narmada praises about the article. Arpita says her Imlie wrote it. Maid also praises article and gives an emotional speech. Aryan smiles and says let us have breakfast. At hostel, Imlie happily distributes her article to hostel mates. Mithi calls her and emotionally says whole village read her artcile, postman is reading her article third time. Imlie says its about all women like her who sacrifice their lives and become powerful like Seeta Maiya. Mithi says Imlie is powerful now by writing this article and asks what did Adi say. She changes topic and says she has a lot of work pending. Mithi says Adi never bound her in kitchen. Imlie says Adi himself is bound by Malini’s lies. Mithi says she wants her to return to her house. Imlie sees warden coming and says she will make her best friend read the article first. She shows her article to warden. Warden acts angry. Hostel mates praise her article. Warden asks when will she give them a party. She why not and walks away happily.

Tripathis get happy reading Imlie’s article and shows it to Adi. Adi also gets happy. Malini tries to provoke him that CEO ignored a senior journalist’s article and published an intern’s article, Imlie is still immature to write an article, etc., but Adi ignores her. Narmada forces Aryan to accompany her to temple. Aryan says she could have taken a driver. She asks him to chill and playing pop music dances. He asks what is she doing. She says she wants him to enjoy forgetting his worries and asks what is bothering him. He says he has work tension, remembering Arpita and Arvind’s accident, and says he is okay.

Precap: Aryan notices Imlie in temple and asks why didn’t she go to office yet. She says she came for darshan. Narmada gets happy seeing Imlie and insists Aryan to take Imlie to office.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    What is the meaning of the word Darshan in Hinduism?
    noun. Hinduism. An opportunity to see or an occasion of seeing a holy person or the image of a deity. ‘Hindus attach great importance to a darshan, or view, of a saint or holy image’. More example sentences. ‘he was shown dancing, attending darshan, eating in the dining hall’.
    What kind of person is Darshan in astrology?
    According to Indian Astrology person with name Darshan are day dreamers. They love to assume unrealistic things in their life. Sometimes these will cause of mental suffering in their life. They are very much affectionate towards their family members and even to the close relatives.
    How many darshans are in the shadadarshane?
    The word shadadarshane is used to refer to the six Darshans ( shad means six). However there is a difference in opinion of scholars regarding which Darshans are to be incorporated in these shadadarshans. It is not definite that the number of the Darshans is six.
    What is the meaning of the term Darsana?
    Scholar of religion Richard H. Davis has said that darśana (viewpoint, philosophical school) is one of three terms in classical Indian discourse that could be considered roughly analogous to what today’s English-speakers understand as “religion.”

    1. Metin

      Thank you your highness.
      İ think they will find the right way of storytelling. Last a few episodes were better then other 100. 🙂

    2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      @Metin Hi 👋 how are you my dear ?? 👸
      I am no longer a big follower on that frustrating Udaariyaan forum…getting so mad at Fateh using both sisters to his pleasure 🙄
      Yess to Imlie as I am liking this track very much…Fahmaan is a really good actor…coupled with Sumbul and….. 💥 🎇 👐

    3. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Thank you @Rishi….a little later I will be sure to check out the link 👍

  2. @Yolande A.K.A. Naina….why are you writing essay on Darshan in the comment section of telly update???🤔

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      I didn’t understand it’s meaning…. so I thought to educate others like myself 🙏
      It’s not an essay dear….just information and clarification ✔
      Besides this… Forum was empty so I also thought to give it some life 😃

    2. Hi @Yolande👋… I’ve been following #yrkkh for some days now and thesame old formula is being rehashed, the perfect mahanta doormat who can do no wrong and who feels the pain of everyone but herself. I say that sirat is at fault for making her this way…all those years of grooming her to “understand” that she’s the oldest therefore giving a pass to that arrogant and annoying arohi to trample on her whenever and however she likes. She’s probably going to be stupid enough to try to convince abhi to marry arohi as the sacrificial lamb she is. So I gave up before investing too much emotion into the bullshit.

    3. @Vaijyanthi I still don’t understand that when both arohi and akshara grew up in same environment with same parents, grandparents and how sirat said with equal love for all the children, how is arohi a total opposite of akshara. I must say sirat did some mistakes while raising them. Why is starplus so toxic😂 I’m done with all the serials. They just like to drag situations as much as possible. I came bcz was missing this forum guys

    4. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      @Vaijyanthi … Hi 🤗 … How is work? 😁 I guess you needed a break from there so you came here 😃
      Yeh Rishta has gotten so frustrating with these confused sisters… I think Aarohi needs counseling for her past… I also think Akshu needs counseling as well…. One for mental issues the other for emotional issues 🙄 I guess you can figure out who needs what 😂
      I am back here regularly but only for Aryan 💗 and Imlie 🌠
      Missing ur comments so don’t take too long to return…take care 🤗

  3. Thank god, Imlie didn’t run back to Aditya within two days, as I had expected and is still keeping her distance. Have to appreciate it, though I still believe it won’t be for much long.
    As Malini is totally EVIL now, its useless to hold grudges against Imlie alone.
    But some of her behavior is very ridiculous all the same. She is a ‘memeable’ character, one we can have a good laugh on, and write some sense for. So, in that way I enjoy mocking her. Some of the people termed it as ‘abuse’. So kindly don’t do that.
    So the villain in my eyes now, is Aditya and probably some of T family fools…😂 And the Anu-Dev-Mithi trio. (I was always very supportive of Malini, so still not able to hate her much)
    BUT, no clue as to where this show is heading.
    Is this Aryan a permanent character now? If so, and Gashmeer IS really quitting, maybe Aryan will end up with Imlie. But if he is only temporary, and introduced just to create some masala and twist, obviously Adilie would be endgame. Where does Malini stand in all this? Oh, and what happened to the ‘second lead’ they had introduced a while ago, aka KC? 😂 Vanished. God knows where.

    1. @Tara, KC was just a hallucination I Guess 😂😜 coz makers, Tripathis and Adilie and even our dear Malini has forgot him😂
      Who the f**k is KC then?

  4. @yolanda aka naina
    Hey thanks for writing this info . Even i didnt know the exact meaning of it ,so it really helped .

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      @Kallu … Welcomed 🙏
      When the word ‘darshan’ was mentioned in the precap…I really didn’t know what it meant…I also realized that there are non Hindus like myself who absolutely love hindi serials as entertainment and follow the updates 🙏
      I should also mention that Hindi serials are the cleanest of material shows in the world… where there is no kissing, etc…. 💌 which makes me love it more than any regular show on any tv station 🇮🇳

  5. By the way, how are you guys? Hope everyone is doing well.
    So, our board exams start tomorrow (for 10th graders) and the main ones (for 10th and 12th both) starting from 30th Nov. The crucial moment has finally arrived.
    Don’t see you all much nowadays @Star/Ananya @Board Exams/Shruti @Shriharshita
    It’s understandable if they’ve left this forum for peace of mind and last minute revisions, since this show messes badly with our brain cells. Can’t afford it at the moment.
    In case anyone is still here, what are your feelings at the moment? How are your preparations? I am nervous*100 but excited at the same time. 😂

    1. @Tara just thought to hang around here today to check whether anyone’s still watching Tamarind show😂 actually I gave my first board exam on 22nd November itself as I am Sanskrit student 😅😅
      Tomorrow I have another one of Information technology.
      I was quite panic stricken before Sanskrit exams but the paper was exceptionally easy😅😅 so now I am not that nervous for other exams 😊😊
      All the best to everyone, to you, to @Shriharshita @Star and if there’s anyone else going to giving the boards😊😊😊

    2. Oh okay. I thought everyone’s exams are starting tomorrow 😅 I also have IT tomorrow.
      Well, good if you’re not nervous. Hearing about your easy Sanskrit paper gave me a bit more confidence. (Btw you don’t have Hindi then?) Hope that the other papers are easy too and go well.
      Best of luck to everyone.
      TTT (tamarind trash torture) is going badly, atleast here. The forum stays deserted 😂

    3. @Tara, feeling nervous and anxious×10000 😂 unable to understand at this point about what to study or what not to study… Sample papers, NCERT textbook, notes, and what not? On the verge of a nervous breakdown SERIOUSLY…. And ofcourse can’t even leave a line of the syllabus. God knows what they might gonna ask since it’s an MCQ exam! So the feelings are quite mixed up… Slight excitement because next year am gonna be free from school stuff and lots of nervousness 😂

      So ALL THE VERY BEST to you and @Board exams(Shruti) since you guys are facing boards for the first time and all the best to @Shriharshita and to whose so ever is giving boards❤️⭐
      I wish all of you pass with flying colours ✨

    4. @Star, yeah, that’s an issue I too faced. Like what all should I study or revise from? At the last moment. NCERT textbooks, reference books, sample papers, previous year questions, MCQ revision books etc (I’ve SO many of them) I think the best thing to do is just stay calm, relaxed and positive. Tbh, I’m happier with the objective paper than subjective 😂 I just think it’s more scoring and if we’ve covered all topics, we will score well.
      It’s a muddle of feelings for all of us who are gonna give boards for the very first time 😁
      All the best to you!!

    5. @Tara yeah I don’t have Hindi.
      I am also in a similar situation, I have atleast 5-6 sample papers and 3-4 question banks for each subject😅😅 and you know what I solved most of them for Sanskrit exams. Last minute preparation gets quite hectic 😓

    6. @Board Exams
      You solved most of them. Maybe that’s why your paper was easy. Mine are mostly sitting untouched 😂, in the next five days I really have to work hard and go through them.
      These question banks are too stressful for the last minute.

    7. Best of luck for you all 🤞🍀 !

  6. Hi people! It’s been a long minute . I gave up on this serial weeks back but I decided to pop in and say hi to you all after a long time. I thought I’ll come and find an empty comment section,but there are still some die hard fans I see.😁

    1. Hi Vaijyanthi. How are you?

    2. Hi, @Vaijyanthi, this is more of a pleasant coincidence today, I think. I’m also glad to see some familiar names here again😊. Take a look at the forum of the last week or the last few days. Some were really empty. But let’s hope the wind turns again🤞.

    3. *almost empty🙃

  7. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Looking forward to you ladies back on the forum when it finishes… @Shriharshita @Star @Board Exams @Tara and all the other student writing exams ✨🌠 plus the regulars 😃

    1. Thank you @Yolande 😊

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