Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying we will not attend marriage functions without Manish. Surekha says printing press guy called, the invitations are ready, we thought to take card to Naira’s home, what will we tell them. Dadi says I don’t know, whose bad sight caught out house. Kartik gets a ball and calls out Lav and Kush. He gets another ball. He checks the balls and gets chits inside with an upset face. He goes out and sees Naira. They talk via signs. She requests him to meet. He signs her to go. She calls him. He comes to her.

He signs her to just leave. She signs and he does not understand. She says we are stupid to talk this way now. He asks did Lav and Kush tell you. She says they are my spy, why did you not answer call, I came in tension hearing about your argument with uncle, you should talk to him. He asks her to go, I don’t want to discuss this. She says listen to me once. He asks her not to be adamant, and leave. She says you are being adamant with me and Manish, he is your Papa, none loves us more than parents. He says you won’t understand. She says maybe its your misunderstanding. He says leave it, you are not accepting my request, don’t try to meet or talk to me till my mood gets fine, stop interfering in my life. She looks at him. He says just go….

He opens the car door for her. She sits in her car. He bids her bye. She holds his hand and says mumma used to say anger is sign of weak man, our anger hurts ourselves, we are getting married, this day does not come every day, people do a lot to make it special and we are fighting and have annoyance with family, will we start our new life like this. She leaves his hand and drives off.

Naira thinks to do something. She calls Gayu and says I m going to meet Manish. Gayu wishes her all the best. Akhilesh meets a guy and why did you come here. The man Vijay says you promised to free my brother in 6 months. Akhilesh says Kartik’s marriage is happening, I will make everything fine. Vijay says I don’t want money, I want my brother Ajay, Bhabhi is unwell, Maa is asking me, I have no answer. Akhilesh says give me some days. Vijay says I want Ajay, I can’t hide this, everyone will know that accident… Akhilesh says give me some time. Vijay threatens to do Naira’s accident. Mansi looks on. Akhilesh says no, listen to me. Vijay goes. Mansi comes to Akhilesh. He asks her to forget it, everything is fine. Kartik comes home and does not see them.

Kartik asks Lav and Kush where is Manish. They say he is not at home. Manish is at office and says what happened, evening happens daily, I will have food. He ends the call. He sees Kartik in his cabin. Naksh asks Gayu about Naira. Gayu says she had Pungi’s work. Naksh says I know something happened, tell me else I will find out, when will Naira come, its evening now, do you think that’s normal. Kartik says I just wanted to say…. Akhilesh comes and says you here….

Naksh calls Manish and asks is Naira there. Manish keeps phone on speaker. Kartik and Akhilesh hear them. Manish asks why will she come here. Naksh says Gayu said Naira was going to meet you. Kartik asks are you sure. Naksh says yes, Naira told this to Gayu. Manish says I m in office since morning, she did not come. Naksh says where did she go. Kartik and Akhilesh worry. Manish says don’t worry, she will come. Naksh says I m getting tension. Manish says she will be fine. Akhilesh says its matter of concern, we should find her. Naksh asks Kartik to meet him near college. Kartik agrees.

Naksh sees Naitik….. Kartik asks Akhilesh why are you scared. Akhilesh says I m daughter’s father, I understand, come we will find her. They leave. Manish asks someone to find Naira soon. Naitik asks what happened. Naksh says nothing, Gayu was asking me to get chaat. Naitik asks him to come along, I will send someone to get chaat, I have some work with you.

Kartik and Akhilesh try finding Naira. Akhilesh asks why did we come here. Kartik says Naksh was going to meet us here. Naksh meets them and says sorry, I got late, Papa stopped me, I did not tell him. Kartik recalls arguing with Naira. Mansi calls Akhilesh. He thinks if I don’t answer, she may get worried. Mansi asks is everything fine. Akhilesh says yes. Naksh says how did Naira disappear, something is wrong. Mansi hears this before call ends. Mansi says did that man do something to Naira. She cries. Kirti comes and asks what happened.

Akhilesh looks for Naira and says Vijay can’t do this, but I can’t trust them, what to do. Kartik, Naksh and Akhilesh try finding Naira. Mansi says Naira… Kirti asks do you want to meet her, don’t worry, we will attend all marriage functions, Naira will manage Kartik, he will agree to her, we will go and tell her, come. Mansi cries.

Akhilesh calls Vijay and gets angry as Vijay does not answer. Naitik asks Gayu about Naira. Gayu says maybe she went to have chaat. Mishti says maybe Naira and Kartik are planning for surprise. Bau ji also feels so. Naitik does not get good vibes. He says there is less time for functions.

Manish tells Suwarna that I m trying to find Naira. Suwarna asks did you tell Maa ji. He says don’t tell Maa. She asks will we get Naira. He says yes. She says what’s happening, many things are going bad, I m scared. She cries. He asks her to handle herself, its Manish Goenka’s son’s marriage and nothing wrong can happen.

Kirti and Mansi come to meet Naira. Kirti says Mansi wanted to meet Naira. Devyaani goes to get snacks. Gayu says how to tell them, where did Naira go. Kirti thinks Mansi can tell them what happened between Kartik and Papa. Mansi thinks what will I tell them about that man. She sees Akshara’s pic and feels bad. Akhilesh says police and our personal security is finding Naira, don’t worry. They see Naira’s car hitting stones and get shocked. They all her out. Naira is in some car’s backseat. She gets conscious. Naksh says nothing can happen to Naira, is she fine, will she leave us like mumma. Kartik says no, she came to meet me, I asked her to leave, I don’t want to talk, so she fell in this problem, she would have not gone to meet Manish, nothing will happen to her. He asks Akhilesh to call police here. Naksh says if anyone does anything to Naira, I will not leave him. Kartik says we will not leave him. Akhilesh thinks to tell them the truth if Naira is in danger.

Kartik says Lord will not do wrong with us again. Kartik, Naksh and Akhilesh come home and see……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi Raf- Sophie di is my sister. So I will arrest her only if she thanks me or ask 4 apology.! And Pat di is my 1st day sister, so I will arrest her only if she helps Sophie Di in her eloping mission. But happy to have one more cop in the form of u.! And My BFF- Twana is incharge of all these missions, so its obvio she will b there in all these missions. And u dont help Rahul bhai in his eloping missions or else v will arrest u only.! Lol.!

    1. Thank yoi Aniket and Sorry Aniket….ahahahah???????

  2. Even Ur birth month is April*

  3. Hi Youngest Member- Shesha, happy to read ur comment. Hi Bff ki jodi- Chanya n Trishi, good to c u bak n what a coincidence, both of u came on same day.! Hi Gajni the second- Rahul bhai, Will pray 4 ur op.! Get well soon.! Hi Lasya- How r u celebrating ur day.?

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Celebrations were good Aniket!! Thanks for asking☺️?

  4. Twana, I agree dat ishika dii was running behind Rahul bhaiya to arrest him bt didn’t arrested as I helped Rahul bhaiya in eloping frm there…..Now he is safe & U, Aniket, Soumya, ishika dii can’t arrest him…….Hai na Rahul bhaiya???? As pawan is buzy, Am assisting Rahul bhaiya……..

  5. Hi Aniket..
    I knw Sophie dii is YOUR SISTER FROM OTHER MISTER. Will help U only if U want to arrest her. BTW, U can’t arrest me as Rahul bhaiya will help me in eloping frm your team. Will U help me Rahul bhaiya..???& Even Pawan will help me as he helped Rahul bro too…
    Hi Sophie dii, Sorry…If U don’t want me to involve in dat Mission, Pls tell me….I hope U don’t have any objection. Isn’t it? Once again sorry if U felt bad dii…….
    bt Aniket don’t worry I’l help U bro…..

    1. Dude, you are our family member….which means you are a part of every mission/matter….
      No need to be formal dear….?❤?

  6. Soumya85

    Hiiii everyone…Sophie di how was ur journey in India I hope u loved India….sachu di how r u and our cute little nephew Hamdan?pat di badsha is coming in kaira’s sangeet..and luv kush were very happy ana exited as they love rap too..aniket bhaiya I have thought a nick name for u…”Captain” u r captain of our ship??raf di u can’t safe rahul bhaiya from us we had already kidnapped him once but he had memory problem so he forgets but we will catch him again…hai na my detectives or cops (aniket bhaiya,twana di,ishika di)….lasya di how u r celebrating ur birthday??

    1. My trip was amazing…and yes I loved India…

    2. Lasyashree.10

      I celebrated Soumya…and it was good but that was last night not today….today in hospital?

  7. Hey BFF, Now its time 4 arresting Sophie di.! Come lets go.! Raf, pls dont b so formal dude, I wil b pleased if u help me. So Bff, Lil Angel, Raf n I are coming Australia to arrest u Sophie di.! Dont b sory Lil Angel, v can understand that u couldnt take a stand 4 us as u were busy in ur studies.! Hello everyone, how are u all.!

  8. Lasyashree.10

    I once again thanks for your wishes…and blessings??❤️

    So now!! Arey yaar….. kuch masti karegi…..Gana..bhajana…khana????????
    And I’m happy ki Aaj toh meri virtual family melon bi Maine….bday celebrate Kiya….??
    Thanks for all your love….and I hope ki for many more years I should celebrate it here and I should celebrate others birthdays also!!??? thanks a lot once again….and I’m very happy today…. and any one free now here?? I’m free Now I hope…

    And can anyone please explain me what’s the mission being applied here?? I don’t know…I’m confused….I thought of asking from so many days and I’m asking today!! Please do tell me….sorry if you felt wrong?☹️

    1. msthi? this page is nly fullof masti dear!

  9. Thank U Sophie dii..
    Hi Aniket!!
    Am ready, Come lets Go else Sophie dii will elope..Where r U twana & Soumya? Come sooon…..b4 she elopes, we have to arrest sophie dii…..Am good Aniket, how r U bro??

    Lasya, Dont thank Us…We r glad dat u celebrated ur b’day with us…& Our Mission is to arrest Sophie dii…

    Twana, My birthdate is 4…I mean 4th April!! Glad dat we two r of same month!

    1. Twana

      Hey… u r a week older than me.. lil didi ?
      I’m here..
      Ok bff back to the mission… itz easy coz I lived 12 yrs in Aus.. so Sophie dii beware…we r coming!

    2. Lasyashree.10

      but why? will you arrest sophie di? why?


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