Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying we will not attend marriage functions without Manish. Surekha says printing press guy called, the invitations are ready, we thought to take card to Naira’s home, what will we tell them. Dadi says I don’t know, whose bad sight caught out house. Kartik gets a ball and calls out Lav and Kush. He gets another ball. He checks the balls and gets chits inside with an upset face. He goes out and sees Naira. They talk via signs. She requests him to meet. He signs her to go. She calls him. He comes to her.

He signs her to just leave. She signs and he does not understand. She says we are stupid to talk this way now. He asks did Lav and Kush tell you. She says they are my spy, why did you not answer call, I came in tension hearing about your argument with uncle, you should talk to him. He asks her to go, I don’t want to discuss this. She says listen to me once. He asks her not to be adamant, and leave. She says you are being adamant with me and Manish, he is your Papa, none loves us more than parents. He says you won’t understand. She says maybe its your misunderstanding. He says leave it, you are not accepting my request, don’t try to meet or talk to me till my mood gets fine, stop interfering in my life. She looks at him. He says just go….

He opens the car door for her. She sits in her car. He bids her bye. She holds his hand and says mumma used to say anger is sign of weak man, our anger hurts ourselves, we are getting married, this day does not come every day, people do a lot to make it special and we are fighting and have annoyance with family, will we start our new life like this. She leaves his hand and drives off.

Naira thinks to do something. She calls Gayu and says I m going to meet Manish. Gayu wishes her all the best. Akhilesh meets a guy and why did you come here. The man Vijay says you promised to free my brother in 6 months. Akhilesh says Kartik’s marriage is happening, I will make everything fine. Vijay says I don’t want money, I want my brother Ajay, Bhabhi is unwell, Maa is asking me, I have no answer. Akhilesh says give me some days. Vijay says I want Ajay, I can’t hide this, everyone will know that accident… Akhilesh says give me some time. Vijay threatens to do Naira’s accident. Mansi looks on. Akhilesh says no, listen to me. Vijay goes. Mansi comes to Akhilesh. He asks her to forget it, everything is fine. Kartik comes home and does not see them.

Kartik asks Lav and Kush where is Manish. They say he is not at home. Manish is at office and says what happened, evening happens daily, I will have food. He ends the call. He sees Kartik in his cabin. Naksh asks Gayu about Naira. Gayu says she had Pungi’s work. Naksh says I know something happened, tell me else I will find out, when will Naira come, its evening now, do you think that’s normal. Kartik says I just wanted to say…. Akhilesh comes and says you here….

Naksh calls Manish and asks is Naira there. Manish keeps phone on speaker. Kartik and Akhilesh hear them. Manish asks why will she come here. Naksh says Gayu said Naira was going to meet you. Kartik asks are you sure. Naksh says yes, Naira told this to Gayu. Manish says I m in office since morning, she did not come. Naksh says where did she go. Kartik and Akhilesh worry. Manish says don’t worry, she will come. Naksh says I m getting tension. Manish says she will be fine. Akhilesh says its matter of concern, we should find her. Naksh asks Kartik to meet him near college. Kartik agrees.

Naksh sees Naitik….. Kartik asks Akhilesh why are you scared. Akhilesh says I m daughter’s father, I understand, come we will find her. They leave. Manish asks someone to find Naira soon. Naitik asks what happened. Naksh says nothing, Gayu was asking me to get chaat. Naitik asks him to come along, I will send someone to get chaat, I have some work with you.

Kartik and Akhilesh try finding Naira. Akhilesh asks why did we come here. Kartik says Naksh was going to meet us here. Naksh meets them and says sorry, I got late, Papa stopped me, I did not tell him. Kartik recalls arguing with Naira. Mansi calls Akhilesh. He thinks if I don’t answer, she may get worried. Mansi asks is everything fine. Akhilesh says yes. Naksh says how did Naira disappear, something is wrong. Mansi hears this before call ends. Mansi says did that man do something to Naira. She cries. Kirti comes and asks what happened.

Akhilesh looks for Naira and says Vijay can’t do this, but I can’t trust them, what to do. Kartik, Naksh and Akhilesh try finding Naira. Mansi says Naira… Kirti asks do you want to meet her, don’t worry, we will attend all marriage functions, Naira will manage Kartik, he will agree to her, we will go and tell her, come. Mansi cries.

Akhilesh calls Vijay and gets angry as Vijay does not answer. Naitik asks Gayu about Naira. Gayu says maybe she went to have chaat. Mishti says maybe Naira and Kartik are planning for surprise. Bau ji also feels so. Naitik does not get good vibes. He says there is less time for functions.

Manish tells Suwarna that I m trying to find Naira. Suwarna asks did you tell Maa ji. He says don’t tell Maa. She asks will we get Naira. He says yes. She says what’s happening, many things are going bad, I m scared. She cries. He asks her to handle herself, its Manish Goenka’s son’s marriage and nothing wrong can happen.

Kirti and Mansi come to meet Naira. Kirti says Mansi wanted to meet Naira. Devyaani goes to get snacks. Gayu says how to tell them, where did Naira go. Kirti thinks Mansi can tell them what happened between Kartik and Papa. Mansi thinks what will I tell them about that man. She sees Akshara’s pic and feels bad. Akhilesh says police and our personal security is finding Naira, don’t worry. They see Naira’s car hitting stones and get shocked. They all her out. Naira is in some car’s backseat. She gets conscious. Naksh says nothing can happen to Naira, is she fine, will she leave us like mumma. Kartik says no, she came to meet me, I asked her to leave, I don’t want to talk, so she fell in this problem, she would have not gone to meet Manish, nothing will happen to her. He asks Akhilesh to call police here. Naksh says if anyone does anything to Naira, I will not leave him. Kartik says we will not leave him. Akhilesh thinks to tell them the truth if Naira is in danger.

Kartik says Lord will not do wrong with us again. Kartik, Naksh and Akhilesh come home and see……

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone
    Hope Everyone is fine.
    Loved the starting part of episode where kaira were talking to each otherthrough signs. Karthik being angry is so cute. Naira sitting on top ofthe car reminded me of the care free and mischivious Naira before ak’s death !!
    So this track will bring out the truth that it was mansi who did ak’s accident. Nice plot which creates a bit of suspense for the veiwers.
    Well can’t wait for kaira sangeet which would telecast this week itself. It would be a really grand sangeet afterall its Yrkkh’s sangeet !!

  2. Fenil

    Hello Vrushy,Lasiii,Hales,Vinni,Twana,Rahul,Aniket,Adi and all.

    Tension wala episode raha , i didn’t like this track -Mansi’s involvement in Akshara’s accident case .

    Guys , I am thinking Suwarna se jyada toh surekha ko dialogues mil rahe hain….jab bhi suwarna ka scene aata hain tab woh tension me ya ro rahi hoti hain , smile toh kab dekhi woh pata nahi.

    1. Vrushy

      Hii Fenil.
      Well I think right now they are focussing on mansi’s acciedent track and thus surekha is getting more screen space. When this track ends I am sure they will shift their focus.
      The makers did give importance to suwarna when she went to temple to convince Naira and also when she gave akshara’s bangles to naira. They can’t show Everyone equally in half an hour so even we have to understand their POV at times.

    2. Fenil

      yeah vrushy .

  3. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Aniket, Pat Didi(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sophie di , Nithya didi , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Kajol , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, Sruthi, Jas , Divi , Aarti , Ponkuri , Ritz, Sanjana , Heshani , Riya , Karishma , Raven, Ishika , trishi , maria , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu
    (Ishwarya) , Twana
    , Khushu , Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum , Raf , Tanu , 123 , and all other YRKKH fans and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys ???

    Coming to the episode . Today’s episode was ok . Loved the initial part of the episode. Guys I have a feeling that Kartik loves Naira more than he hate Manish . I know he reacts strongly infront of naira , but Naira’s word effect him greatly . Does anyone remember family business. When Naira tell him indirectly about importance of family he immediately agree to join his father business . Distance between Kartik and Manish is very large , but if naira will think maturely and brilliantly then this distance can be reduced. And guys I am having a very bad feeling that Mansi has done akshara’s accident!!!!!! Oooommmmggggggg , i think this is going to effect Singhanias and Goenkas relationship to great extent !!!! And kaira relationship will be more effected !!! I know naira will forgive Mansi but what about Naitik ??? I have no idea about this !!!

    1. Yes Mansi had done Akshara’s accident..?

  4. Aliyaa

    Hello guyz how r u???jus came to say tht i got registered as aliyaa as aliya name was already taken by someone n aliya khan was not accepted n im still the same the one with red dp…
    Big welcome to all new family members fenil,lasyashree,tanu,raf,fan n all
    Thankz rah bhai for yr wishes
    Miss u all n love u guyz.

    1. Rahul96

      Hii Aliyaa
      Really glad and happy to see your comments after such a long time!!!! I missed u my little sister!!! Glad to know that you are good.
      How is your board preparation going on???
      I am sorry dear you have commented after a long time and I will be missing for 1-2 days!! I hope you understand!!!

    2. Rahul96

      And Yess congratulations on your registration my little sister!!!!

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    4. Soumya85

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    5. Fenil

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  5. Rahul96

    Now coming to my family members . How are you guys???
    Anyway guys I will not do comment for coming 1-2 days as tomorrow I have to undergo a small eye surgery , so I guess after surgery my eyes will need rest for 1-2 days. And it’s not LASIK eye surgery it’s different eye surgery.

    And Aniket don’t worry . I am a don and police of 203 countries are behind me whenever I will visit Australia I will kidnap
    Sophie di and will bring her to my family members and just after I will bring Sophie di to you guys I will escape with a rocket speed . Because I know after that you guys will arrest me . ????????????????. Anyway how is your board preparation going on ??? Prepare best for your exam!!!
    Hi Pat diiiii
    I am glad to see your comment . And yes Pat dii I agree with you long comments are welcome here .Pat dii if youou are telling that i am king of long comments and you are Queen of long comments , then you are forgetting one more member !!! Yess Twana , she is like commander of long comments !!
    Hi Sachu dii
    How is your and my cute little nephew health now ??? I hope both of you are ok !!!
    Hi Sophie dii
    I guess that till now you must have landed safely in Australia!!! Please do tell us ?? Have you reached your home safely dii?? And dii how was your feast ??? Dii I hope you must have enjoyed the feast !!!
    Hi lasyashree
    I am glad that you will become a doctor and you are so intelligent also . I have read your comment to RAF and you are doing internship at such a young age !!! Keep it up my little sister!!!!
    Hi Twana
    How did you forgot that YRKKH is not shown on Sunday???? She I told you naa that you are having memory loss problem!!! And you and Ishika never arrested me!!???

    1. Rahul I have landed in Australia…and yes both the feast and the wedding was amazing…thank you….

    2. Chanya

      Eye surgery??I hope you are fine bhai..have a safe know we all are with you..actually I too had suffered from eye infection in past week..what a pain I got..don’t worry will be ok..

  6. Rahul96

    Hi Aliya how is your preparation going on??? And don’t worry we will not forget you !!! Prepare best for your exam!!!!
    Hi Ishika , how are you ??? Delhi topper , have you started your preparation for your next exam ??? Your comment are missing dear !!!
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    Glad and happy to see your comment and is happy to know that you are alright!!!
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    Hi Shilpa , Pari , Trusna , trishi , Adi , Aadi, Claire , TV Fan , Chanya , Ishu , how all you are guys ???? Why not commenting for a long time !!!!!

  7. Hello everyone who welcomed me…
    Rahul, you asked me for an introduction.

    So I am Suha, from London, UK. I study in year 7 or you can say grade/class/or whatever you call it. I like to write.

    So sorry…That I didn’t reply, sorry to all the readers of my ff intro, that I didn’t reply i will do so asap.

    1. Chanya

      Hi suha..welcome to yrkkh family..

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      Hiii…Welcome to Our group/family

  8. Rahul96

    Hii Ridz Bhaiya
    I don’t think that Kartik will get married to Gayu. And I think akshara will never comeback and I also miss her.
    Hii Sindhu dii
    How are you??? So Sindhu dii you are married??? I am so sorry as till now I was calling you by your name!! So sorry Sindhu didi

    1. Hi Rahul.. I’m good hru ?? Dats ok don’t b formal .. I loved to b called Sindhu than sindhu Didi… So that I feel I’m still very young …..

      Rahul hats off to yu… Very do yu get so much patience man writing such big comments and remembering every1 really great…

      Yeah I’m married

    2. How old are you?

    3. I’m 28 yrs old..

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    5. Sorry *Sindhu dii

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    Hi Tanu and Fan
    I am happy that you two have liked our virtual family!!
    Hi Tanu , 123 , Su_16 if you don’t mind can you introduce yourself???
    Guys you all have joined today , but I am so sorry that I will not be able to comment or even to peep here for coming 1-2 days and i have posted the reason for this in my above comments!!
    Nice to meet you guys,!!!!!

    1. Your virtual family is awesome…

  10. Rahul96

    Hi Nithya didi
    I am happy that you have apologised . Dii if you have abused me only I would have forgived you!! But dii you abused my family members !!!
    Dii I don’t know whether you are telling truth or not but what happened to your sister was very bad and no one ( including your sister ) deserve this !!! I know that pain of heart broken is most deadliest pain more painful than any pain of physical injury!!!! And your sister was going from both heart broken pain and pain of society cruel words , I can’t even imagine her situation ????. Di I really want to thrash that guy because of him only your sister suffered a lot . I know there are lots of fraud people in FB , that’s why I never make any new friend on FB , but I have my account on FB ( but I hardly visit FB ) . But this page is safe and everyone is here good here as everyone here talk about family relationships . And yes what I really hate about this society is that they only increases pain in these kind of situation. If a woman get raped then society will blame women only , increasing her pain only , and no one will blame the rapist. I hate people having such kind of mentality and i feel like these people needs to be beaten very badly in their heads!!!!!!! Hi Raf I am glad that you have forgiven Nithya didi and even I have also forgiven Nithya didi. Nithya didi you are welcome from my side and from my side no need to leave this family!!!

    Hi Aniket , Pat dii , Twana , Sachu dii , lasyashree , Sophie di , I know you all will be angry with me for forgiving her . But I am with you all guys . And I love you all more than my forgiveness towards Nithya didi !!! I am sorry to you guys as I have hurted you guys!! I feel that Nithya didi deserve 2nd chance that’s why I forgived her.
    But if Nithya didi if you will repeat your mistake then I will not forgive and tolerate you!!

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Rahul bro!

      i’m not annoyed with you..
      i’m just tellling…bro you said that after giving second chance also if nithya does the same you are not going to forgive and tolerate…right?

      then bro…try to understand…i already gave her second chance but unfortunately she did that again and this tym toh limit crossing hogaya!

      i’m not at all gonna forgiveher

    2. Fenil

      yeah lasiii…..don’t forgive her.

  11. Rahul96

    Hi lasyashree happy birthday. Many many happy returns of the day dear. Sorry as I have to undergo a small laser eye surgery , not LASIK eye surgery , tomorrow. Doctor has said that some weak spot has developed around retina of right eye which is important to be get cured otherwise I might lose complete vision of right eye.
    Btw you are becoming doctor of which part??
    And bye to all!! Love you all and I will miss you all guys.

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thanks rahul bro for wishes and also fr appreciation..
      eye surgery….from the above case…upto my knowledge….it might be a retinal detachment….or lattice degeneration…and i think it is retinal detachment…because for lattice degeneration uptomy knowledge there are no small surgeries…for Retinal detachment we have very small to verybig also….so you are saying small so i think it’s sub conjectiva or cryotherephy..both ofthem will be same…. almost….but the thing is you need to rest as you said ….if you don’t take proper rest…operation goes in vain…and again the weak spot developes… tcbro!!!!

      and which part…..actually specialization will be taken after my MBBS completed and if i complete it successfully….I like be a obestrician

    2. Twana

      OMG rahul bhai…. I pray that everything goes well in ur eye surgery….
      Get rest n be very careful.. coz itz ur eye hena??
      Hope u get well very soon….
      Again I’m praying for u. .. may everything goes very well in ur surgery… don’t worry bhai we r with u….

  12. Shesha

    Hello everyone…. sorry that i have not been commenting lately
    Today’s episode was good
    Hope that this mansi drama is cleared up soon
    Kaira’s scen was cute

    Happy birthday lasyashree dii…… hope you have a great day??????

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thanks shesha..thanks ah lot!

  13. Hi Rahul Wishing u smooth surgery for ur eye. Please rest well after ur surgery so to have a speedy recovery!! Ok?

    HappyHappy Blessed Birthday to Lasyashree!!

    Wishing everyone Good n Joyous day!!!

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thanks ponkuridi…thanks alot!

  14. Hi all, great episode today
    But I was hoping that naira missing would bring about a sort of togetherness for manish and kartik as they would not be after the same cause so it would have been a great chance for producers to show that
    Other than that, good episode, hope they don’t break up again after mansi is explained


    1. Lasyashree.10

      thanks sophie di!!

    and no one can arrest me….

  17. Chanya

    First of all a very happy birthday to you lasyashree di..may you have a successful life ahead..and have a great day and stay blessed!!!????????????
    And I am so happy to know that you are going to be a doctor..even I am going to medical college will me in need..will you??

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thanks chanya and sure i’mgonna help uh!! koi shak?

  18. Chanya

    Coming to the episode really liked how kaira talked with sign means mansi has done akshara’s accident..hope it will not create a rift between kaira ..i don’t know what will naitik do..naira you are so cute today..and guys is it true that there is going to be a bride swapping or something with will cause gayu to marry karthik??I hope it is not true..yrkkh I unique..i hope nothing will such happen..

  19. Chanya

    And a big hello to my yrkkh family??how are you all?fine na..and I know most of you are having boards..prepare of luck..
    Aniket bhai I agree with your pov..even I don’t like to forgive nitya..i don’t know whether she is saying truth or lies..if it is truth she could have told it honestly and politely..and what she used tell with such a language..even she appeared as twana di and blamed her too..and you know I am not so mature enough to decide right every time..i agree what everyone think right..even what Rahul bhai said is truth..if she genuinely want to join us that we should give her a second chance..i don’t know still I don’t like to accept her..this is my pov..please tell your all are so mature than me..

  20. Chanya

    And aniket you gave us a such a nick name…still my bff is missing na..hey bff where are you?are you having exams too??
    And twana di prepare well for your boards well
    Sachu di you too take care of yourself and my nephew too
    Hi pat di how are you?even it is my dream to visit India one day
    Sachu di how is your journey??now you are in aus na
    And suha fan 123 tanu welcome here..
    Soumya ishika di pawan you guys are missing
    And riya where are you?
    Aliya di happy to see you again..prepare well for your exams..
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    So everyone have a great day
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    1. Chanya

      So sorry I have typed sachu di instead of Sophie di.Sophie di how is your journey?

    2. My trip was amazing, thanks…

    3. Twana

      Arree Congratulations Chanyaaaaa…. ???????????
      I’m sooooo happy for u……… All the Best for ur medical course…. Be a doc n find a medicine for Rahul bhai’s long term memory loss… n my short term memory loss…… hehe… just kidding….
      All the Best for ur First Day…… Again I’m so happy for u…. Told ya guys na? That everyone here r very much intelligent… I hv a beautiful n an intelligent family ???

    4. Soumya85

      Hiii di don’t be nervous….u will do great and ya pls find a medicine for rahul bhaiya as told by twana di??

    5. Lasyashree.10

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  21. A big hii to my cute wondrfl family…Rahul bhaiya, Aniket, Twana, Ishika dii, Pat Dii, Sophie dii, Sachu di, Chanya, Trishi, Ponkuri, Fan, Lasyashree, Aliyaa, Ridz,& all YRKKH fans & silent readrs.
    Hi Rahul bhaiya, thank U soo mch..plss get well soon & comment here as we all r waitng fr ua commnt…We all wil miss U a lot…BTW, Sorry dat I didn’t introducd myslf ystrday.. I’m a girl rahul bhaiya & Am 17+…Pls don’t b sorry bhaiya, Its my mistk dt I didn’t introduced.Dnt thank me I’ll always b with U they can’t arrest U..Again am tellng u pls get well soon aftr ua surgery and comment here bhaiya..May b ishika di is bzy dats y not commenting…Dnt think dat she is not commenting ncoz Of U…thank U for sharing luv & kush with me bhaiya..
    Hi Aniket! Y u didn’t replied to my comment. I’m waiting.
    .May b u r buzy…bt plss reply anyhow!
    Hi Twana, No comments frm U.Wat happen? All well?? Did ua bros tuk ua phone?
    Hi Aliyaa, All d best fr ua preprtn & Congratulations on ua registration…
    hi lasyashree! Happy b’day….May All ua desire come true…
    Hw r U all guys????
    Hi sachu dii, Y u r not commntng? Is our lil hamdan troublngU? Pls di comment here & ishika dii u 2 pls comment..
    Hi nithya dii..
    C, Rahul bhaiya has forgiven U..Don’t repeat ua mistks again & I hope U won’t! Bt if U repeat none of us will support U dii…
    hi soumya, Shesha wer r u? Buzy??
    Those who r ill, get well soon & All the very best fr those who have xams…Study hard & hit a Great score guys…….

  22. Hi Lasya, Wish u many many happy returns of the day.! Enjoy ur 18th bdax.! Party hard n spend ur time having lot of fun.! Hi Sindhu di, welcome to the family.! Very sorry to hear about ur visa problm. I pray that u meet ur dad n brother very soon.! In wich country u live?

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thanks aniket..thanks allot

  23. Hi Lasya n Pat di, thnk u so much 4 supporting my opinion.! Hi Raf, Dont b sorry yar. I m not that kinda person who wil fume in anger if some1n dosent appreciate my opinion.! And no dude, its very difficult 4 me to forgiv her. Everytime I made a compromise just coz I didnt had proof against any1n. But v all experienced Nithyas comments. So I personaly along with Lasya n Pat di wont 4giv her. N I dont have any problem if u 4giv her.!

  24. Hi BFF, Everytime u comment, u give a chance to Rahul bro 2 point at against u n also against our mission of arresting him. But as usual, I am here 2 defend u.! Rahul bro, 4-5days ago I only said that YRKKH wil telecast now on sundays also, n thats the reason My BFF enquired about updates of 22jan. But dont wory v all know that u r suffering from Amnesia, so v can understand that u might have not remembered about YRKKH being telecasted on Sunday also. Lol.!

  25. Hi My Sister, I guess u reached ur home safely.! How was ur visit to India.? Ya planning to come there 2 arrest u n also planning to go London to arrest Pat di, coz she is helping u to elope from India.! Lol.! Pat di, I am planning to arrest u also, so u also be secured.! Hi BFF, Ready 4 new missions.? Hi Fenil n Ridzz, I left a reply to ur comments on the page of written updates of 21st Jan. Go thru it.! Hello New Members, welcum 2 the group.! Plz give ur introduction.

    1. Yes I am now in Australia….
      My trip was amazing…had a lovely experience….and I am not going to forget it easily….

  26. Twana

    Wish u a very Happy Birthday Lasya…may this birthday bring u a loads of hapiness n everything u deserve jn the world…
    Happy 18th Birthday again…
    I came to wish u first of all.. ?
    And guys I replied to 21st jan comments… Rahul bhaiya I think u r right… I have a chote chote amnesia prblm these days… maybe bcoz of this exam… hehe… ok.. but I can very well remember arresting u… that amnesia prblm z only related my normal life.. not to my work as a cop ?? Ishika dii z still resting after running behind u…. hena Ishika dii??? U r really hard to catch n most of the work was done by Ishika dii… so she said that she z tired?
    And Welcome all the new members… I welcomed then in 21st update… but just a while ago… so Welcome again… Suha, Fan, Raf, Tanu, 123.. keep commenting…
    Are Aliyaaaaaaaaaa congo on ur registration…. happy to see u back bff… how z u studying process going on??
    And my BFF Aniket… so sorry… these days I really think that I’m suffering frm Amnesia ? seriously… so thankz for defending me TYSM.. But I very well remember arresting Rahul bhai… ? And my Doctor aka Aniket always remember what I say… so no prob.. Rahul bhai I hv my Doctor BFF to make me remember things.. ? He notes down what I do… so itz clearly written in his bk that I hv arrested u in Delhi?

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thanks twana di

  27. Vrushy

    Happy Birthday Lasya 🙂
    May you get all you want.
    Party hard !!

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thanks vrushy!

  28. hi my familythanks for everyone who accepted me and OMG! this page celebrates everyone’s bdays and also everyone’s success i’mimpressed.
    And lasyashree happy wala bday dear…i’mglad that we have two doctors in our family….and nithya kibath tohi don’t know because i’m new and i’mrealy proud of you lasya ki you acheived the great one i young age and i’m the one who didn’t got the seat and rating even afteri try and i’m hapy and hoping the same happens with chanya
    this is tanu, used to be amedicalstudent but got fed up trying to achieve it so my parents gt me married to a boy[obviously]and his name is Karunya and now i’m a housewife and i’m 27 yrs old…
    and hi twana….a cop…oh my family evn have a cop
    sophie di….glad you accepted me
    aniket…bff ka doctor ha? evn ilike ur nicknames
    sachudi get wellsoon
    raf everybody welcomed you now you have towelcome me
    rahul have a safesurgery and rest a lot so it’s better after ur surgery put some slice of keera over it so that you feel relaxed
    pat di…oh ur the queen
    chanya achieve andbe a doctor dear it’s tough don’t become like me..
    and i welcome suha and fan..n othrs if any..
    hiponkuri and shesha

    1. and ya hi vrushy…i came to know dt u r a great writer i’ll surely read yur ff and i’mvery proud of u!! god bless yu and have a great future

    2. Twana

      Yaaaa Vrushy z a very good Writer!!
      I’m gonna give her a film to write!! And I’m sure it will hit with flying colors!!
      She’s an amazing writer

    3. Vrushy

      First of all welcome to the family tanu dii.
      do tell us your birth date so that we can celebrate your birthday as well.
      Thanks for you wishes. Do read my work , i will be glad if you liked it !!

    4. Vrushy

      really Twana ?!!
      A film to write ?!!
      I would love too….. We will cast all our family members !!
      😛 😛

    5. Lasyashree.10

      good idea vrushy!! let’s do that !! it will be fun!!

    6. Twana

      Hey Tanu diii…………I’m not a cop..LOL!!!!
      That was some kind of a joke made by me,my bff n Ishika di n Soumya regarding Luv Kush!!!
      Hey I’m sorry I didn’t know that u don’t know!!!
      I’m a student…Still in 12th grade!!! Hehe..I’m really sorry If I confused u!!
      And dii u r the second eldest in our family!! Sindhu dii z a year older than u!!!
      Sorry Again if I cofused u!! That was a joke we made!! It still continues!! Lolzz

    7. yes..twana,iknow that
      i was juz kidding..

    8. Chanya

      Thank for your wishes..ya..i have to work hard…

    9. Lasyashree.10

      Tanu di,

      Thanks tanu…. and ya’s tough but….have to

    10. Lasyashree.10

      No..tanu di….one should not keep keera slice on the eyes after surgery….
      If one keep like that eye irritation will start and he/she will be the target of CATARACT.[cloudy vision (or) sometimes vision loss]

      so Rahul bro should not keep keera slice..
      andi’msorry if ihave hurt you…actually i just wanna say..because if rahulbro will see the comment and will be a problem
      and i’m really sorry…i didnot wanted to do showoff! sorry!

    11. Lasyashree.10

      i just now clarified that with my professor!

    12. It’s okay lasya,cool,noneed tosry because you are hlping n i’m ua didiok.

  29. Trishi

    Happy Happy Birthday Lasya dii….
    Hi BFF!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! I’m very happy for u!! So tomorrow’s the first day ?? Best of luck n rock it!!!
    And Welcome all the new members!!!!
    123,Raf di,Sindhu di, Fan, Suha, Tanu…….Welcome everyone keep commenting!!
    Aniket bhaiya I’m with u…..
    Rahul bhai may all go well in ur eye surgery!!! I’m praying for u!!!
    Npzzz BFF…No examz…Clzes started…hehe a lil bit busy enjoying the free time!! coz a bigger problem z ahead neh….!!!
    Anywayz..I’m very Happy for u!!!! Come out with special colors n a truly amazing doc!! MBBS(Mason Baslat Badama Supply)hehe…I hope u know that!! Just a silly joke!!

    1. Chanya

      Hi trishi..oh you are going have to work hard na..and MBBS..??????..

    2. Lasyashree.10

      thanks trishi!

  30. Hi Aniket!
    Thank U fr replying to my comment! I assent dat its difficult to frgiv her,….Again If She repeats her mistake, I’l nevr forgiv her bcoz I 2 ws hurtd wen she misbehaves with U alll….I’m just giving A last chance to her as she is apologising,… I along with rahul bhaiya will help U in arresting Pat Diii & Sophie diiii….BTW, How is ua preprtn going on….??? Hope, U wil hit a big score….
    Thank U so much chanya & Congrats….
    hi sindhu dii, welcome to our virtual family..
    Hi Sophie dii, I’l certainly pray for Rahul bhaiya..
    Hi Rahul bhaiya, Im good,! Plsss take good care of urself & take rest bro…I want U to recover soon…
    Hi soumya, twana, Ishika dii,& Chanya’s BFF, pls do comment……..
    Welcome to all new members…keep commenting!!

    1. Twana

      Hi Raf!!! U r so sweet!!!
      Here I am!! Sorry I’m a lil bit bust bcoz of the board exam!!!
      And we r in the same age…Me,My BFF aka Aniket, Aliya,U n Lasya!!!!!! Yippy!!! So much of same agers!!!
      When z ur Birthday??? Just to know how many months I’m older or younger than u!! hehe..
      Aur Chanya ka BFF Trishi…….Where r u lil sissy?? U suddenly appear n disappear!!…

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