Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kaira’s confusion doesn’t get clear

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying it means, I will be mum and you will be Papa. Naira says no, I will be mum and you will be Papa. He asks sure. She says I think. He says it will be either yes or no. She says its weird feeling, I have to confirm. He says don’t get angry, its happening for the first time. She says I m scared and cries. He hugs her. She says don’t know shall I get happy or not. He says whatever, we will always be happy. He hugs her.

Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani did she make anything of Kirti’s choice. Rajshri says everything is of her choice, we will ask her to have some rest here. Naksh looks on. Rajshri asks do you want something. He says you are not normal traditional families, its tough to adjust in sasural, here entire family is ready to adjust, you all thought a lot for Kirti, its impossible to get such family. Bhabhimaa says Akshara made us such, we don’t know when our bahu became daughter. They send Naksh. Bhabhimaa asks Rajshri will she do a work. Rajshri says yes, tell me.

Kartik asks what to do now, we can’t tell anyone till we confirm, so….. we have to find out. Naira says yes, we have to find out. He asks how. She asks how, yes call medical. He says fine and calls medical. Manish calls Naitik and says I have to talk something urgent, can we participate in Matki breaking competition. Naitik says we have no objection. Manish says we will enjoy and have fun, do you find this kiddish, don’t laugh. Naitik says no, I m not laughing. Manish asks why do I feel you are laughing, when Kartik knows you are coming, he will agree. Naitik says else we will force him to agree, don’t worry, we will participate and win too. Manish smiles and says hope so.

Naksh says what will I talk to Kirti, I have to keep her happy. He gets Surekha’s call. Lav and Kush talk to him on video call. Naksh asks how did they call. Kids say nothing yummy is made for us here, Naira is busy, we want kachoris. Naksh says I will send it. They say you are very nice, old jiju was very bad, will you make our sister cry. Naksh signs no. They thank and say love you. Naksh says everyone has expectations that I will keep Kirti happy, but how.

Rajshri asks him to come and have a talk. She takes him to Kirti and asks what am I hearing, Kirti has come here in this room. Naksh and Kirti say actually….. Rajshri laughs and says sorry, Devyaani told me how Kirti came here before, but eyes would be on Naksh, not room, but today when Kirti came here, just make this room better, your world will be here, you both will smile, play, fight, and make up, decorate the room as per your wish, there is less time for marriage, start thinking from today so that room gets ready before Kirti comes. Kirti smiles. Rajshri goes. Naksh sees Kirti. He gives her a notepad and asks her to start. Kirti says I don’t want to change anything, you accepted me as it is. Kids run to Naira. Kartik asks them to move back. Everyone comes and ask what happened, what did kids do. Lav says we were going to hug Naira. Kartik says no, I was just joking.

Manish says we will go in Matki competition and take part. Dadi says we will send money. Manish says I meant we will break Matki, don’t worry, we have good team, Naitik, Naksh, Akhilesh and….. we all, we can ask prize from Lord, we will ask Kirti’s happiness, right. He sees Kartik. Akhilesh says sure. Kartik says anything for Kirti. Manish and Suwarna smile. The pharmacy man comes. Dadi asks who ordered medicines. Kartik says its mine. Akhilesh and Dadi ask what happened to him. Kartik says actually…. Akhilesh says give it to me, I will see.

Kartik says its hairfall medicine, I would have told you in private. They laugh and joke. Naitik tells everyone about Manish. They all get surprised. Bau ji says father and son will come closer. Naitik says he has to keep trying. Naksh says yes, like Akshara did. Yash says Kartik helped her. Bau ji says Kartik couldn’t understand his dad. Yash says be it parents or children relation or husband and wife, person has to keep trying.

Kartik drinks water in tension. Naira comes. He says tell fast. She says three results are different, how to trust this. He asks what to do now. She says doctor. He says come. She says we will go day after tomorrow, its Janmashtami. He says no, I can’t stay in tension. Suwarna screams seeing Manish. He asks don’t you have work than scaring me, my teeth would have got broken. She says you are doing a lot, why these pushups. He says I have to break Matki along with young son, support me. She laughs and says sorry, be careful in old age. He asks am I growing old. She says yes. He says say anything, see tomorrow. He tries doing pushup and falls. She laughs. He says I know, I m getting chance to do something with Kartik, I just can’t wait.

Ananya says Radha and Krishna are here. Ananya and Yash get Naksh and Kirti. They all smile. Naira and Kartik dress as Radha Krishna and come. Naira says doctor called at 8. Dadi wards off bad sight. Naira takes blessings. Kartik asks her not to bend much. Dadi and everyone look on.

Naksh sings Radha ke sang and Kirti dances. Naira and Kartik dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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