Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: All the gods meet gajasur.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lord Shankar appearing. Parvati sees the painted photo she made and its nose has been wiped. Parvati is worried and says prabhu see what happened from my hand. Lord Shankar says don’t worry my love this is a sign that what you feel about having a son will be true. Parvati says but you gave a promise to the gods. Lord Shankar says devi, we both together will not give birth to a son, the way I gave birth to son kartikeya from my brightness, in the same way you will get a son but for that you have to do punya vrat. Parvati says punya vrat?! Lord Shankar says yes. In heaven, indra dev is in his palace and the throne starts getting electrified from a lightning. Indra dev says how can lord Shankar give a promise to devi parvati that she will have another son? Indra dev says but lord shankar’s promise is never a lie and devi parvati will have a son but from punya vrat? Who has ever had a son from punya vrat? There lord Shankar says devi you have to pray to lord Vishnu by punya vrat and when he will be impressed you will get what you want. Parvati says but prabhu, lord Vishnu is my brother, if I want anything he would grant me that. lord Shankar smiles and says devi! If anyone needs anything in this universe, without any hard work you cannot get it and you have to work hard is that by prayer to impress lord Vishnu. Parvati smiles and says I will do it. lord Shankar says but by punya vrat, it means you have to stay away from me for many days to impress lord Vishnu, will you be able to do that? parvati thinks and says prabhu it will always be difficult for me to stay away for you but to get me a son I will do what is required. Lord Shankar smiles.
There narad muni comes and says to indra dev that lord Shankar had given a wish to devi parvati, It means devi parvati’s son will be born. Narad muni says and he will also have a purpose, narad muni says Narayan and then show indra dev from a portal. Indra dev watches. There some demons are carrying a huge and heavy shiv ling to their demon palace. All the demons fall down as the weight is more. Suddenly from the palace, their king demon is walking out. The demons get up and say mhaishasur son gajasur ki jai. The demon gajasur comes and sits on one knee, he does pranam to mahadev and then he gets up, gajasur picks the shiv ling with both his hands and then walks inside the palace. He comes in and keeps the shiv ling on the ground. Gajasur says bhole baba, I will impress you with my prayers and then ask you for what I want, then no god will be able to stop me from winning the 3 loks. Gajasur then stands on one leg and starts saying om namah shivay!
Indra dev sees this and says we gods have to do something and stop his prsyers, if he succeeds in impressing bhole baba then the 3 loks will be destroyed.
There pravati gets ready for her punya vrat and is wearing common dress, she makes everything and prepares with the women for the vrat. Parvati has called rishi’s and she welcomes them by washing their feet. Parvati goes with all the rishi’s and women inside and says to protect this place of my vrat, the strong nandi will come. Nandi comes walking in as cow and turns into his normal form and says pranam mata. Parvati smiles and says nandi I have called you here to protect this place and not let anyone enter until my Pooja of vrat is over, and by anyone I mean no one should enter here. nandi says yes and goes outside, he starts guarding the place. A woman thinks this buffalo mind, will he be able to protect this place?
There all the gods gather in clouds and indra dev says we have to stop gajasur from praying as he is near to his prayers and may impress lord Shankar. Agni dev says I will attack him, he wont stand my attacks. Agni dev attacks but gajasur is protected by a shield as he prays, nothing happens to him. surya dev says my tej is more powerful than yours, I will attack him. surya dev attacks but fails to. Indra dev says before he gets more powerful we all have to attack gajasur. All the gods together attack gajasur but they all fail. Indra dev says he has become so powerful that our powers combined together are nothing in front of him, what will we do now?
There as parvati does Pooja with rishis, they start saying om vasudevay namah! Lord Shankar gets up from his tree and now starts walking into the palace place where Pooja is being done. Nandi sees lord Shankar but is scared and cannot stop him, he doesn’t say anything as lord Shankar gets in. lord Shankar goes In and says my love! Suddenly the water from parvati’s hand falls down and a bottle having red color falls down from parvati’s hand. It spills on the floor. Parvati has tears and says I had put nandi to guard the place and not let anyone come in. lord Shankar says devi, nandi is my vahan, I travel on him, how will he confront me? Parvati thinks nandi had broken my trust in him. lord Shankar says I promise that because of me, there will be no problem in your punya vrat ahead. Lord Shankar goes.

Precap: parvati prays to lord Vishnu for a long time and then Vishnu wishes her a son. Parvati has made an idol of her son of what she thinks, lord Vishnu’s lotus falls on it and it comes to life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Fenil

    Thanks Tanaya.
    Episode was really Aflatoon.
    Nandi broke trust so due to this Parvati will ask trustfullness in Ganesha.
    Can’t wait for next.

  2. we actually have a doubt ,the sceans shown in this serial are taken based on what reference…..?
    they are just showing as they like .as far as the story shown in the serial , is no where connected to the story of lord ganesha.
    the colours given to LORD INDRA IS RED which is wrong,lord indra should be in white.
    the shape of the weapon given to lord karthikeya is wrongly shown ,
    this is ultimate wrong story shown ,that is,” never was matha parvathi in a palace after marrying lord shiva”,but here in the serial it has been shown that she lives in a palace with many servants…
    matha parvathi is annapurna ,she is the one who cooks in kailasam,no other person cooks ,except all the ganas help matha parvathi in cooking.

    our sincere request to the crew of the serial is to please refer everything perfectly and then based on those facts telecast the serial.before someone would raise their finger on your plot. moreover the people are mislead by the fiction story that is shown in this serial…

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