Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and everyone seeing off the play actors happily. Varsha does her work at night, and Shaurya asks her to sleep. She says she is doing Ananya’s work. He says you don’t worry for husband. She says don’t I and goes to hug him.They smile. Akshara hugs Naitik and says we enjoyed so much, we doubted on them, we are so mad. He says nom you were worried for family, its good Naksh enjoyed so much. He misses Nandini and shows two rakhis that’s Muskaan tied him. He says new relations can’t take old one’s place, my Maa will always be Gayatri Maa. She says yes, the things which start reach their destination. They say I love to each other and smile.

Naksh says I will tell everyone that Lord came in our house. Akshara says they did magic too and looks at Devyaani. Naksh says I will take camera to school. Akshara says no and she will give him prints. Everyone discuss work and Naman says he can help them with their guidance. Everyone smile. Naksh and Yash will all the best to Ananya for her admission interview. Shaurya asks Ananya to come. Bau ji talks to his friend, who tells them about competition in Paris off jewellery and he asks Bau ji to design few exclusive pieces for them. Bau ji says sure.

Bau ji tells everyone about this big order and they get happy. Jasmeet orders veg cutter and shows it to Kaki. Rajshri says it’s the same roti maker thing, the new things are not so good. Kaki says who can tell them. Rajshri says leave it. Naitik gets ready for office and holds Akshara happily as she is coming to office. She says I m coming for work, not for romance. She asks him to call Devyaani Choti Maa, not aunty. He agrees. Naman tells Karishma that he got new projects and its hard to meet now. She says lets try to meet, we can.

Rajshri tells everyone what happened at Akshara’s home yesterday. Everyone is happy. Rukmani calls Devyaani and says we are good friends and can share secrets. Devyaani says yes. Rukmani asks is there anything to say, is everyone happy there. Devyaani says no. Rukmani gets glad and asks what happened. Devyaani says nothing, everyone is very happy. Devyaani says she can’t come for kitty, as she is busy. Bhabhimaa and Akshara smile.

Ananya comes for the admission interview with Varsha and Shaurya. Varsha asks Shaurya what does he feel, will Ananya get admission. He says yes. They sit with Ananya. Ananya is asked to write the test. Akshara says she will make good designs. Naitik calls her and says its good news, you wanted to make designs and this time you can make it. Akshara thanks him. Bau ji gives tips to Naman. Naitik gets a call and is shocked.

Varsha says Ananya has not answered right questions. Shaurya says don’t know she will get admission or not. Dadi says don’t worry. The men come back from office. Bhabhimaa saks why are they worried. Naitik says the business rivals are not keeping up well, they both like our work, and they both are competing in Paris competition, and approached us. Akshara says what to do now. Bau ji says we can’t say no to anyone. Naman says I don’t think we should think much, we can handle both works. Naitik says but they are enemies, they will be annoyed knowing we are working for both.

Its not easy to handle them, I feel our creativity will be limited and it can affect our work. What will be do now. Bau ji says Dadda ji used to solve such matters, I wish I could ask him. Naitik says yes, right, Dadda ji solved everything with his experience. Muskaan says will we reject this big offer. Everyone say yes and agree on this decision. The kids have a talk. Bhabhimaa comes and hugs Naksh. Akshara and Naitik refuse for the projects, as its wrong according to the business ethics. They ask them to do the work at any cost. Akshara and Naitik get worried.

Bau ji asks what did they think about the work. Bhabhimaa says I think we should not do it. Naitik says he has to say something, we decided…………..

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