Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheela apologizing to Ayesha. Ayesha says its fine. Sheela says its cook, I will tell Rubel I said sorry to you. Ayesha thinks to talk to Rubel. Avantika asks Poonaam to meet Adi and decide, they will respect her decision. She says she likes Poonam and she wants her for Adi, we can’t tell this to Adi now, but if things goes right, then she can pursue her career. Poonam says why don’t you like Ayesha, she is a very nice girl. Avantika says she is good, but she is not right for my son. She leaves. Ayesha calls Rubel and asks about Payal. Rubel says she came to café and now, she is…………. He sees Payal drinking in a bar. She is here since three hours, she was very upset, so I was keeping an eye on her, will our plan work. Ayesha says don’t know, but I m sure it affected Payal, be careful and be around her.

He says don’t worry, I m far but near her. Avantika tells Ambika that Adi and Poonam has to decide now. Sheela comes and asks what Adi and Poonam. Avantika lies to her. Avantika asks her to leave and knock before coming in. Ambika says I m afraid if Ayesha does not keep her promise. Poonam thinks how to handle this, Ayesha wants to break her marriage, its strange and Adi has no idea about it. I will first meet Adi and then decide. Ayesha asks Nafisa to take cheque from her and she can pay the broker. Nafisa says but……… Ayesha says I will feel bad. Adi comes and Ayesha says she will call her later. He asks is Nafisa changing her flat. Ayesha says its managed.

He says you should have shared this with me. Ayesha says why, is it necessary, I don’t want you to do anything for me, as you already did many favors. He says fine, I won’t do now, I understood, it means our friendship is a favor for you, thanks. He leaves. She thinks she has to hurt Adi, and make him meet Poonam. Its morning, Avantika comes to Poonam and sees her meditating. Avantika is glad that she is doing yoga in morning, nice. Poonam greets her and asks is everything ok. Avantika invites her for breakfast and meet the family. Poonam says sure.

Ayesha comes to Adi and thinks how to stop him to meet Poonam. Adi is annoyed and she tries to make his mood well. She smiles. She asks for a favor. She says I want to have tea with you. Adi asks is anything special. She says no, I m getting bored in room. He says he is busy. She orders and he agrees. He says he met Ambika and I don’t know how to tell her. She leaves to make tea. Ayesha comes to Poonam and asks her to meet Adi. Rubel sees Payal sleeping and says everything will be fine between us, I want my Payal back.

Ayesha does the tea arrangements. Adi comes and says it looks like he is going to see a girl for marriage. Ayesha is stunned. He says when I went to see Pankhudi in Kullu, it was like this. He asks about Nafisa. He says if you need any help, tell me. She says she has shifted and I m going to set her home today. Adi asks her to have tea. She says Ambika came with her niece Poonam. Adi says its good name, but I did not hear about her before. She praises Poonam. He asks her why is she avoiding about boutique. She says you should meet Poonam. He says fine, and talks about boutique. Poonam messages Ayesha asking when to come. Ayesha thinks what to do, I love Adi, how to make him meet someone else. Adi says he is leaving and waves her bye. He leaves for office. Ayesha thinks why did she not keep her promise and let Adi go and not call Poonam, I can’t get weak.

Poonam comes out and asks for Adi. Ayesha says he went. Avantika comes and asks Poonam to come and meet the family. Ayesha looks on. Avantika introduces Poonam to the family. Nani welcomes her. Poonam says Dada ji told me everything about you all. Shanky tells about Nanu and shows his pic, who stays with them always. Poonam says yes, I read about him in the newspaper and got inspired by him.

Poonam falls and Adi holds her. Ayesha comes and sees them in this odd moment.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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