Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Sirat learns the truth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sirat getting Ranvir to the hospital. Kartik comes and thinks did Ranvir tell her or not. She asks the doctor what happened to Ranvir. Doctor says this had to happen, I had told this to Kartik also, like the poison will spread in his body, he will get critical, he doesn’t have much time left. Sirat gets shocked. She asks Kartik why did you not tell me. She shouts on him and cries. Kartik says listen to me, Ranvir needs me, if you cry or get angry, nothing will happen, don’t lose this time, go and talk to him, sit with him. Chauhan and Saroj hear everything. They get shocked and cry for Ranvir.

Ranvir opens eyes and sees Sirat. He says forgive me. She says I m sorry, my puja lacked something. He says I m sorry to leave you so soon. She says I m sorry, I won’t leave you in this birth. Kartik says sorry Krishna ji, why aren’t you doing anything to end their sorrow. Chauhan says what has happened with my son, he just came back home. Ranvir says I would have not gone anywhere if it was in my hands. Sirat says I won’t let anything happen. She cries and goes. Kartik goes to Ranvir. He says her belief will work when you believe her. Ranvir says I also want to believe, but it doesn’t happen as we want. Kartik says we can try. Ranvir says you both are my friends. Kartik says you are also a friend, you don’t lose hope.

Doctor says there is no hope. Sirat requests him to save Ranvir. Doctor says we can’t do anything, its in God’s hands, what will you do if he will be like a living dead, we can do his operation, but he can slip in coma, you decide, how will his rest of the life be, happy or painful. Ranvir says I decided, I will not let anyone stay stuck, better I die soon. Doctor asks what to do, tell me, will you let him live for some time and let him go. Sirat says I want to let him live, but I will keep trying, I will fight. He asks what about the family members. She says I didn’t ask anyone, they also want his life, I don’t want anyone’s permission. He asks her to calm down and think. She says you prepare for the operation. Ranvir asks will you give Sirat and yourself a chance. Kartik says get quiet, don’t think of this, please. Sirat comes.

Nurse says doctor is coming for checkup, go out. Sirat and Kartik go out. He asks are you upset with me, Ranvir wanted to tell you, I promised him and couldn’t break it, I can apologize to you anytime, but Ranvir… She says he won’t go anywhere. He says I want some miracle to happen. She says operation can happen. He says doctor had told you what will happen after operation, Ranvir refused for it, he doesn’t want to become a burden on anyone. She says I will happily take his responsibility. He says think from his side, I would also want the same that he stays back all life, but just think of his feelings, he won’t be able to say anything, hold you, he will feel indebted by your favors and die every moment, would he want this, its good to be together for long, else you should live entire life in a moment, we will give him all the happiness, support me, will you do. She goes. He worries. Chauhan shouts on the doctor. He sees Sirat and scolds her.

He asks what did you and Kartik do with him. Ranvir calls him out. Chauhan asks what do you want. Ranvir says you won’t tell them anything. Doctor says please come out. Sirat takes Saroj. Ranvir asks Kartik to understand what was he saying, Chauhan will not spare Sirat, just handle her. Kartik leaves. Sirat thinks of Ranvir and cries. Naira comes to Kartik. He says both of them are stubborn. She says talk to Sirat. He says its tough to smile when you are hurt inside. She says I know, if anyone goes suddenly or you know of his leaving, your pain doesn’t get less, your regret will get less, tell her not to lose any moment. He says I wish we also got that moment, I will try to explain her. Sirat sees a lady and her daughter. Nurse says you are doing the best and keeping your daughter happy. The lady says I know my daughter has few days left, I want to give her all the happiness in the world. Sirat thinks and goes to Kartik. She says I will not leave hope, I want to give all the happiness to Ranvir. They see Ranvir. They say we will take him home, he will be very happy. She says we will give him much happiness, he will forget to leave us and go.

Ranvir gets critical. He asks Kartik and Sirat to listen, stay together and unite after he dies. He dies. She shouts Ranvir…. Kartik cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ananya Mukherjee

    I hope Ranveer’s death is Sirat’s or kartik’s dream and it doesn’t turn true. Some miracle should happen and Ranveer should get saved.Many times it is shown in some movies and serials that when someone suffers from some life threatening disease and is about to die despite getting treatment, then at the last moment some miracle happens and the person gets saved and wins the biggest battle of death, so plz show this thing in this show also that Ranveer has won the biggest battle of death because of a miracle and has come back to life and he stays happy and united with Sirat always.

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