Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna reveals to Kanak about her driving lessons

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna thinks that it’s her first driving class today. Anant is sleeping. She is searching for car key. She thinks usually Anant keeps it on the table. She sees it in his pocket. She manages to take it out. She is then quietly going out of house when Kanak stops her. Kanak asks her where is she going? Gehna says for a walk. Kanak says that she will change her clothes and also go with her. Gehna says that she’s going towards temple side which is very far. Kanak tells her to go then, she will just do yoga in the lawn. Gehna happily leaves. Kanak says that Gehna doesn’t know that this walk is going to give her a big shock.

The driver suddenly stops the car and asks Gehna to come out. She gets scared and says she won’t. He asks how she will go to the driver’s seat then. She sits on the driver seat. The driver explains her car parts.

Someone knocks the door. Anant wakes up and wonders where Gehna went this early. He opens the door and it’s Paresh. Paresh asks Anant for his prescription. Anant can’t find his car key. Paresh tells Anant to ask Gehna. He goes to the hall. Bapuji says they will help him find it. No one can find it. Hema asks where did the key go? Gehna comes saying, here. Anant asks Gehna where she found the key. She says she found it near the door. Paresh tells Anant to give him the prescription, so that he can take his medicines. Anant comes outside and feels someone used his car. Paresh tells Anant that no one has guts to ask him for his car key, as everyone knows that he’s very possessive about his car. Anant is confused, but Paresh keeps asking for his prescription. Anant opens his car and gives prescription to Paresh. Anant keeps looking at his car.

Kanak is playing chess. Gehna comes there. Kanak says when she went to the lawn for yoga, she didn’t see Anant’s car and later found that Anant is not able to find his car key. Gehna tells her that she’s learning how to drive. She wants to surprise Anant on their marriage anniversary. Kanak asks she’s learning alone? Gehna says someone is helping her. Kanak asks who. Gehna tells her (in muted voice). Gehna requests Kanak not to tell this to anyone. Kanak tells her not to worry and wishes her the best. Gehna hugs her. After Gehna leaves, Kanak smirks.

Gehna sets an early alarm and goes to sleep. She wakes up in the morning and this time, Baa and Bapuji see her leaving the house. Bapuji says she must have gone to get Tulsi leaves for puja.

Gehna practices driving with the driver. At home, Anant wakes up and doesn’t find Gehna there. Same happens over next few days.

Gehna thinks now just one day to go. She decides to get some sleep. She comes to her room with a smile. Anant asks why is she smiling? She says just like that. He tells her to study then. She is not able to focus as she falls asleep. He tells her that he knows she gets tired from house work, but it’s important to study. She falls asleep again. She is thinking about car parts. She screams that she will hit someone. Anant asks what? She says nothing. He says these days she is not concentrating on studies, she keeps falling asleep and keeps saying random things. He tells her to concentrate. She yawns. He tells her to go and sleep. He also tells her that these days she wakes up very early. He tells her not to wake up that early, so that she can stay awake at night. Gehna says that she learned from Kanak that you stay healthy by walking. He says he will also go with her for morning walk from tomorrow and make her do a revision as well. She gets worried and is lost in thoughts. He asks her to leave the pillow. She doesn’t. He pulls it and loses his balance. She holds him. He asks her to leave him. She leaves him and he falls on the bed. She says that he can’t go on walk with her because she talks with herself during the walk. She puts a blanket on her face. He’s confused.

Kanak tells Hema to sleep, so that they can wake up early to execute their plan.

In morning, Gehna is ready to leave. She looks at Anant and thinks, one last day and then she won’t have to lie to him. She smiles looking at him.

Precap: Anant asks where is his car? Car and car key both are missing. He along with his family members go outside to check. The driver gives car keys to Gehna and tells her not to say anything to anyone, no matter what.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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