Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik confronts Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik seeing Naira and recalling his tension. Naksh asks what happened. Kartik walks to Naira. Manish says I m calling Kartik, he is busy, he can answer and say he will call later. Akhilesh asks him not to worry. Dadi says I don’t feel anything right. Suwarna says like something is about to happen. Dadi gets pandit’s call and gets shocked. Kartik says Naira, you are here, we decided it, I was waiting, why didn’t you come, tell me, I m happy you are fine, at home, why weren’t you there, you understand what I m asking, tell me what happened. She says decision to marry in temple was wrong. They all get shocked. Kartik looks at her. Naira says I was going to tell you all, I thought it will be wrong, sorry, I thought you will understand. He says you should

have called. She says sorry, don’t know what happened to phone, phone got off, I know I agreed for decision, everyone said we are immature and impulsive, we should give time to our relation, I have thought a lot, if we got separated, we should be separated.

He gets shocked. She says you will go US tomorrow, I will go college, we shall move on. He holds her and asks did you go mad, what happened, we were sure, you instigated you, you are lying, you love me, we love each other. Naksh stops him. Kartik asks why are you refusing suddenly, Naksh leave me, let me talk. Naira says calm down, sorry, our families got saved from pain, this decision is right. He says it can’t be right, I m really sorry, you are upset with me, punish me, except this, please Naira, I can’t live without you. She says no, this is right for us and our families. He shouts why are you doing this with me, tell me. He looks at her and steps back. He steps over the gifts and things, and leaves. He shuts the door and sees Naira. He walks on the road and thinks of her words. He runs on the road. Morey saiyyan….plays….Naira says sorry, I was going to tell you, I broke this relation forever, this mistake won’t happen again, forgive me. She goes.

Manish says Suwarna was leaving the house, don’t know what’s going on in Kartik’s mind. Kartik comes home. Manish asks didn’t you get bride along, don’t act innocent, pandit told everything to mum, pandit had left, where did you marry. Kartik rests in Suwarna’s lap and cries. Kartik says she didn’t come, I had sindoor which you had given me, I kept waiting, she didn’t come, I went to her house, she said our relation has broken now, I can’t forget her, I can’t live, why did he do this with me. Manish asks why did you go there, stop crying. Kartik asks why did she do this. Manish says I was against that girl since Day 1, what happened with you since she came in your life, you got married and got divorced, you fought with us, I remember what good she did, how shall I forget your state, its because of you, everyone is crying seeing you, it was better that you got married to her, I would have scolded you the same way, you are our heir, look at your state, shattered, its because of Naira, why didn’t she come and cheat you if she agreed to marry you, what’s the reason, I m fed up seeing my son’s state, I pray for him every day.

Suwarna hugs Kartik. They all cry. Suwarna says your mum is with me, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Naksh asks what were they doing. Kirti says they had to take divorce when everyone asked them to save marriage, now they want to marry, when they decided, Naira didn’t go, Kartik kept waiting, why did Naira do this, when she admitted that Kartik and she want to be together, they both are impulsive, but Naira… She goes. Devyaani says maybe Naira felt bad and thought we will feel bad if they marry in temple, we wanted this to happen. Naitik says yes, but blame will come on Naira. Devyaani says yes, be ready for new drama. Naira cries and thinks of Kartik. She says sorry, what could I do. Yeh rishta….plays…

Naira says we both love Kartik a lot and want his happiness, we have to do this work, we have to make Kartik away from me, from sight and heart as well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Again bakwas..
    Now don’t stretch it are just making audience fool.

  2. Dezine

    Boring… the current plot of yrkkh is similar to that of kis des mein hai mera dil. repetitive copied track

  3. Please stop this drama of separation of karthik and naira its becoming tooo lengthy

  4. enough stop thisoon ….and unite kaira

  5. Please stop this nonsense this should be done again. I LL not watch this bakwaas serial

  6. Naira again forgot all the promises made within a short importance for Karthik’s feelings, again bakwaas in the name of sacrifice

  7. What is the point of dragging this Kaira relations?? Either break or back together !!! If Naira is doing this because of Surwarna then she doesnt deserve forgiveness anymore!!! Again she proves that Surwarna is more important than Karthik n their love!!! She betrays the love Karthik has for her…not only she is hurting Karthik she is also hurting the two families!!! Pls Naira dun always take people feelings for fun!!! Why sacrificed Karthik for Surwarna??? I dun see anything great about that??? Ur just hurting Karthik all over again!!! Karthik pls never forgives Naira!!!

    I dont understand the writer what she is trying to prove?? Love when n where u feel like it!!! and then just trash it when u dont feel like it?? Naira by doing this becoz of Surwarna is just plain foolish n stupid!!! U have never have love for Karthik!!! If u have u should both handle this situation together n win over Surwarna not by sacrifice again!!! Naira never think for Karthik!!! Knowing Karthik cannot be happy without u!!! By doing this ur killing Karthik not helping him!!! Ruining his life!!! for a selfish mother???

  8. Precap, Naira said they both love Karthik alot!!! My foot!!! You both NEVER have love for Karthik instead both of you are playing with Karthik’s feeling!! One is pretending to be a good stepmother where in fact is truly a STEP mother!!! Remember she once asked Karthik if I am ur biological mother u will nvr do this to me??? My foot!! A biological mother will nvr wants her children to sacrifice their happiness for them!!! You prove urself ur nvr a mother to Karthik!!! As for Naira if u love Karthik u will nvr sacrifice his love for someone that r trying to break her son happiness!! Karthik will be the only concern for u at this very moment!!! By sacrificing Karthik love do u still think Karthik can hve happiness again in his life??? Without Karthik happiness do u still think there will be happiness in his family??? What ur doing is not sacrificing ur ruining!!! Dont say u love Karthik ALOT!!! MY FOOT!!! GET A LIFE!!!

  9. I have stopped watch this series as it is getting stupid

  10. I hate this yrkkh….. dragging like hell …I love kaira union..

  11. This is all bad, hate this now.

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