Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik misunderstands Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira calling Mihir. He asks her to check mail and then send back the suggestions. She thinks he isn’t angry and gave me work. Everyone does rituals of Krish’s Annyaprashan. Lav says Krish will have kachories like us. Naksh says he will have halwa made by me. Samarth says Kartik got a deal on his terms and conditions. Everyone claps. Naksh says we will have double celebrations. Devyaani says we will start rasam soon. Naira asks Kartik to handle Krish. She goes to attend call. Kartik says she looks worried. Lacchi stares at the ladies’ jewellery. Mihir says I have sent you a brief, check it, respond soon when I call.

Naira agrees. She calls to ask about the gift pack. The man says the gift is on the way. She asks did you write from Naira and Kartik on

the package. The man says yes. She says Kartik will be happy and surprised seeing it. Mihir calls her and says ignore the first mail and check the mail now. She thinks its a ring design, work will end soon. Naira hears Dadi and some ladies talking about Kartik and her. Naira gets sad. Suwarna says you won’t break down, smile now. Naira says thanks, I will just do my work and come. She goes to room and thinks to end her work.

She sees Lacchi trying heels and falling down. She helps Lacchi and asks are you hurt. Lacchi runs out. Naira gets Mihir’s video call and says these are the samples, have a look. Kartik comes and hugs Naira. She ends call and asks are you mad. He says I m your husband. She says I was on video call with Mihir, he was showing designs. He says sorry, I didn’t know. She says I have to design a ring right now, there is time for function. He says if you work like this, you will come in stress. She says fine, I won’t take stress. He says fine, just one ring. He kisses her. She kisses him. They talk romantically. He goes. She sits to work. She calls Mihir. He asks why did the call get cut. Kartik says your boss is rude, don’t know why you don’t say anything.

Mihir says I won’t call unless there is something imp. Kirti does Krish’s aarti. Naira sees her gift delivered. Dadi asks Naira will she do all the work today itself, tell office people about puja happening at home. Kartik gets a call. He asks the man to keep tight security for the jewellery. Dadi smiles and says he works so hard, he doesn’t give anyone a reason to complain. Naira takes Krish. Kartik sees her phone ringing. He says Naira is busy, it doesn’t look good to disturb her.

He answers Mihir’s call and says Naira is busy with guests, its a family function. Mihir says you got fine so soon that you went to attend a function, your wife has such professionalism, she cancelled the meeting, she didn’t cancel to go in party, tell her its urgent, I don’t know if people can’t tolerate girls’ jobs, why do they act to be liberal, be a man Kartik, either let her work or make her sit at home, don’t do this drama with me. Kartik looks at Naira. Kartik’s name card falls off the gift wrap. Kartik feeds the food to Krish. The ladies ask for the gift. Kartik says I forgot. Naira says I didn’t forget, that gift is shagun. Lav and Kush get the gift. Lacchi gets the card. She keeps it there. The lady says now Naira earns too. She gets the card and reads, From Naira. She says wow, it means there will be two gifts, show us Kartik’s gift. Naira thinks the man said he wrote name of both of us.

The lady says Naira spent her money and wrote her name, its like insulting her husband. Naira cries. Kartik gets a call and goes. Naira calls him out. Dadi says don’t know why she has no sense. Surekha says every little and big thing affects after marriage. Suwarna says Kartik isn’t annoyed, he went on a call. Kirti says we decided many games. Naksh says yes, we shall play games. Naira says where did Kartik go. Dadi asks did you understand now, don’t be foolish, I know you don’t like this, this pride of your money will ruin your relation. Naira asks Dadi why do you always tell this, I didn’t do anything, I have no ego. Dadi says I didn’t say anything that Kartik went with a sad face.

Kartik comes and says no Dadi, I m not upset, I got a call so I went, I got this envelope, it doesn’t matter about our names on gift. Naira says trust me, I asked the man to write our names. He says it doesn’t matter, after all your money. She looks at him. She thinks he didn’t say he trusts me. Suwarna says end this matter here. Kartik says this matter ends here for me. He gives the envelope to Kirti. Dadi says I know you all don’t like my saying, I m an elder and well wisher, matter doesn’t end this way, the spark turns into fire and burns everything, Kartik and Naira are having that crack in relation. Suwarna says its not like that. Dadi says Manish, Suwarna used to work with you, but you stopped her from working after marriage, there would be some reason, look at their faces, Listen to me, I m scared for this. Naira thinks I will convince Kartik.

Akhilesh scolds Ranawat and asks how can the vehicle go missing. Kartik and Naira spot the van and find jewellery missing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stop this crap serial once and for all…. give chance for new and progressive thought serials…

  2. yes and some more I heard there is going to be a leap again??? why and what for??? Better end on a happy note and forget about the leap!!! or a lot of viewers are not going to watch anymore!

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