Muskaan 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikram reveals Sir ji’s truth to Dolly

Muskaan 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dolly getting a shock by seeing Vikram’s arrest news. Ronak and Muskaan come. Dolly blames Muskaan. Ronak raises hand on Dolly and scolds her. Dolly asks Gayatri to get her engaged soon. She cries and calls Sir ji. She says I m ready to get engaged to Singhania uncle’s son. Gayatri worries. Dolly goes to her room. Gayatri takes the phone and says Dolly left, Vikram got arrested, this news has hurt Dolly. He says I won’t leave Vikram. She says we got to know this before marriage, what shall we do of her engagement. He says I don’t want any more mess. Tabassum says I want to plan a Jashan for you. He says its my last day here, then I will never come back here, Ronak and Muskaan will go away from our lives, Gayatri and I will live in peace.

Ronak asks Dolly to find the truth,

Vikram didn’t do this. Dolly says truth is in front of you. Muskaan says sometimes truth isn’t that which appears. Dolly says you don’t advice me, I m going for shopping. Ronak says Dolly will understand us. Tabassum asks the men to decorate the brothel. She asks the girls to dance well. The girl agrees. Tabassum asks them to please Sir ji. Ronak and Muskaan come to meet Vikram in the police station. Vikram says Sir ji is clever, he trapped me by giving money in mangoes crate, he gave me an offer that he will save me from this mess if I leave this city. Ronak says my dad is a devil, he can ruin anyone’s life, I know his truth. Muskaan stops him and asks him to think how to help Vikram. Ronak says sorry, I will find some way. Vikram says no need, I accepted Sir ji’s offer. Ronak asks what. The police frees Vikram.

Vikram says I can’t help you, I m leaving this city, I have no one in this world, I have a request, apologize to Dolly from my side. Ronak says you tell this to her. Muskaan says yes, talk to her. Vikram says she is very much angry on me. Ronak says Sir ji can do anything for his profit, why don’t we make a last try, I have an idea. Vikram agrees.

Vikram meets Dolly at the mall. She asks did you get released from jail or you escaped. He says just listen to me once. She says you broke my heart and trust, I just hate you. He tells her everything. Ronak asks Lovely to try a dress. Dolly says I don’t believe this, Ronak and Muskaan are using you against my family. Vikram swears on her head and says your dad is a culprit, Ronak and Muskaan are true, Sir ji gave me offer to leave the city so that he destroys the evidence against me and I accepted the offer. Dolly asks him to leave. Vikram signs no to Ronak. Dolly selects a dress.

Gayatri says its Dolly’s engagement today, I wanted you to wear this saree and necklace. Muskaan thanks her. She says I won’t be able to become part of engagement to avoid the drama. Gayatri welcomes Singhania family for the engagement. Sir ji says I will attend a meeting and come in an hour. Gayatri asks him to go. Sir ji leaves. Ronak looks on. Gayatri says I will get Dolly, manage the guests. She goes to Dolly. Ronak comes to her. Sir ji comes to the brothel and enjoys the dance by the girls. Aao kabhi haveli pe….plays…. Tabassum says I have arranged special entertainment for your last night here, I have called a special dancer Tara. Tara comes on stage. Sir ji looks on. Ronak tells something to Gayatri. She gets shocked. Bua and Lovely come to ask where is Dolly. They ask did Dolly run away, what’s the matter. Bua asks what happened. Gayatri says just manage here, I have to go for imp work. Bua says its Dolly’s engagement, how can you go. Gayatri says I can’t say, I will come soon. Bua says I won’t let you go until you tell me. Ronak nods to Gayatri.

Tara dances on Mungda….. Sir ji dances with her. Ronak comes there and shows Sir ji with the girl to Gayatri. Sir ji gets shocked seeing Gayatri with Ronak.

Update Credit to: Amena

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