Kundali Bhagya 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sherlin intrigues Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sarla cries to herself and prays to God for some way outside. She struggles to get her hands freed. The goons were sitting in another room. Sarla cautiously untie the rope of her feet and finds a way outside for herself. The goons notice Sarla wasn’t in her place, and head to find her. One of the men consciously locks the main gate. They discuss about locking the main gate. Sarla cautiously hides behind a wall. The goon was trying Sherlin’s number but she didn’t attend the call. Sarla moves to a corner and locks herself into a carton.

Prithvi receives the call from Raaj, the goon. He tells Prithvi that Sarla has left. Prithvi shouts why he had stuck a bundle of money over them. He was now conscious, and comes to a room. He locks the door and windows and warns they will kill all of them.

Prithvi says she is there in the factory, else she must have called Rishab Luthra as the first thing. But here, Rishab and Karan Luthra are calm. He says Sarla is hiding somewhere inside a carton or a box. She must have understood they wouldn’t look inside a carton or any box. He tells them to check all the cartons or boxes. Prithvi asserts that she must be right there. All at once, the carton on which Raaj had placed his hand moves. Raaj tells Prithvi they found her. Prithvi warns he would leave wild dogs over them if they lose her again. He forbids him to cut the call, he wants to hear her cries. Raaj pulls Sarla out of the carton. Sarla continue to plead.

There, Preeta thinks she must watch the video of Sarla once again, she might get a clue where she has kept Sarla. Preeta shows a disbelief towards Sherlin’s claim, she says her mother has gone to a friend’s daughter’s wedding. Sherlin says this video is real and plays it again for Sarla. Preeta notices they have kept Sarla in a desserted factory or godown near some temple, as she can hear temple bells. Sherlin judge her spying, then tells Preeta she has her spies scattered around the house. This is how she knows she sent her sample for testing in hospital. She tells Preeta to spend some time with her, and Preeta might get some brains as well. She says when she was unconscious, everyone took her into the room; then everyone left but Preeta didn’t. She came to know this by her spy men. She boasts about being Sherlin Khurana. She saw the CCTV footage, she realizes Preeta took her blood sample and gave it to a man. She and Karan have been trying to prove for long now that she is pregnant. She couldn’t find out about the lab, lest she must have changed the report. But anyways, if Preeta doesn’t support her she will kill her other. She is still a step ahead of Preeta, and took Preeta’s mother in return.

PRECAP: Karan challenges Prithvi to do anything, he won’t back up. There, Sherlin warns Preeta she can even kill Rakhi. She recollects how she had planted a bomb in the purse Rakhi held.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Stop this stupid crap

    how much more stupid the writer and producers are going to get. no story everything is so bakwas and unrealastic.

  2. zeetv has lost its way with this show. how stupid could this show be and even more for people who die to see ut

  3. Yea its gonna be about 500 episodes and still evil is winning… Horrible

  4. ekta kapoor what is meaning of kundali bhaya it is only murder by sheriln and prithiv. prithvi and sherlin so liberal in luthra house. bakaws serial . prithivi is spending this much money kindly give us where are live peacefully one of bakwas serial

  5. The99HiddenWords

    First of all this serial was made in sequel of Kumkum Bhagya. I don’t understand how have they managed to successfully leap one serial and drag the other one while age of Pragya has changed, age of Sarala remains constant. There is no meaning to this serial. Nothing is worth watching in this serial. Initially I was a great fan of this serial because it seemed good and genuine. Now no show on earth is as dumb as this. Forever bye to this serial

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