Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 44

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Arjun rang the door bell of his house. Gitika opened the door & slightly smiled at Arjun.
Gitika- Good Afternoon Sir.
Arjun- Good Afternoon Officer.
Gitika- Sir as you are in home, can I take my lunch break? I will be back within 30 minutes.
Arjun- What is the need to go outside? Why don’t you have your lunch with us?
Samaira- That’s what I was telling her.
Gitika looked uncomfortable.
Arjun (coming inside)- No need to feel awkward. It’s not a romantic midday lunch. So, you are not being a bone.
Samaira- Gitika we are friends now. No need to be afraid of yours boss. Arjun you freshen up & come soon. I am setting the table.
Arjun went inside washroom. He washed his hands & splashed cold water on his face.

Three of them having their lunch together. Samaira forwarded a bowl towards Arjun. “Try this”.
Arjun- What is this?
Samaira- It’s malai kofta.
Arjun- you prepared?
Samaira- Yes but with the help of Gitika. As she is a pure vegetarian, it’s her recipe.
Arjun- yeah! I heard about malai kofta but never tasted. Not quite fond of vegetarian dishes.
Gitika- First taste it Sir. It’s made of potatoes & paneer balls dunked in smooth, rich & creamy gravy.
Arjun ate from the bowl.
Arjun- It’s tastes nice. Thank You to both of you. By the way Samaira, you said the maid servant will do the cooking till you recover. Then?
Samaira- She did all the cooking. I only prepare the special dish of malai kofta with the help of Gitika for you!
Arjun- Why so? Why you took so much trouble?
Samaira- Because a survey explores the role of foods in love. It confirms the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
Arjun- hmm. Got it. But you already safely reside in my heart Samaira.
Samaira blushed & looked towards Gitika. She was eating but there is a smile on her face.
Samaira- shut up Arjun & eat. Don’t blame me if you get late for office.

After having lunch, Arjun & Samaira came in their bedroom. Arjun closed the door.
Samaira- Day by day you are getting shameless. Gitika was there with us & you in front of her said those words.
Arjun- huh? You are my wife & you safely reside in my heart! What’s wrong in it? If I would have said that my neighbor’s wife safely reside in my heart, then it would be wrong.
Samaira- I hate you.
Arjun- But I love you. Samaira, you should take rest.
Samaira- I am taking enough rest & now I am getting bored.
Arjun noticed her laptop on the bed.
Arjun- But you were doing your office work, right?
Samaira- Yes. But preparing a special dish for husband gives any wife a special satisfaction & happiness.
Arjun- You are already special to me. No need to do any household work. Take rest.
Samaira- hmm. Thank You for coming home.
Arjun- But you till now not taken your medicine. Why this carelessness? Don’t you understand that you are precious to me.
Samaira- You are also precious to me & I cherish each & every moments we spent together.
Arjun carefully looked at Samaira.
Samaira- Why are you looking at me in this way?
Arjun- Don’t you trust me Samaira? Why I am sensing insecurities in you?
Samaira- We are not behaving like a newly married couple, right?
Arjun- What?
Samaira- No, newlyweds can’t seem to get enough of each other any time of day. They always try to make each other feel special & here we are most of the time fighting with each other.
Arjun sighed.
Samaira- & now these stupid cuts & bruises! You can’t even get close to me. (in a low tone)
Arjun- What are you saying? I am not getting any head or tail.
Samaira- You are a man & you have expectations from your wife. You have desires & now you are controlling it. I read men cheats because of unfulfilled desires.
Arjun blinked. He looked at Samaira for some time.
Arjun- Are you pregnant?
Samaira- What?
Arjun- no, I heard usually women behaves this way when they are pregnant! How can you think so low of me Samaira? You are my wife not just a female body to fulfill my desire. I love You.
Samaira- I know that. I am just explaining the natural attitudes of men. I was reading some magazines online. There are many articles regarding this issue.
Arjun- Shut up & take your medicine.
Arjun handed her a tablet & a glass of water. Samaira silently took the medicine. Arjun kissed her forehead.
Arjun- Now, sleep for some time & don’t you dare to read such useless articles & taking stress thinking on baseless topics. I will be back soon. Bye.
Samaira- Bye & take care of yourself.
Arjun smiled & nodded his head.

Arjun lit a cigarette sitting in his cabin. Rajat was sitting in front of him.
Arjun- Rajat, the picture Mrs Gloria shared with us it’s clear that Piyali Khanna was a founder member of the NGO.
Rajat- Yes. Slowly we are getting the links.
Arjun- But we want more details. Check the student records of N. K College, there we will surely get the details of Piyali Khanna then Piyali Chaudhary.
Rajat nodded his head.
Arjun- You have to do another important thing. In this picture, we have the faces but we have no idea about them. You check all the student records of the years Dorothy Faria worked as lecturer in N. K College, there we will get the details about these faces, the NGO members. I know after so many years it will be difficult to track them with the address in their student records but not impossible. We have to track any of them.
Rajat- But why?
Arjun- We have no idea about Piyali, we are unable to track Anju aka Nandini. The founder of the NGO, Dorothy is dead & her elder sister Gloria not been able to provide enough information.
Arjun looked at the picture.
Arjun- only these members can provide us the necessary information. Just try to track any one of them from student record.
Arjun- Aniket Chaudhary filed the missing complaint for his daughter Piyali. So, it means Aniket did not trusted Samrat’s theory. I was reading the police report. Police Investigation also stating that Piyali Khanna having extra marital affair & she left with that man. But here is no mention of the identity of “that man”. Yes, I can understand Police can’t do anything if someone left according to their own wish but it’s police duty to find the missing person & give a closure of the case with proper information.
Rajat- May be, Piyali Khanna left with the real father of Samaira!
Arjun sighed.
Arjun- No Rajat, I don’t think so. Think logically, if Piyali had to left with Samaira’s real father, then why she married Samrat? Again, if I assume that Piyali was bound to marry Samrat by trapped into any situation, then why she left Samaira when she vanished with the real father of her daughter.
Rajat- point!
Arjun- I think the entire theory that Piyali Khanna ran with another man is false. The Police team investigated Piyali missing case didn’t perform their duty correctly. Samrat Khanna & may be some other people manipulated the investigation & not to forget Aniket’s death, It’s also mysterious.
Rajat- But how to prove it?
Arjun- We came this long. I am sure we can able to give proper closure to “ Mission Chaturanga.”
Arjun- We discussed this point before. Why Samrat Khanna did not attempted on Samaira before she turned 25? See, Samrat Khanna’s prime target was Khanna Industries & it’s money. Reason is only greed or may be some other cause, till now I am not sure. You try to find if Aniket Chaudhary prepared any other wills in between Piyali gone missing & the death of Aniket.
Rajat nodded his head & noted down the points.
Arjun- Now coming on, Dev Arora & Anju Kiran aka Nandini Pandey. They suddenly disappeared & our total informer network is unable to trace them but we have to try. I know it’s going to be difficult but not impossible. Contact with all the banks & tell them we need details of every customer in the name of Anju Kiran and Nandini Pandey. I will send bank authorities the official letters to co operate with our team. From there, we can find the Anju or Nandini we want. After all, wherever she is hiding, she can’t live without money, right? Just taking a chance, let’s see if it’s hit the target or not.
Arjun- Next, Dev Arora. He himself gave us a chance to reach him. If I go by Briju’s statement, the way three men stole his car, I am sure they are professional criminals. As soon as, Police handed us the sketches of those three men, search them in our criminal records.
Rajat- Okay.
Arjun- What about the air hostess Sophie Campbell? Did Ukraine Police take her in their custody?
Rajat- It’s in process.
Arjun- Everything is in Process! Why can’t they hurry up? Directorate of Revenue Intelligence investigating the money laundering in Khanna Industries, they need time. Vishal also need time to find old records!
Rajat- About Pankaj Singh?
Arjun- No. Do you remember Rana’s last statement? Before dying, he was talking about an IPS Officer whose death recorded as an accident but in reality it’s not & that was also the Officer’s marriage day! Nandini & Rana was cousin. Rana was also used to be part of Nandini’s crime. Nandini helped Rana with money. So, I don’t think we should ignore his last statement. That’s why I told Vishal to search record in Head Quarter.
Rajat- Relax Arjun. We have to analysis each clue carefully so please be calm.
Arjun- I just hoping that we don’t get late. I get restless when I think about the RDX & the mysterious packet. What’s in that? God Knows! Anyway, among so many clues we missed K.K who got killed by encounter specialist Pankaj Singh but according to Ravi Desai statement, he is alive. By the way, Pankaj Singh took voluntary retirement. So, he is a pensioner. Track him. I need to talk with him.
Rajat nodded his head. “Anything else Arjun?”
Arjun- No. For now, it’s enough. Try to get the information soon.
Rajat- Yes Boss.

That’s all for today. Waiting for reviews.

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