Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara taking food for Naman. Naman asks her to leave. Karishma says I will give him food, he is saying this in anger. Naman says everyone says this in anger, Bau ji told all that. Akshara says Bau ji was angry and he is elder. He says Bau ji just want good for you, he does not regard me son, he is partial since you came back from Cape town, Bau ji gives preference to Naitik always, it was good that we were away, atleast there was no irritation, Naitik’s one mistake got you all on road, that time no one asked him anything, my one decision gets wrong and they all point to me, if you guys got separated from business, why do you interfere always, just let me handle this my way. Akshara gets shocked by his words.

Doctor checks Nannu. Nannu says Dadi take

me… Jasmeet asks doctor why did he get fever. Doctor asks about his diet. She says he is not eating food these days. He asks where is his Dadi, he is upset and maybe annoyed with you, he is not eating food, medicines will affect when he is happy, his Dadi is medicine, take him to his Dadi and see how he gets fine.

Bau ji tells Devyaani that he could not understand her annoyance, she is thinking as Naman’s mum, can’t he scold Naman for his mistake. She says yes, its your right, but its Naman’s right to feel bad, he did mistake and you also did injustice with him. He asks what injustice, Dadda ji did same when Naitik did mistake, I want Naman to realize. She says you just showed you did not punish him for his mistake, you made him realize he is not your son, you should have slapped him with love, I felt you don’t regard him yours. He says you are flown in emotions, my heart knows I did not differentiate between Naitik and Naman. She says I felt the difference today and cries.

Jasmeet takes care of Nannu and sees Rajshri’s messages. Rajshri sends her voice message. She says she did not mean to hurt her. Nannu hears her and says I miss them a lot. Jasmeet cries. Nannu says we will go back.

Akshara comes downstairs and goes to Devyaani. She asks her to take rest. Devyaani says I m not getting sleep. Akshara says whatever happened today.. Devyaani says leave it now, you take care, go and take medicines, Naitik kept Maya, he will explain Maya, its her work to give you medicines. Akshara says I will take medicines. Devyaani says I will take care of you, send Maya if she can’t take care of you. Akshara says she is new, I will explain her. Devyaani sees Maya hiding and asks her was she hearing them, its wrong. Maya says I was getting medicines, sorry. Akshara asks Girja to give food to Maya, and sends her. Girja asks Maya to ask for anything. Maya thinks to start her work soon. Akshara asks Devyaani not to worry.

Rajshri apologizes to Kaki. Kaki says I told a lot in anger, then I realized it was not your mistake. Jasmeet and Nannu come home. Jasmeet says you said it right, its my mistake and everyone is bearing it. Nannu hugs them. Jasmeet says Nannu got ill and I understood what I m doing with him. She cries and asks will they accept her back. Rajshri says no, I can raise Nannu alone, but where will I get you back. Jasmeet says sorry. They cry and hug. Jasmeet says I realized, whatever I do, fight or love, I have to be with you all. Dadi hugs her. Jasmeet takes everyone’s blessings and sees Varsha.

Naitik asks Akshara what did Naman say. She says we could not fulfill our promise that we will not let Naman feel different, we will make him feel part of our family. He says we made him family. She says but he did, he felt insecure, I think we did mistake by coming back here. He says no, anyone can feel so, I won’t ask what Naman said, but don’t feel bad, he will say sorry when he realizes his mistake.

Jasmeet apologizes to Varsha. Varsha says I can’t forgive her. Rajshri asks Varsha to forgive Jasmeet being elder. Varsha says its my right to be annoyed, she always scolded me, there is limit to bear, I can also apologize but how will the love and trust come back. Jasmeet says yes, I should be punished for my mistake, I will come back when I have same place in your heart, keep Nannu here, he can’t live without you all. Vishwamber asks her on whose support is she leaving Nannu, as they got old, who will take care of Nannu then. Jasmeet says Varsha will take care of him, I trust her. Vishwamber asks Varsha what was she saying about Jasmeet’s trust. Varsha cries and says sorry. She hugs Jasmeet. Everyone smile.

Maya comes downstairs and hides seeing Naksh. He says maybe Tara slept early and not answering call. He goes upstairs. She goes to swap medicines with faulty one, and says now I will see how Akshara gets fine soon. Naitik comes downstairs. She sees him and the eye drops fall. She worries and looks for it. He switches on lights and turns.

Akshara gives eye drops. Maya says yes, and is about to out eyedrops. Naitik stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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