Santoshi Maa 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka making Vidya rest. He laughs as she started going out of room. Vidya says Santoshi did all this. He says yes, she kept Santoshi Maa fast for you, she said right. She says its all by Kranti Maa. He asks her not to worry. Dhairya laughs seeing Santoshi working in kitchen on camera video. Madhu asks did you like the toy. He says this is best gift. She says now we should stop this joke. He says see my smile, let this tape be there, I got an idea, I will torture her every day. She asks are you serious. He says yes, I will play her band. She recalls his GF Riya and says Dhairya Santoshi slapped you, I will rotate her world.

Dhairya gets his GF’s call and says sorry, it was my mistake. Riya says I m waiting. He says I promise I will make up for this. He tells Madhu that he has to leave. She says you don’t have time for me. He says I love you the most, Riya is waiting since an hour, I have to go, I will just come. He goes. Madhu says Riya is clever, she will make Dhairya away from me.

Sanketh comes to take Pratap’s signs. Hs sees Santoshi with tape on her mouth and asks her what is all this. He says I will help, and Dhaurya stops him. He asks him not to touch this tape. Sanketh says I was just helping Santoshi. Dhairya says do your work first, this is result as she misbehaved with me, now she can’t talk. Sanketh says she talks well, you did wrong. Dhairya argues. Santoshi worries. Dhairya says you are servant like her, focus on work, get lost. Sanketh leaves. Santoshi gets back to work. Dhairya laughs.

Daksha misses her jewelry and thinks Santoshi’s madam looks rich, and tries her fate. She calls to talk to Santoshi. Pushpa asks Santoshi to talk to Daksha. Santoshi has tape on and just hears Daksha. She just does hmm. Daksha asks are you so tired that you can’t talk. She says you gave 1 lakh to Seshnath, I also need money, won’t you help me, I m worried for Bittoo’s marriage, I read gold rate fell, arrange 30000rs. Pushpa laughs seeing Santoshi. Daksha asks Santoshi why is she not talking, is there tape on her mouth. Santoshi does hmmmm.. Daksha thinks what is the matter, Santoshi will not fool me. Servants laugh on Santoshi. Dadi hears Daksha. Daksha says I was telling Santoshi to have fruits in her fast, you just doubt on me. Dadi prays for Santoshi.

Kaka removes Santoshi’s tape and says leave it now. Santoshi says I can’t see your younger son to tell you anything, this tape will be removed when Dhairya says, he did this in anger and I will keep it being adamant. He blesses her.

Dhairya meets Riya at the restaurant. She says my friends went out of city. He says they are married couples and we are just dating. She says don’t know when will marriage happen, we can just enjoy, better I make any other BF. He says wherever you go, you will go with me, I will take Madhu’s permission. He holds her hand. She thinks to do something and says I don’t think she will give you permission. He says talk well. She says sorry, we will take her permission and see how much she loves you. He agrees. They both come home. Madhu looks on.

Riya greets them. Madhu says we are going to Kranti Maa’s ashram. Dhairya says I forgot. Pratap asks servant to keep all items. He says Madhu, I will wait in car. Kaka brings Vidya. Dhairya tells Riya that mum got fine, so we are going to thank Kranti Maa. Riya says thanks, but we will do the work for what we came here. Dhairya says I want to talk to Madhu. Madhu says promise, we will come back from ashram and talk.

Riya says I will talk to her and Dhairya leaves. Madhu ignores Riya and asks servant to clean home. Riya says I need to talk to you. Pushpa asks Santoshi to take food for dog. Riya asks Madhu to give permission to Dhairya to go with her. Madhu thinks Riya is smart, if I refuse, Dhairya will feel bad. She asks them to go, but tell me everything where you are going. Riya thanks her. Dog throws food and barks.

Santoshi collides with Riya and falls. Riya asks whats happening, why did you keep this tape, who did this stupid thing. Nupur tells Madhu that Riya is dominating, she will make Dhairya against us. Riya removes the tape and asks Santoshi to say who did this stupid thing, are you mad, can’t you hear, answer me. Dhairya comes and Santoshi looks at him. Madhu asks Santoshi to put tape again. Riya asks why. Madhu asks Santoshi to go. Riya asks will anyone say who did this and why. Santoshi says Dhairya Sir. Riya sees Dhairya.

Madhu says we are getting late to go to ashram. Dhairya says Santoshi will come with us, I m sure she will forget her Santoshi Maa after meeting Kranti Maa.

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