Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira’s reports shock everyone

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik calming down Naira and asking her to fight with the fears. He says I used to get scared when mom used to get attacks, I found way to control my fear, I used to think of something else and pass time, just imagine and that will be truth, you used to play such in ashram, you told me before about imagining good dishes and eating food in ashram, such games prepare us for coming life. Everyone looks on. Naira says I m not prepared, this machine…. He says this is not machine, close eyes and imagine, we are in igloo, white, its our house, we have to stay in our house, our igloo, we can play and sleep in cozy blanket.

She says quilt idea is better. He makes her lie down. He says I m feeling cold. He says we will warm up, imagine you are dancing like

before, this sound is a song, don’t forget me, your dance partner. She says I can forget myself, but not you, you have to see my dance. She gets in machine. He asks her not to open eyes and dance on a song. She says I will not get scared when you are with me. She imagines… dancing…. Kartik watches her. She falls in his arms. Naira gets up and finds herself out of the machine. Everyone smiles. Kartik says you were just scared for no reason. Everyone claps. Naira hugs him. He says you are all my hope. Naksh asks why are we not like them.

Kirti says there is no one like them. Naira asks when will reports come. He says it will come, play this game. He worries. Naksh asks everyone to go home. Naitik says yes, Kartik is with Naira, we all are here. Manish says take Kirti home. Suwarna says I won’t go without Naira. Kirti says even I won’t go, I need mental rest, I will get it here. Devyaani says yes, we won’t go till Naira’s reports come. Rajshri says let us be here. Naira asks about reports. Kartik says it will be coming. Naksh says don’t know what is Kartik going through. Suwarna says and what about Naira. Kartik says reports aren’t ready yet. She sleeps. He says I m acting strong, but…. Naitik, Manish and Suwarna come there. Kartik says reports didn’t come, stay here, I will just come. Suwarna says tell us where you are going. Kartik says I m going for her. Naira’s reports are printed. Lab man checks it and takes it to doctor. Kartik prays. Bhagwaan hai kahan re tu….plays….

Kartik prays in church, temple and mosque. Everyone cries. Suwarna cares for Naira. Doctor checks reports. Everyone prays. Kartik prays for blessing Naira. Suwarna says nurse is with Naira, she has sent us out. Devyaani says I have seen Kartik going. The ward boy gets reports. Kartik comes and takes it. The man says doctor asked you to come to cabin. Kartik checks reports. Everyone waits and asks what is written in reports, tell us, is it fine. Kartik says no, nothing is fine. They all cry. Naira looks on. Kartik says its written that her situation is very critical. Nurse says you are not allowed to walk, you are very weak, sit here. Naira cries. Everyone say how can this happen, maybe reports are wrong. Suwarna gets tensed. Naira comes on wheelchair. Kartik hides reports from her.

Naira says everyone was worried because of me, I want to give a small happiness. She asks Kartik will you marry me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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