Kaleerein 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan’s Past To Haunt Him Again Via Meera

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Vivan informs Meera that he found an eye donor for her. Meera says donor is so kind and god-send’s angel for her, she wanted to meet her one. Vivan says donor’s sister has sent a gift box for her and goes away for some work. Meera feels donor’s items in box, his scarf, watch and photo and thinks she will see his photo tomorrow. Dolly brings milk for her. Vivan returns and asks if she checked her gifts. Meera holding donor’s photo says she will see donor’s face after seeing Vivan’s face tomorrow after surgery. Vivan says even he wants to see donor’s face and extends hand to pick photo when photo flies away. They hear dog crying. Dolly says it is inauspicious/abshagun. Vivan asks Meera to take rest now and leaves.

Next morning, Vivan returns to

Meera’s room with tea and says they will meet donor’s sister tonight before her surgery. Doctor calls him and informs that donor’s sister is going out of city, so if he can meet her right now. Vivan informs Meera. Meera says she will go to hospital with her parents and anyways there will series of presurgery tests, so he can meet donor’s sister and return before her surgery starts. She asks to return donor’s items to donor’s sister.

Vivan drives car to meet donor’s sister. Doctor calls and informs that donor’s sister already left and will meet him some other time. Vivan calls Meera and informs that he is returning to hospital. He checks donor’s items and reminisces to gifting it to a girl. He then finds photos and panics this cannot happen and he should stop surgery. He speeds car towars hospital, but gets stuck in a traffic jam, asks inspetor what is happening. Inspector informs a bridge has collapsed and vehicles cannot move ahead. In hospital, doctor checks Meera and takes her to OT. Meera says she wants to see Vivan’s face first after bandage is opened. Vivan runs towards hospital thinking his past cannot haunt him. Meera’s surgery starts, her BP raises. Doctor says normally this does not happen during surgery. Dolly prays god that Meera’s operation should finish without any hurdles.

Vivan reaches hospital. Doctor finishes surgery and congratulates Meera. Vivan meets Dolly and asks where is Meera. Dolly says she is in OT. Doctor comes out of OT and informs surgery was successful. After sometime, doctors remove Meera’s bandage. Meera excitedly waits to see Vivan’s family and panics that she cannot see anything. Doctor checks her eyes and says her eyes are fine and sometimes it takes time for eyes to recover. Meera falls asleep and dreams about a man entering holding gun and shooting her. She wakes up from sleep panicked and shouts she saw someone holding gun and shooting her. Family assures no one is here, but she continues panicking. Doctor asks her to close her eyes and slowly open them. She closes and opens eyes and gets happy seeing Vivan in front of her, says she will also meet donor’s sister. Vivan thinks his past cannot haunt him via Meera again.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Oh dear writes can’t d couple live in peace waiting for did new drama

  2. Leisa s morris

    So anyone who gets an eye transplant or a heart transplant like in piya albella will have memories of dat persons life is dat wat zee really believes or wants us to believe. If dats d case I wonder how ppl who has gotten transplant survive d daily tortures of living someone elses life. Imagine u get an eye and all dat person memories,yay.

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