Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu cheers up Abhi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhi taking Akshu to the room. He stays upset. He arranges the things in anger. She asks can we talk, listen to me. He asks her to say. She says I m sorry to say no to you in front of everyone, but not for saying no. He says you should be sorry that you sacrificed your dream, I m upset, you gave up so soon without fighting, mum had fought a bit, but you surrendered, don’t you trust me. She says I trust you, I don’t want any…. He says you mean the world to me, you are my wife, I will fight for you. Manjiri hears Harsh, Mahima and Anand talking about the new dept. Harsh says Akshu thinks the hospital belongs to her. Mahima says she should focus on her marriage, we will handle the hospital. Harsh says we have seen it, we don’t understand these music artists, they don’t understand us, its like history repeating itself. Manjiri thinks I won’t let this happen with Akshu. Akshu says sorry, don’t get angry. Abhi says reason for upsetness doesn’t end with a sorry. She says we are fighting like we are married for 20 years. They argue.

He says our family is different, you won’t get any reward for being good. Akshu says I got a reward, you, I have decided to work somewhere else and then earn a name and experience, I will join Birla hospital, you will be proud of me. He says I m already proud of you, I m glad that you aren’t giving up your dreams. She says you are always with you, as my courage and strength, you are my guitar string, there is no music without you, I want to fulfil my dream and want your support, if you keep holding my hand then how will I learn to fly. Harsh says manager was asking about booking Chicago tickets. Mahima recalls and says Abhi is just married. Harsh asks would Abhi and Anand go. Mahima says invite is for Mr and Mrs. Birla. Harsh asks would you go then. She says yes, I m a better option than Akshu. Abhi says you have to prove them wrong. Akshu says no, sorry, I will prove myself and you right, I don’t want to put my energy on a negative thing. He opens arms for her. She asks him to go away then she will run to hug him. He calls her filmi. He goes away. She runs and hugs him. He says I have to go to hospital alone, my entire planning flopped. She says you will come home and give a tight hug, it will increase love and romance. He asks do you know what is romance, I heard romance is a sure shot way to end annoyance. They hear about Manjiri and Harsh’s anniversary on the speaker. Abhi says Neil does these things, nothing happens here, its like every year. She says it will be special for them, Manish and Suwarna are still excited for their anniversary. He says no one does this here, they won’t like it, I told you, there is much difference.

Abhi asks Akshu not to ask the same question and trouble him. She says I won’t. Abhi goes on a call. She says I will call Reem and arrange things. Harsh says I have sent the confirmation about Anand and Mahima coming to Chicago. Abhi says but invite is for me. Harsh asks will you go alone, your wife isn’t a doctor. Abhi says there isn’t written anywhere that my wife should be MBBS, they are glad that Akshu is a music therapist, they requested for a demo therapy seminar. Harsh says management can’t permit you for a honeymoon trip on the name of work. They argue. Abhi says don’t worry for me, I know to handle my work, not everyone is insecure like you to not give any imp to wife. Harsh reminds what Akshu did before. Mahima says she said she doesn’t want to work, people work for their dreams. Harsh asks are you imp for her, think. Abhi goes. Harsh says I feel surprised, such an intelligent surgeon, how can he be so foolish, he just chants Akshu’s name. Manjiri asks Abhi to know the truth, its what their heart feels, don’t misunderstand Akshu. Abhi asks her not to worry. He says I won’t do this and won’t let anyone do this, don’t tell her, I m planning a surprise for her. she smiles. He goes upstairs and sees Akshu with plenty of her clothes. He asks did I come to any other room. She says its your room. He asks where is my stuff, this looks like a showroom. She says I didn’t get time to take out my stuff. He counts her suitcases. She says I got 22-23 sandals. He acts dizzy. He says I was thinking about the clothes count. She says I didn’t count. He says I would have fainted. She says I have 98 lipsticks. He asks what’s the need, your lips are good. She says don’t trouble me, you aren’t helping me. He says fine, tell me, what help do you want. She asks him to put her clothes in the cupboard. He reminds his promise and gives her a green dress. She goes. She wears the dress and comes. He smiles seeing her. Ankhon ki hai ye….plays… They dance. They romance. He says I m troubled by these things, I can’t sleep until everything is arranged. She says I m already tired. He asks her to take rest, he will clear the things. She sits and sleeps. Abhi smiles seeing her and says Akshu slept, good, tomorrow you won’t get time to sleep because of the surprise.

Abhi kisses Akshu and goes. Akshu thinks I will prepare the surprise. They are seen dancing and romancing.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sweet episode.
    Now that’s a good decision akshu, to work elsewhere, gain enough experience and name that you are considered worthy to join Birla hospital by your haughty in-laws. This is how it should be. Now please show her working hard at some new place instead of just singing oh kanha.
    Okay I know what akshu is planning for anniversary is a cute and sweet gesture. But akshu, this family is beyond repair. It’s not your headache. You’re a music therapist, not a family/couple therapist. You married abhi to be happy. You don’t have to try to mend what’s broken. Don’t force people to open up their good side, you might be shocked to know they don’t have a good side. Enjoy your marriage, your husband, have fun, work hard towards your goals. Don’t do all this overaction and then when harsh yells at you don’t cry and feel bad. Accept the truth that it’s two opposite families living under the same roof who think differently in terms of everything, feelings, career, fun, everything. Please don’t get hurt unnecessary. You won’t get anything by becoming a mahan Bahu. Max everyone will praise you and then parth will taunt shefali and Anand will taunt mahima and they’ll feel belittled.

    Yeh kaunsi Medical conference hai jahan pe ek inexperienced music therapist ko conference waale khud invite kar rahe hain? Please show something realistic. Here top doctors who have worked so hard to research are struggling for grants and funds and recognition and are not able to go beyond state or national level and someone as young as akshu with almost zero experience is expected to give a talk at an international level. Please stop whitewashing her career, it’s an insult to experienced people in core hectic fields who have sacrificed so much to even publish one paper.

    Other than that, no qualms about the episode. There wasn’t unnecessary shouting by Abhi and ego hurting and even akshu was little mature.

    1. Aldy

      Actually makers have gone mad..they want to show her mahaan who sacrifice everything. Why are they hell behind showing herlike this? Show her strong side also, who balances both her career and family.. actually Goenka are responsible for this, they always like akshu..akshu..akshu..akshu hamesha sahi hai..mad people..

  2. Aldy

    Tbf; akshu have 98 lipstick 💄💄..what is the makers trying to do..hamesha rose ya phir orange kuch pehnti hai aur itna saara lipstick..thoda mujhe bhi dedo😅😅😜😜

  3. Akshara took the best and most valuable decision of her life. What she said is true, if Abhimanyu fights for her every time she’ll be the same timid one all her life. He should instead support and encourage her to fight her own battles and stand on her feet. And glad that the surgeon understood her POV and stopped making fuss of this department thing.
    Akshara for sure wants everyone to be happy and that is why planning to organise a party but she should keep in mind Harsh and Manjiri’s relationship dynamics and also Harsh’s mind set. She has pure intentions in heart but still will become victim of Harsh’s anger. Why to try hard to please a person who doesn’t want to acknowledge her efforts. If she wants, she can happily plan things for Parth and Shefali as Shefali though career driven is a sweetheart and acknowledges everyone’s efforts.
    So, an international conference committee called a music therapist who has no experience to give a live demo. Wowww….even I want to know about such conference. It is not correct to belittle music therapists but it is also not correct of makers to belittle other professions and doctors just to show their FL and her profession great. Doctors work hard day and night to get recognized and to get invitation from such conferences but they are showing a junior music therapist has achieved much more success than doctors who have been practicing since years. Doctor’s profession is one of the most valuable profession in world and I expect makers don’t make a mockery of it just to show their FL most successful than anyone else. All careers and job should be given equal respect be it journalism, doctors, musicians and also HOMEMAKERS.

  4. Today akshara was looking so young before abhimanyu, always worried face and not looking like a new married girl,

  5. Wow, Akshu is so dumb and stupid. Watch the precap for the next day, she is celebrating the parents anniversary. Bravo, you idiots.
    New drama in an already broken family.
    Dont you ppl, who watch these stupid shows, ever get tired?
    Most of you just give dialogs that “you wont watch cuz it’s bad track” but still watch.
    Such mindless ppl you all are.
    I hope Abhi really gets pissed off at her. It would be the best thing for akshu “the innocent one”.
    Sometimes I think Aarohi is smart and sensible for the world. Do for yourself and GTFO.

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