Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun attempts suicide

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 19th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maya asking Anu’s family to come close to the mandap and sit. Anu says I m fine here. Ranvijay asks someone to play a dance number, everyone should enjoy in his marriage. Anu and everyone see Gungun coming downstairs. Gungun runs to Anu and hugs him. He smiles. kabhi kabhi….plays… He moves and his imagination ends. Ranvijay gives his hand to Gungun. He dances with her. Zubaan hai phiki shaam se….plays… Anu looks on. Akriti asks Goly to come, they should also dance. She insists and takes Anu. Anu and Gungun see each other. Anu turns to go. Gungun holds his hand. She dances on Baawri hogayi… Ranvijay and Akriti get angry. Anu looks at Gungun. She dances around him. He tries to go. She holds his hand. He says leave my hand. Golu cries. Gungun says you can try hard, you can’t get rid, this hand will be left on own forever. He says you are going to hold Ranvijay’s hand, then why did you hold my hand. Gungun says I m leaving your hand, I didn’t cheat you, no one else can touch me except you. She falls back and faints. They all get shocked. Anu checks her. Maya says she got dizzy. Ranvijay asks what happened, nothing can happen to you, I can’t live without you. Anu says stop your overacting. Ranvijay’s mum asks how can you say this. Doctor checks and says her pulse is dropping, we have to take her to the hospital. Everyone worries. Golu says I will call an ambulance. Doctor says we don’t have time, we will take her in the car. Anu lifts Gungun and takes her. Golu and Yug stop Ranvijay.

Akriti says Ranvijay is there to take her. Anu says Gungun said no one can touch her, she did something. Akriti says Ranvijay is her husband. Anu says he is not, none can touch her except me. He puts Gungun in the car. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. Maya asks him not to go. He says I m going, you can come in another car. Akriti asks him not to go. The lady asks who is he to claim right on her. Akriti asks Anu not to go, Gungun is Ranvijay’s wife. Anu says once she gets fine, I will tell whose wife is she. Anu takes Gungun to the hospital. Gungun gets treated. Anu asks is she fine, please save her. Doctor says I will try my best, I want to ask you, what’s your relation with Gungun, you have written your name as her husband and she was marrying Ranvijay today, what’s the truth. Anu says its complicated. Doctor says you are either her husband or not, its an easy question. Anu says no, sometimes we are of someone and still not of them, and sometimes we aren’t of someone and still of them. He sees Gungun. Ranvijay asks who all will I explain that Gungun and I took this marriage decision, it’s a serious matter, we have to find out why she took this step. Garima says maybe she wasn’t happy with this marriage. Maya says she didn’t tell me anything, I think the reason is something else, someone would have threatened her. Ranvijay thinks did she take this step because of me. Maya says some people don’t want to see Gungun happy. Maya taunts Anu’s family. Sargam asks her not to blame them. Maya says it’s the truth. Sargam says its your misunderstanding, we know how to clear it. Maya says Anu lifted Gungun in his arms and took her, he didn’t let Ranvijay and me come, like we mean nothing to her.

Anu cries and says just focus on Gungun’s treatment, if anything happens to her, then I can’t forgive myself. The doctor asks why are you feeling guilty, are you responsible for her state. Anu says you are a doctor, don’t interfere much in her life. Doctor says she is not just a patient, she is like my daughter, did she not want to marry Ranvijay, find out why did she attempt the suicide, symptoms are of suicide. Anu asks but why. Doctor says she did this before also, you know it. He says I know that I can’t live without her, please save Gungun. He says I m requesting you to save Gungun, I will go away from her if she wants, I will be content that she is alive, I realized it late, she is much imp for me. Doctor says don’t worry, be strong, I will try my best. He recalls Gungun’s words and their moments.

Gungun comes to Anu’s house and says you all wanted to know about my husband. She says Anu, I have come to you, you didn’t want me to go to US. Akriti raises hand on her and scolds. Gungun holds her hand and says when the first wife talks, then the second one shouldn’t talk in between. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Anubhav ka logic bada accha hai, I will marry Akriti as my family likes her, I want gungun also and shall stay as hubby of Akriti as well, but if Gungun wants to move on, I will hate her, will consider her cheater🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    2. Hadd hai, aaj bhi Anubhav se sach na to bola jaa raha hai, or na samjga jaa raha hai😔😔
    3. This show proves that why joint families are toxic.. better be alone😑😑
    4. Frankly Ranvijay is much better person than Anubhav, though he is villian, just behind money, but not 2 timing like Anubhav and Akriti and family😑
    5. Anubhav dreams me jitna truth confess karte ho, uska 1% he can’t confess infront of others toh Gungun ki life thodi asan ho jaaye🤦🏻‍♀️
    6. Same precap since last week.. and I think🤔 it will continue for next week as well…
    And Frankly I don’t want Gungun to move with Anubhav and His Dramatic family, as no-one is going to support her and will consider her cheater..😔😔

    7. Vaise I haven’t seen such shameless family like Anubhav’s, they hate Gungun, still attends every funcntion of her, they get insulted for their non-progressive thinking and mentality and blame gungun for it and then again try to show fake concern for her.. dramabaaz😡😡

  2. I agree this guy is still telling doctors if she wants me to leave I will, and where was all his morals when he went and married Akriti,
    Now also he cannot say the truth. This Kulshestra family doesn’t deserve Gungun, but I want Gungun to teach Akriti and family a lesson for all their pretense

  3. Funniest is Anubhav can imagine or dream of Gungun running to him, why cannot he run towards her and accept her

  4. Sach saamne aa hi jaata hai chahe ushe kitna hi chupaya jaye

  5. Anubhav is a self centered narcissist

  6. That Maya also, what kind of a mother. I think she should stand by Gungun and support her. Her daughter committed suicide and she is still at her place taunting people without worrying about her daughter. And ya Anu, when Gungun is marrying another one, Gungun is cheater not valuing the sindoor, but what is He? And he behaves likes a typical husband with Akriti, I really don’t understand what the writers want to show. Hope Anu supports Gungun when she goes to K house and I hope Golu also stands by her. At least she will have some support.

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