Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kairav gets critical

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi coming to the temple and praying. Kairav comes and says child thief aunty. She says no, listen. He goes and comes back again to tease her. She catches him and says I will steal you and take you with me. He says don’t take me. She says I will take you and trouble you a lot. He says we will roam around and play games. She says I will tell you good stories. He says steal me quickly. She laughs. He says take me to your big house. She hugs him and cries.

Manish comes to her. She cries and says I had such a beautiful dream at such a bad time. He says maybe its a hint that we will all see this dream. Suwarna says I pray Kairav’s operation gets successful. Kartik and Naira hear the machines beeping and turn to see. They cry. Vedika stays with Dadi. Everyone

waits outside OT. Manish says what is Kartik going through. Suwarna says think about Naira as well, she is Kairav’s mum, I hope they console each other. Kartk says nothing can go wrong. Naira asks sure.

He says yes, our son will fight, he is very brave. She says he will fight and win, he isn’t scare of anyone, he wanted to get to you, and he got to you, the same angel will help him again, no harm will come to him. Pallavi gets the injection. Naira asks why are they administering this injection now, Pallavi told me about it. FB shows Pallavi asking Naira if she can bear the cost of the injection, its costly, its life saving drug, its reliable, we should get it ordered beforehand. FB ends. Pallavi takes the injection. It drops by her hand and breaks. They get shocked. Kartik and Naira run out of the OT.

Manish and Suwarna ask what happened. Kartik says injection broke. Naira says we have to get another one. They rush outside. Naksh says doctors said there is nothing to worry, I will try to arrange the injection. Dadi says nothing should happen to Kairav, he is my heir. Manish says she didn’t prepare for anything and got the kid here, how can she. Suwarna stops him. Dr. Mehta says we have to try till the last moment, the injection is imp. Pallavi says the chances to get it are nil. He says you inform Dr. Anand and ask him to find it.

Kartik says I need to talk to trustee or senior doctor. Naira asks doctors if he has this injection, where can she get it. He says you can find at some child hospital. Kartik asks the doctor to please help and provide him the injection for his son. The doctor says I will find out. He thanks her. Pallavi says he is sinking. Dr. Mehta and Pallavi rush. Manish says call Kartik and ask him if he got the injection. Suwarna says its unreachable. Manish and Suwarna cry. He says I can’t see this, Kairav is in this condition and we are helpless.

Kartik gets Suwarna’s message. She asks him to come fast. He says Lord you can’t do this. Naira gets a call. Pallavi asks did you get the injection. Naira says no, I m finding it. Pallavi says find it, else we may get late and Kairav…. Naira says nothing will happen to him. Kartik comes to child care hospital. The man says I gave the injection to other patient. Kartik says no, give the injection to me, my son is critical, just give it to me, his surgery is going on. He turns and sees Naira requesting the couple. Naira says your son has time, Kairav has no time, please give this injection to me, I will get another one for you soon, I have no choice.

She sits down and folds hands to beg them. The lady says we have planned the surgery today. Naira says I spoke to your doctor, you can get surgery done tomorrow or today evening, give the injection to me please. The lady says sorry, its about our son’s life. Kartik cries and goes to her. He also sits down and folds hands. He says we would have not begged to anyone, have mercy on our son, his life depends on this injection, I will do anything in return, please help us. Naira says please save our child’s life. They cry. Yeh rishta kya….plays… The lady cries and says take it. The man says we will wait here, our child is admitted here. The lady says we will get his surgery done later. She gives the injection. Naira says thanks.

Kartik says I m Kartik Goenka, I will send another injection for your child, thanks. Kartik and Naira leave. Dr. Mehta says we just have few mins left. Samarth says the injection is available in Delhi. Manish asks where is Kartik. Pallavi asks did you get the injection. Dr. Mehta said if we don’t get injection in five mins then… Kartik drives the car. The tyre bursts. The car goes into some mud patch. Naira falls over Kartik. O morey saiyyan….plays…. They get down the car. Kartik asks her to be careful and hold the injection.

They balance each other and try to get out of the mud patch. Dr. Mehta says the kid is sinking. Naira slips. The injection falls. Kartik catches it. Naira apologizes to Kartik. Dr. Mehta says we can’t do anything if the injection doesn’t come. Kartik asks where are you going. Naira says we don’t have five mins to go by main gate, we will go by shortcut. Dr. Mehta says I m helpless without the injection.

Kartik and Naira run to the OT. Kairav is given the injection. Pallavi says I m sorry, I m not sure if Kairav will survive. Naira falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Okay….so i watched the episode after soooo long…only because of my mother….and the episode was heights of stupidity.
    Doctors inviting parents to watch the kid’s surgery..thats not your wife’s delivery thats a f**king surgery.
    Doctor..who deals with such situations on a daily basis drops the only injection…(that can cause a lawsuit on the doctor).
    And the whole tire puncture and mud scene was totally unnecessary and some other level of stupidity..out of this universe stupidity.
    Everything was ” matlab kuchh bhii”.
    And naira’s ever crying face gives me creeps.
    20 minutes of utter stupidity..nonsense.
    Hatsoff to the writers for such talent and hardwork…itna stupid and illogical stuff sochna and likhna…nrml human brain k bss ki baat nhi hai..koi insaan itna stupid kaise soch skta hai…he/she must be brain dead.

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Lol… if you don’t like it then you can close your eyes take a deep breath and count to ten ? don’t open your eyes until the end of the serial ???

  2. Hey sab drama to show naira as mahan.

  3. Infection drop, Tyre puncture,mud scene .sab bakwass.It is not necessary here,it’s all for naira’s sake,to show her mahan.

  4. Boring, all negative thinking. Story not going forward, in2019 all impossible things showing , hospital, operation time injection droped. And all the time Naira crying. Now they have to stop showing this serial, creating more and more negative thinking in people’s brain, there is no reality,

  5. Manish everytime blame naira, i agree naira is at fault, but kartik is not innocent, kartik is responsible too.

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