Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishri devises a plan to make Ira confess

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ira cries her heart out in her room. I cannot believe it! Akhilesh cannot do anything like that. He cannot think of anyone except me! Kabir is watching her from the door. He calls out to her. She asks him why he did this. I know Akhilesh very well. He can never do this. There is nothing wrong in his character. He wouldn’t even look at girls before meeting me and you are saying that he misbehaved with Mira? She cries. He asks her if she thinks he is lying to her. Why did he agree to marry Mira if he hadn’t done so? Why was his family out there too? I can understand your pain but it is true that Akhilesh was in the same bed as Mira. She wanted to kill herself. Akhilesh stopped her and chose to marry her! Ira still refuses to accept it. There must be some other reason. I will talk to him. I will tell him I am his Ira. He will tell me the truth then. Kabir stops her. I will tell you the reason. He imagined you in Mira. He went crazy. He imagines you everywhere. This is what drove him to Mira. He has to forget his past to get over it! Whatever happened was right. Mira is a good girl. I know her well. She will take care of Akhilesh and make him an independent person. Ira asks him what about her. Kabir reminds her that she dint come here to be with Akhilesh. You are still a terrorist in the eyes of the world! You cannot be with your family. Stop crying. She requests him not to snatch her right to cry atleast. I cannot do anything else. I am sorry. Kabir pats at her shoulder. He thinks Akhilesh and Ira wont unite at any cost now! Now I have to find the perfect time to take Mishri from here!

Mishri is standing on her one feet with folded hands. Tears stream down her cheeks. Vansh tells her to accept the truth. We cannot change it. Mishri refuses to stand on her two feet till the time she gets her answers. Why are you doing this to me?

Pundit ji asks the newlyweds to take everyone’s blessings. Akhilesh says I have no relation with anyone and walks away. Tanya and Aditya leave as well. Mira walks up to the kids. Mishri asks God why he separated her Mapu and Bapu. Mira tells her not to hurt herself. Mishri advises her to stay away from her. I thought you are an angel. How can you marry my Bapu? I told you that my Mapu is alive! Pushpa also calls her bad. Mira tries to explain that the circumstances weren’t right. I am thankful to your Bapu for saving my life. Mishri tells her she wont be able to take her Mapu’s place ever. Amaya Aunty is my Mapu. Mira says I wont be able to explain my situation to you but there might be some hidden agenda behind it. If Amaya is your Mapu then she wont be able to spill the beans herself. We will have to instigate her to say it! Vansh seconds her. Mishri says we must make Mapu jealous little by little every day especially you. Mapu wont be able to see you closer to Bapu and tell us everything! You will leave Bapu afterwards, right? Mishri folds her hands at Mira who nods. Pushpa says I will not spare her if she wont leave my friend. Mishri takes Pushpa with her as it is lunch time.

Mira folds her hands in reverence. It is your plan. Do something because of which Amaya Bhabhi turns out to be only Ira’s lookalike! You know that I have started to like Akhilesh. Come what may, I wont be able to break this girl’s heart!

Mishri, Vansh and Pushpa come to Ira’s room. They find the room dark. Ira tells them not to switch on the lights. I have a headache. Why have you come here? Mishri says I want to decorate the room of newlyweds. Ira asks her how she had a change of heart towards Mira. Mishri says earlier I thought you are my Mapu but you weren’t bothered at all seeing them getting married. You aren’t my Mapu then. I will begin to call angel aunty my Mapu soon. Vansh asks Ira to help them decorate Akhilesh’s room. Ira refuses. I have a headache. Leave. Mishri smiles seeing her thus. You are the Bhabhi of my angel aunty. She will feel bad not seeing you involved. Ira replies that she does not care. Vansh says Kabir uncle will feel bad. Mishri says I cannot let him get upset. She asks Pushpa to take Ira downstairs. Pushpa pulls Ira who shouts against it. Mishri hopes Ira will spill her truth seeing Mira and Akhilesh together.

Akhilesh is in tears. I don’t know how I made such a big mistake! I always think only about you. I don’t know what I did unknowingly. It was my mistake to see your reflection in Mira. You married me to rectify your mistake years ago. Today I married Mira to rectify my mistake. Please forgive me if possible. The kids bring Ira there. Akhilesh asks them what they are up to. Mishri and Vansh reply that they are decorating his room. Akhilesh tells them against it but Pushpa says the aunty who looks like Ira Kaki asked us to decorate the room. She will scold us otherwise. Mishri says Mapu is angel aunty’s bhabhi. This is her gift to angel aunty. The kids bring flowers and candles. Mishri asks Ira to help them calling her Mapu. Mishri corrects herself. Make a heart on the bed and write – Akhilesh weds Mira. Vansh and I are weak in spellings. Ira complies with their wish. She recalls her past moments with Akhilesh.

Mishri and Vansh decorate the room with candles. Ira is on the verge of tears. Akhilesh looks pained as well. Ira tries to leave but Mishri blocks her way. She points at her photos with Akhilesh on the side table. We have to take them out of this room now as we have to keep Akhilesh and Mira’s photos in the room.

Precap: Akhilesh and Mira look at each other. They come close. Ira wonders why she feels so hurt seeing Akhilesh move on in his life and cries. Kabir speaks of his daughter’s heart transplant.

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