Muskaan 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sir ji sells Muskaan to Maalik

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Muskaan 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tabassum saying Sujata… Sujata is shot. Muskaan and Ronak get shocked. Sujata says punish Sir ji and does. The girls come there in white clothes and get angry. Tabassum says they are brothel girls. FB shows Sujata saying I won’t let Sir ji and Tabassum succeed. The girls say we will not let you open the brothel again. Sir ji shoots at the girl. She falls down. He counts and shoots more girls. Gayatri, Ronak and Muskaan get shocked. Gayatri pushes the goons and goes to Ronak. Ronak asks are you fine. Sir ji pulls the trigger to shoot them. The bullet gets over. Sir ji throws the gun away. Ronak picks the fire torch. Sir ji shouts no Ronak.

Ronak burns the money. Sir ji cries. He runs away from there. The girls catch Tabassum. Tabassum shouts leave me. Ronak looks on.

The girls push Tabassum in the fire. Tabassum gets burnt. Muskaan gets shocked. Ronak says Sir ji has run away. Muskaan says its fine, how long will he run from his end. Gayatri thanks the girls for their brave attempt. The girl says we should thank you all. Muskaan says you all risked lives to save us, I feel bad for Sujata and other girls. The ambulance comes to take the girls.

Minister gets Ronak’s video call. Ronak says ask DIG to come out and show his face. He says I m doing the work which you should have done, I requested you to arrest Sir ji, you didn’t listen to me, see what happened, I had to burn his black money, you still have time, listen to me, else I will see you, ask your police force to find Sir ji. DIG says fine, I will issue shoot at sight order for Sir ji. Ronak says no, I will end Sir ji myself.

Sir ji hides his face and comes to meet Maalik. Maalik says I knew you will surely come. Sir ji asks him to say about the deal, he is ready, he needs money in return. Maalik asks him to calm down. He asks Sir ji to see the news. Sir ji sees the news. He is tagged a wanted criminal. He says there is a reward on your head, tell me shall I give you to police. Sir ji says no, don’t do this. Maalik says I can’t see you like this, you looked scared and weak, I pity you. Sir ji says don’t pity me, call police if you want, remember what you want, I have it, just I can give it to you, if I get arrested, then you will get nothing. Maalik says I want Muskaan at any cost, but I have a condition. Sir ji asks what. Maalik says she has to come to me by her wish. Sir ji says fine, she will come to you, I want 5 crores. They join hands and fix the deal.

Everyone comes to sit in the puja. Lovely cries for Dipendar. She sees Muskaan and takes her away. She says let Dipendar’s soul get peace, Muskaan won’t sit in the havan. Sir ji hides his face and goes to PCO to make a call. He calls Bua and says its me. Bua goes aside. She says police is outside the house, don’t call me, Shanti puja is going on. He asks her to listen once. The PCO owner sees the breaking news. He sees Sir ji and calls police. He catches Sir ji and says I will get big reward by giving you to police. Police comes.

Sir ji pushes the man and runs away. Ronak says you think Muskaan is responsible, but Sir ji is behind this. Sir ji hides behind the car. Police doesn’t see him. Ronak says you have seen Sir ji’s crimes. Lovely says I lost my husband, Muskaan is the killer. Sir ji enters some shop. He sees all sorts of costumes and props there. The man asks what. Muskaan says I will go, you all do the puja. Ronak says wait. Muskaan says no, be here please. He says I will also leave with you. They go. Sir ji comes home in a Sadhu baba’s disguise. He starts acting. He says I have come here to do Shanti puja, I know there are problems in this house. Bua asks him to do the puja. They need his blessings. Gayatri says sorry, you may come in. Inspector says wait, we need to check you first.

Sir ji asks Muskaan whom does he love the most. Muskaan screams. She says I m coming to you by my wish. Sir ji faints Muskaan and sends her in the car. Ronak passes by on a bike and doesn’t see her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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