Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara’s keychain falling and breaking. She tells Karishma that she made it fall many times and it broke. Karishma says I think you are stressed for Kartik and Naira. Akshara says maybe, so you manage the keys now, please. Karishma says no. Akshara says atleast for few days. Karishma agrees and says please promise to control your stress and enjoy birthday day, I wish it turns memorable. Akshara nods and goes.

Akshara massages Baisa’s neck and says you don’t rest. She says I know you are worried for Naira and Gayu, don’t worry. Naitik asks Akshara not to get stress. She laughs by teasing him. Naira comes home worried. Naira tells them what happened. She says i did not do right, Kartik went there for me and family, he got annoyed. Akshara says sorry, you went there by my birthday wish, its my mistake, we are doing many mistakes. Naitik says we went in morning as Akhilesh called us. Akshara says this should have not happened, mum is to fill happiness in children’s lives, sorry. She hugs Naira.

Baisa says money is of no use, there are long queues. She asks Mishti to give her change. Mishti asks bigger price. Baisa says give me money. Mishti says I m giving just for Akshara’s birthday. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani praise Akshara and plan to make her birthday memorable.

Kartik sees Naira in room and says stop dreaming, Naira is not here. Naira says why did I not know this before. He says very funny, I m getting angry, leave from here. She says sorry. He asks her to go. She sits on his bed. He says everyone is here, what will anyone think. She says nothing, they know you are not talking to me, listen, I went there not for us, or if I doubt you, mumma wanted your family to come in your birthday, I went to invite them, sorry, don’t get angry on mumma’s birthday, we all are together after long time, its on you to forgive me or not, don’t hurt her. Naitik tells Akshara that small problems make relation strong, Kartik and Naira will handle. She likes the coffee. He asks how many candles to put on candles. She asks are you asking my age. He praises her beauty. She laughs.

She asks why are you so cute. He says anyone will see. She says no one will see, listen to me, I short listed some names to call you by love, Jaan, Jaanu, or… He says no. She gets annoyed and goes. He asks why are you annoyed. He says good joke, I had fun. Everyone come and wish her happy birthday. Everyone wish Akshara. Even Gayu and Rajshri’s family wishes Akshara. They all take pics. Akshara thanks them. Something breaks and they get lights on. Mishti says its not bad if glass breaks. Akshara says when

Its morning, Akshara sings bhajan and cries. Naira and Gayu cry seeing her crying. Everyone look on. Naitik asks why are you crying on happiness day. She says everything is fine. He asks why these years. She says I can’t say I m so lucky to get you all in my life. Akshara does aarti. She asks Naitik to fill sindoor in her maang. He applies sindoor. She smiles. Naira gives the rings. Akshara says yes, I removed this to play tanpura, and makes Naira wear her fav ring. She says Naira will go away soon, if distance is there in fate, its written, so I m trying my memory in your finger. She gives another ring to Gayu and hugs them. Akshara tells Naitik that he is not going anywhere and she has to give them surprise. She tells family that today Naira’s dance academy foundation is done, dance got Naira and me close. Naira hugs Akshara.

Pandit says we will start puja. Kartik comes. Akshara says now we will start puja. She thanks Kartik. He says its big day for you, its your birthday, I had to come. Baisa asks them to come for puja. They all sit in puja. Akshara gives the statue to Naira and gives blessings. Naira thanks them. Naitik asks her to take academy to heights. She promises. Naitik asks Kartik will he support Naira. Kartik says in all steps of life. They all smile. Akshara tells everyone to go home, she has work in ashram and will come. Naitik says I will come along. Naira says no, you have work at home. Akshara says I will go with driver. Naitik and Akshara smile seeing each other. She goes.

Naira and Kartik apologize to each other. He says I want to tell you everything, but not today, its Akshara’s day. Naitik and Akshara smile seeing each other. She sits in car and leaves. They all hear a sound and stop to see. The car rotates as the tyre bursts. They all stop and get shocked seeing Akshara’s car hitting the wall. They all shout Akshara.

Everyone run to see Akshara. Naitik opens the car door and gets shocked. They all cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Did akshara die

    1. Yes she died

  2. What’s the name of that song that played when batik put sin door on akshara does any1 knw

  3. So emotional couldn’t stop crying bye akshara

  4. The serial won’t be the same without Akshara! Hina Khan did a great job to keep us glued to this serial. It

  5. Akshara will die soon ?? . Feeling very very sad ?. Abt that . The episode was very emotional

  6. No dear swethakannan. I think the car will be shown as empty and Akshara will walk in from behind. This is because it was only a few wheelies so how can that kill someone?

  7. But Akky will ultimately be dying but hopefuly more dramatically.

  8. Very emotional episode. Thank God kaira patched up soon. Iam sure they ended kaira’s fight to concentrate on Akshara’s death sequence. I guess Akshara did not die for now as the b’day surprise for her by the family is still remaining. Soon after that she ll be gone. What will the show do without its backbone ? Reallllllllly feeling sad. In real life we have to face many tragedies. Y cant they make these fictions always happy ending ? The unique charm of Yrkkh is going to end. But we dont have any ri8 to stop any actor from taking personal decisions and leaving the show. Just wish how nice it would have been if she stayed back. Kaira’s marriage preparations, mehendi, sangeet…………. Would have been awesome to watch.

  9. Nonsense…replace her with other actress ntlet character die…. naitik ko aisa mat chodo

  10. Yes ar ye serial akshara ar naitik se hi to start hua tha ab wohi dono chale jynge to kya fayda nd I feel sad for naira too and akshra ki death k bad kaira ki marriage bhi n hogi

  11. please still there is time. stop akshara. the team should try to convince her and make her stay back. as rightly said shes the backbone. no one can replace her. she herself forced us to watch her serial by her charm attitute nature. there was a attachment. so now there will be no use watching her. its like u have stayed with someone since 8years and suddenly that person gone.
    please do one thing atleast. do get kaira married soon for sure because if you think that by getting them not married you will replace akshara with naira will not be a fair story as akshara always use to get her happiness watever she wanted. so you cant make kaira separate. please dont give villians and negative roles in this serial. let it be unique like it has always been.

  12. Very emotional episode..akshra was looking very cute…

  13. I am seeing this serial because of akshra’s charming her positive attitude…her way to tackle the every kind of situation…I am so said..she is leaving…I stop to see this serial..after going karan sir she is only back bone of the serial…and now she is also leaving…god knows what can happen with this serial…this serial trp will become very low after akshra…

  14. Kya ,ho raha hai yaha.akshara is going to b died and makers r going 2 make naira as akshara ,naira doesn’t match akshara,but I think gaayu will match her.don’t make naira as akshara,vaise big kartik tho naira KO mil gaya kamsekam gaayu KO ithna importance tho dhona,vaise bi gaayu bachpan se akshara ki saath this,so she knows akshara very well.waise b naira KO apni in-laws ka bhi sambalna h na(relations between her kartik and his dad)

  15. If some one have to leave the show why have too die like gayatri and now akshara

  16. Now kaira will get untied very late

  17. well we can’t stop her from taking this desision cuz even though she has a strong relationship with viewers, she also has her personal life. She might be wanting to try out a different role. She has her reasons guys. She’s been on yrkkh for nearly 8 years and that’s ALOT compared to the other shows. I read on another website that someone else is going to be replacing Hina. (Possibly parul chauhan who was ragini in bidaai) idk if the new actress is gonna replace the character of Akshara or be a new character who will be partnered with Naitik. Also anyone who might be wondering where Rohan Mehra is gone, do not worry he hasn’t left the show. He’s having a little break to be able to work for a new movie called bigg boss 10 house(I think that’s what it’s called)

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