Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 13)

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Hello how are you all. Sorry guys for not posting regularly because I have college and also I come late from college that’s why. So let’s start
The episode starts
Sanjana opens the door and sees Rohit with Ishana.
Rohit: Bhabhi you are here.
Sanjana closes the door immediately
Sanjana: Rohit if someone sees you with this girl then you don’t know how much problem you will be for you both.
Rohit: please Bhabhi don’t tell to anyone.
Sanjana: okay Rohit but I have to talk to you about Nandani

Rohit: what it is Bhabhi?
Sanjana: did she kill your mother.
Rohit and Ishana looks at each other that how she knows this.
Ishana: how do you know sanjana?
Sanjana: I just listened this from Nandani’s mouth.

Rohit: It’s good that you come to know about Nandani’s true face. You know Bhabhi what is happening between you and bhai it’s all because of Nandani
Sanjana: then I should inform this to Arjun jii
Ishana: you think that it’s easy if it was so easy then Rohit had told Arjun about Nandani first.
Rohit: yeah Bhabhi it’s better not to tell anyone about this.
Sanjana: And I can’t be quite like this she will ruin our life

Ishana: then we have to do anything so that we can expose Nandani
Rohit: yeah Ishana is right Bhabhi we have to collect proof’s against Nandani
Sanjana: But how
Three of them start thinking how to expose Nandani
Scene at University
Nisha was going to canteen suddenly she collides with Ayaan
Ayaan: you
Nisha (surprised): Can’t you see
Ayaan: I can see…..
Nisha (interrupts): that’s why you can’t see between right and wrong.
Ayaan: you are getting personal.
Nisha: I am getting because she is my Bhabhi and I can’t see her sad just because of you.
Ayaan: you should not interfere between me and sanjana
Nisha: it’s no use to tell you anything Ayaan. Why don’t you understand that sanjana didn’t do anything?
Ayaan: please Nisha see I don’t want to talk to you about sanjana okay.
He goes from there.
Nisha (in her mind): I have to do something that Ayaan should understand that Bhabhi is innocent. But what I should do know.
She then goes from there.

Scene at Malhotra’s house
Sanjana: I have an idea guys.
Rohit and Ishana together: what it is?
Sanjana: I think that to expose Nandani someone should be near to her so that we can collect proof’s against her.
Rohit: Someone means?
Sanjana: Ishana
Ishana: Me
Sanjana: yeah you can enter in this house and can collect proofs
Rohit: No Bhabhi I don’t want Ishana to be in problem because of me.
Sanjana: We don’t have another CHOICE Rohit
Rohit: No Bhabhi
Ishana (looks at Rohit): I am ready sanjana you just tell me the plan what to do.
Rohit: Are you crazy. You will not enter this house nor you are in this plan.
Ishana (holds his hands): Please Rohit let me do this for you.
Rohit (puts hand on her shoulder): I can’t because then you will be in danger. And I don’t want to lose you.
Ishana: Nothing will happen to me because you are with me right.
Rohit: But……….
Sanjana (interrupts): Rohit please see Ishana is ready to do this. Don’t worry about Ishana I will be with her.

Rohit (hesitates): okay what is your plan.
Sanjana: before she enters in this house Ishana you have to change your identity first.
Ishana: what I will be then.
Rohit: but why Bhabhi
Sanjana: Rohit it’s important they shouldn’t know that you know Ishana. Ishana will enter as maid in this house.
Ishana: okay I am ready to do this but when I have to enter in this house.
Sanjana: Tomorrow okay because tomorrow is Nisha’s birthday.
She goes from there then.
Rohit: Ishana I am scared that if Nandani knows that you are my friend then she will not leave you.

Ishana: Rohit don’t worry everything will be fine okay
Rohit: I wish so okay leave this all come I will drop you to your house.
Ishana: no I will go myself
Rohit holds from Ishana’s hand and takes her to his car to drop her.
Scene at Sanjana’s room
Sanjana calls Arjun to tell him that she is going to meet her Dadi. But he doesn’t pick her call.
Then she goes out of the house and sits in car.
Scene at Raizaada house
Ayaan comes in house and sees Dadi upset. He goes near Dadi and sits beside her
Ayaan: Dadi what happened why are you upset
Dadi: because I am missing sanjana
Ayaan: Dadi please don’t take her name in front of me.
Dadi: what she did that you are angry with her.
Ayaan: she is the reason behind Papa’s death.
Dadi: she didn’t do anything why are you blaming her.
Then suddenly bell rings. Dadi goes and opens door she sees sanjana
Sanjana goes and hugs Dadi

Sanjana: Dadi I missed you
Dadi: I missed you too Beta. How are you
Sanjana (teary eyes): I am fine Dadi what about you are you eating properly.
Ayaan comes and sees sanjana talking with Dadi. He remembers what Nisha said.
He tries to go from there sanjana sees and stops him.
Sanjana: Bhai how are you.
Ayaan: No need to talk with me I am quite because of Dadi. After that day I should have not let you enter this house.
He goes from there. Sanjana gets teary eyes.
Dadi: don’t worry everything will be fine.
Then they talks with each other.
Scene at Ishana’s house.
Rohit drops Ishana to her house. He was about to go he sees Ishana’s mobile in his car.
Ishana goes inside the house. Bua sees Ishana coming and stops her to enter the house.
Bua: Don’t try to enter this house Ishana.
Ishana: who are you to stop me to enter this house?

She enters the house. Bua gets angry
Bua: I told you not to talk with that boy again you are with him. What is your relation with that boy?
Ishana: I don’t think to tell you.
Bua: Now you will reply me.
She was about to slap Ishana. Rohit comes and holds Bua’s hand.
Rohit: How dare you
Bua: how dare you to hold my hand.

He leaves her hand.
Ishana: Rohit what are you doing here.
Rohit (angrily): you didn’t tell me about your Bua
Bua: go from here it will be better for you
Rohit holds Ishana hands

Rohit: pack your clothes right know
Ishana: but Rohit
Rohit (angrily shouts): Go right know
Ishana gets scared seeing Rohit shouting. She goes in her room to pack her clothes.
Bua: she will not go from here okay
Rohit: she will go with me.
Bua: you don’t know what people will say about Ishana and you. They will say that she ran with you.
Rohit: No one will know unless you will not tell anyone. Don’t worry I will send money every month for you.
Bua (in her mind): he seems to be rich it is good then she will go from this house and I will get money every month.
Ishana comes with her suitcase out.

Bua: Ishana take care of your self
Rohit and Ishana go from there. When they come out Ishana sees Rohit angry.
Ishana: Rohit are you angry
Rohit (looks at Ishana): yes I am angry because you didn’t tell me anything Ishana. I trusted you and told you everything but you didn’t tell m e anything Ishana. Why you were bearing so much Ishana
Ishana: Because I didn’t have anyone in this world except my Bua.
Rohit: what about me I am nothing to you.
Ishana: it’s not like this Rohit. She changes the topic and says Rohit where I will leave know.
Rohit: don’t worry you will leave with me.

Ishana: what do you mean?
Rohit: I mean that you will leave with me in my house.
Ishana: but how
Rohit: you will leave with me in my room.
Ishana (surprised): what? Are you crazy Rohit? Is someone sees me with you in your room especially Soniya. She says to tease Rohit her heart will get broken Rohit
Rohit: don’t worry I will hide you so that no one will see you
Ishana: but where you will hide me Rohit

Rohit: In my heart
Ishana gets shy and looks here and there

Sanjana was sitting in car suddenly she sees Meera with someone. She tells driver to stop the car and makes the window down to see. She sees Meera holding hand of a boy. She gets shock.
She then goes to house to tell Arjun about Meera’s truth.
She goes in room and sees Arjun working in his laptop.
Sanjana: Arjun jii I need to talk with you
Arjun: I will talk with you later sanjana I am working now.
At night
All gathers for dinner. Rohit comes and sees everyone sitting.
Rohit (in her mind): if I will sit here to eat then Ishana will be alone in room and she didn’t ate anything till know
Rohit: Bhabhi send my dinner to my room
Arjun: why Rohit

Rohit: I have some work that’s why I will do my work and eat.
Soniya: No need of it sanjana you know that he will work and will not eat then.
Sanjana: yeah Soniya is right sit here and eat.
Rohit looks at everyone. He sees Nisha smiling looking at Rohit. He understands that she is smiling because of Soniya’s talk
Rohit: Bhabhi please

Nandani: No sanjana don’t give her or send food to her room.
Rohit (angrily): I don’t know why all of you are not giving me okay fine I will not eat know. Please don’t come to disturb me in my room
Rohit goes from there. Sanjana was about to go to talk with Rohit. Arjun holds her hand
Arjun: leave Rohit you sit here and eat. He will come to eat
Sanjana sits worriedly to eat.
Everyone finishes there dinner and goes to their room.
Arjun was about to go sanjana stops him
Sanjana: Arjun jii I need to talk to you something important.
Arjun: what it is
Sanjana: today I saw…………

She was about to say but Arjun’s mobile phone rings and he goes from there talking with someone.
Sanjana: I should have to tell Arjun jii today somehow.
She then goes in her room.
Rohit enters room and sees Ishana sitting on sofa. He locks his door then Ishana sees him. He goes and sits on sofa near her. They both feel uncomfortable because they were never alone together. They both see here and there. There were silent in room. Then Rohit breaks the silent.
Rohit: are you hungry
Ishana: no I am not

Rohit: tell me then we will go out to eat.
Ishana: no need of it Rohit
Rohit: okay as you say Ishu
Ishana: what you said
Rohit: okay
Ishana: after that
Rohit: Ishu he then remembers what he said.

Suddenly the door knocks
Rohit: I think someone is out you should hide know.
Ishana (gets up from sofa): but where Rohit
Rohit (sees cupboard): there
She hides and he goes to open door
He sees Soniya there.

Sanjana confronts Meera………… Ishana changes her identity to enter in Malhotra’s house with the help of Rohit and Sanjana…………………Its Nisha’s birthday…………………… Meera mixes something in glass of Sanjana at party

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