Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Goenkas celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik messaging Naira to share if she has thought of something, Akhilesh was feeling guilty, he was worried. Naira writes, Liza is emotional and may do something. Vedika comes. Kartik asks when did you come. Vedika says when this tea was hot, I will get another cup of tea. He says its fine. She asks him to share what happened. He replies, please explain her. Vedika says my heart isn’t agreeing, tell me, what’s the matter. Kartik says you are overthinking. Naira writes…. I m trying. Vedika asks him again, saying we are friends. He says there is nothing, trust me. He replies, I m worried for Surekha.

She asks will you come to get Ganpati. She reads Naira’s message, I wish old days return again. Kartik writes… we will talk later, I have to go and get Ganpati. Naira cries thinking of old moment and prays. Vansh says don’t act smart, you became Krishna. Kairav says I m cute like Ganpati. They argue. Naira comes there and sees them. She says Ganpati idol is coming, you don’t have to become Ganpati, you can become his fav, think. They sign no. She says Mushak, it means mouse. Vansh says two of us. She says yes. She says I will show you. She makes them ready in mouse cartoon. She asks them to come fast and welcome Ganpati. Kartik and Vedika get Ganpati. Everyone claps for kids. Kairav and Vansh dance.

Kartik sees Akhilesh. Naira records the dance. Kartik and Naira dance the same way. Vedika looks on. Kairav asks Naira to come. Everyone prays. Dadi praises Vedika. Pandit says we can see idol and Jhanki everyone, Ganpati will be happy seeing these Mushak. Kairav says it was my mum’s idea, she is the best, right dad. Kartik nods. Dadi says yes, Naira used to celebrate festivals so well. Vansh asks pandit when will we see Ganpati face. Pandit says I will play shank, you get the chunri off. They see the idol. Kairav asks Vedika did she get Ganpati from shop, why didn’t Naira make the idol like every year. She says you aren’t doing any festival well, I don’t like this. Kartik asks Naira to make a small idol for Kairav’s happiness. Manish says yes, do this for his sake. Dadi says yes. Naira says fine, I will make it by clay. Kartik says good idea, tell me if you need help. Vedika looks on.

Naira makes the idol. Kairav says he looks cute. Pandit says you have made this idol, you place it here. Naira and Kartik place the idol. Vedika worries. Suwarna asks Kartik and kids to start aarti first. Everyone do the aarti one by one. Kairav checks Liza’s message on Naira’s phone. Vansh reads it. Akhilesh worries and goes. Kairav says Liza would be giving me surprise, I will surprise her. He goes to Liza and asks her to come and meet Ganpati. Liza cries. He drags her inside. Everyone sees Liza. Kairav says she messaged that she is outside, I got her here. Liza starts crying. Dadi asks what happened.

Vansh asks why is she crying. Kairav says I didn’t tell her anything. Surekha asks what happened. Liza hugs her and cries. Naira sees Kartik. Akhilesh gets shocked. He says Liza told everything to Surekha, what will happen now. Surekha asks Liza to say something. Akhilesh comes and says don’t listen to her, she is lying, I had no affair with her, yes I used to go Goa, but I never met her. Everyone gets shocked. Akhilesh says she is a liar, she is making stories, don’t believe her, trust me, Naira take her out.

Manish says she didn’t say anything Akhilesh. Akhilesh gets shocked. Manish says she didn’t say a word when we asked, she didn’t say anything about you or herself, no need for that now, you have told the truth yourself. Akhilesh says she is lying. Manish raises hand to slap him. Dadi slaps Akhilesh. Surekha cries. Dadi slaps Akhilesh more and asks are you not ashamed, that girl didn’t tell anything, you said the truth, how could you do this cheap thing, you proved me and my teachings wrong, you did wrong with your wife and children. Akhilesh cries and folds hands.

Kartik and Naira dance happily. Vedika sees them close and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Pls end the character of vedika…She gets on my nerves…She is so irritating…

    1. you are 100% right,how much irritation.
      she’s always thinking about naira and her relationship with Kartik ((showing selfishness))
      Vedika always trying to show herself as nice and innocent girl but now showing her real identity as a sotan

  2. Now Vadika will get to know her relly original actual identity that she is a fetteress ‘s daughter and her relly original actual father is the feudal of Panchgani illegally daughter that means bastadess daughter

  3. Excited to see vedika as a villain between kaira
    Anyways,on the other hand she is very much doubtful except that she shouldn’t follow kaira as she don’t realize that they haven’t divorced so being a couple they can meet

  4. Kirtana Yeluripati

    Vedika is right in her point of view, because she is trying to save her marriage just like Surekha…

    If Surekha has right to be mad at Akhil and Liza’s affair, then Vedika also has right to be angry about Karthik and Naira…. because Karthik himself said that Naira is his ex-wife and Vedika is his wife….

    Vedika did try to stop the marriage b/n her and Karthik during mehendi cermony..

    It was Karthik, who brought the false hope in her that he wants to marry her…

    Karthik is right about one thing, Karthik and Naira made mistakes during this whole fiasco..

    I am neither supportive of Naira or Vedika… because every one thinks their thought process is right…

    I support Kaira being a fan and however, I am mad at Kaira as well, because they destroyed Akhil – Surekha, Luv – Kush, Vedika, last but not least Kairav, who grew up his 5 yrs without a dad…..

    1. I agree!! Karthik and Naira have no right to be together when they spoiled many people’s lives…

      Fans are too emotional and blaming Vedika

  5. BeAManKarthik

    I dont understand how u f**kers are blaming vedhika. Karthik married her and even if ex, he sud stay in limit with naira,she too sud have some sense,always hugging him and roaming.chee

  6. I also support u guys . For me also vedika’s no wrong in this.And the writers always show importance to a person before naira entrance, after they only focus on naira, example gayu,and vedika.when naira left from home gayu take care of all akshara,naitik,naksh but after naira return any one not think about her and at present before naira entrance all praised vedika and know the writers turning her character.

  7. This is ridiculous, because vedika is insecure and hurt with her husband closeness with his ex wife she is evil. Kaira create all mess and as usual “it’s not their fault” and the actual victims are blamed for reacting normally. Vedika has no one in this world,Goenka accepted her as family, Karthik called her his wife so obviously she will try to protect the only people and happiness she has in her life.

  8. Naira is Kartik wife literally by law not Vedika. Naira and Kartik are still married, and in law if a man marries another woman without divorcing his wife then that second woman would be a mistress not a wife ,so stop blaming Naira, she is the legal wife of Kartik. Not Vedika, she just can be a mistress, a second wife a second woman,a homewrecker nothing more than that. if Vedika was a clean hearted person she should left after Kairav and Naira came back but she stayed there. she does not have any right to question Naira and Kartik relation.

    1. Naira was known dead, she must have death certificate issued, if one of the spouses is officially dead by law the other spouse is allowed to remarry. In that case it is naira who is the other women, the homewrecker. For the moment she is just karthik ex wife and mother of his child. Kaira can be nice to each other for kairav sake but getting close will be cheating and extra marital affair

  9. Soofia bhatti

    H I’m soofia I just what vedika to get out of kartiks life forever kartik is already married to naira this vedika is just interfering in naira kartik life all the time I hate this vedika so much I just what vedika to leave naira kartik alone forever I can’t wait until vedika leaves naira kartik forever

    Kind regards soofia

  10. Vedika is aware that kartik loves only Naira not her n so she should just back off else she will only get hurt in the process

  11. I didn’t know why everybody is blaming Vedica its just Naira mistake she very well aware about her tumor that any time she can lost her memory, then also she fakes her death without thinking about her son….Just to show Naira Mahan director can go to any extent they can spoil Gayu’s character, Vedica Character. Akshara who was the sole of the serial they can exit her character shame on you director.

  12. Akhilesh is disgusting, he had an affair with a girl who is his daughter age, he deserve these slaps.

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