Main Bhi Ardhangini 16th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Bhujang attempts to kill Adhiraj

Main Bhi Ardhangini 16th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chunnu finding a bottle in Shalaka’s bag and thinks he got the proofs. Shalaka comes there. Chunnu tells that he will tell Bhujang. She stops Chunni’s voice and ties his legs and hands. She says she enjoyed scaring him. She says she will make him vanish with just one mantra. Just then Bhujang calls Chunnu. Mohini gets the feather and thinks where is Adhiraj? Jaichand and Rani come there and tell that Maha maya asked them to keep eye on her. They tell that Adhiraj is not here. Mohini thinks to meet Bhujang, diverts their attention, becomes snake and crawls. Jaichand says she must be crawling and went. Shalaka makes Chunnu invisible. Bhujang comes and couldn’t see him. He asks about Chunnu. Shalaka says she doesn’t know. Bhujang asks what is in your hand. Shalaka thinks to make him drink that and makes him forcibly drink that. He comes in its influence and pulls her closer. She asks about the teen tatva. He tells her and asks what to do till you comes back. Shalaka asks him to kill Adhiraj till then. Chunnu thinks Shalaka is not loyal to anyone. Bhujang comes to Adhiraj and says he will kill him. Adhiraj asks him to free him. Bhujang gets some powers and says once this divine rays touches your heart, you will get mukti. He attacks Adhiraj with the divine rays. Adhiraj shouts and faints. Bhujang thinks he is dead.

Chunnu thinks Adhiraj and Bhujang, both are in danger and asks himself to think. He recalls Mohini telling him to remember Naag Devta and use his poison to come out of trap. He becomes snake and untie himself, but he is still invisible. He says topi danav, but topi danav can’t see him. Chunnu throws something. Topi Danav blows something on him to make him visible. Chunnu signs him that he can’t speak? Topi Danav makes him fine and asks who made you vanish. Chunnu says Shalaka and tells that they have to save Adhiraj from Bhujang and we have to save Bhujang from Shalaka. Topi Danav says he will find out. They leave to save Adhiraj. Mohini comes to meet Bhujang. Vasudha and Chander hug her. Mohini asks where is Bhujang? Adhiraj opens his eyes and smiles shocking Bhujang. Bhujang thinks this is impossible. Shalaka comes to the first tatva and keeps the fake tatva inplace of real tatva, says two more tatva and your matter will be ended. Mohini is about to tell them about Pinjar and asks where is bhujang. Vasudha says Bhujang went for important work, he has captivated Maha Maya’s yoddha somewhere and want to kill him. Mohini says he is Adhiraj and think only he can save their people. She asks them to tell where he has kept them? They say they don’t know. Mohini thinks to check the places where teen tatva is kept. She comes to the vish amrit and thinks nobody is here. she feels Vish amrit is compromised and thinks what to do.

Precap: Bhujang asks Adhiraj who is he? Adhiraj gives his introduction and says I am your kaal, adam baaz. Mohini catches Shalaka and says your death is standing infront of you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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