Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira stopping midway. Driver asks her do you have to go that side or not. Naira goes to temple and meets Suwarna. She asks how are you all. They cry. Naira says its true that I worried for you all, why are you silent, say something, talk to me. Suwarna asks what’s there to talk now. Naira says please don’t say this, I can understand I did mistake, I did not say intentionally, I tried to manage, believe me, I wanted to make everything fine. Suwarna gets up. Naira holds her pallu and stops her. She says please talk to me. Suwarna says I heard you, I have nothing to say, I wanted Kartik and you to stay with us, I have to bear the result, none gave me belief that everything will be fine, you know Dadi broke down, everyone is much upset, kids are crying, how to handle Manish, I just want you two to be happy, I don’t want anything, I will try to manage everything. Naira apologizes. Suwarna leaves. Naira says this did not happen well.

Naksh is on the way. Manager tells him some problem. Naksh gets Gayu’s call. She asks did you meet Naira. Naksh asks what did she tell you, I have seen Kartik and Naira at roadside, I asked them and they said everything is fine. Gayu says Kartik likes tea from small stalls, Naira would be tired of low fat food, Kartik would be eating kachoris. He says yes. She says maybe they went there to have food. He says I m relieved talking to you. She asks him not to worry.

Lav and Kush look for money and does not have any cash. Lav says I know the house, I heard the address. He asks the taxi driver will he take them, our brother will give you money. The man agrees. He asks another man to come, the kids look from rich family, see their uniforms.

Kartik comes home. Naira opens the door. He says I have seen this dream many times. He keeps his phone. He holds Naira and romances. Khayal tera…..plays…… He lifts her in arms. His phone rings. He does not attend. He hears different ringtone and stops. He says its our house emergency line. He answers and asks is Dadi fine.

Surekha asks for Naira. Kartik says she is here. Surekha asks Naira where are my kids. Kartik and Naira get shocked. Surekha asks where are Lav and Kush, they were going to meet you, I heard them. Naira says I don’t know. Surekha says they went from school. Naira says yes, we decided to meet after planning with Kartik. Akhilesh asks how could you do this, you should have refused to them, how could you be careless. Naira says I refused but… Kartik says we will talk later, its imp to find them, ask their friends. Surekha cries.

Akhilesh says did anyone kidnap my children, in today’s times, all this is common. Manish says we will find them. Akhilesh asks did Kashyap did this. Manish says but he is in jail. Akhilesh says yes, his brother is outside. Manish says I will call commissioner, come. Suwarna consoles Surekha. Surekha says this happened because of your Naira, we trusted her, see what she did. Naira and Kartik try to find Lav and Kush. She says we decided to meet at mall. Kartik says you wait here, maybe they can come here. His bike does not start at first. He leaves. Everyone try finding Lav and Kush. Naira calls Kirti and asks about Lav and Kush. Kirti says we did not get to know, how did they go. Naira says everything will be fine, Kartik went to find them.

Naira asks the guard to stop the kids here if they come, Kartik and I will come back soon. She leaves. Kartik and Akhilesh also try to find them. Mishti tells Suwarna that Lav and Kush did not come here. Suwarna says I thought they went there to have kachoris, inform me if they come there. Mishti says fine.

Devyaani talks to Suwarna and asks is Lav and Kush coming here with Kartik and Naira, is there any rasam, Naira did not call after pagphere. Suwarna says no, its not rasam, I had to take kids outside, I will call later. She ends call. Naira runs on road and asks people about Lav and Kush. She comes in front of a taxi. She sees someone else. Driver asks where is your focus and picks her phone. He sees the photo. She asks do you know them. He says I dropped them to temple half an hour back, did they not reach home. She says no. He says they did not have money, they did not know address. She pays him money and runs. She calls Kartik and says come soon to temple, kids are there.

Lav and Kush ask someone about Kartik and Naira, they stay here. The man says Kartik is my friend, come I will drop you. Naira asks guard to make kids sit if they come, I got to know they are close. She sees Lav and Kush, and gets relieved. A procession passes. She gets shocked seeing them gone. She looks for them.

The man ties the kids. Kartik reaches temple. Naira and Kartik look for them. Naira says my heart says they are around.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I’m doing loads of dues in my heart I really hope that naira kartik save them kids from them men clutches really soon coz I’m really worried about them kids right now

    From soofia Bhatti

  2. Rahul96

    The whole Goenka family ( except for suvarna , keerthi ) is hypocritic and crazy !! I am damn sure even if earthquake will come in their area , whole Goenka family ( except for suvarna , keerthi ) will then also blame Naira !!
    Welcome Deepthi kapila !!! If you don’t mind can you please introduce yourself ??

    1. LopaFleek

      um you think Luv and Kush and Mansi are crazy too??

  3. Rahul96

    Mahima at your words see I set kids free !!
    ???????!!! But bad luck for them !! They got kidnapped in serial !!!

  4. Swaira(swarna n naira) part was soo emotional…..
    Mujhe to rona aa raha tha:,(…..

    And thank u bhaiya unhe wapas kar ne k liye:D:D……
    aur ha such me un dono cuties ka bad luck hai bechare mere luv kush……..

    Hiii guys how r u all??

  5. Vrushy dii miss u n your both ff pls update soon….
    And yes yor u r not comment here….
    Long time no see your comment here…..

  6. Rahul bhaiya,Did u read my yesterday’s comments.?? Plz bhaiya tell me ua birth date na? Mera birthday celebrate nahi hua bcoz aap logon ko yaad nahi tha but aap apna birthday celebrate kyun nahi karna chahte bhaiya??? It’s not fair.. plz tell me na. I’m asking this for d last time. Plzz bhaiya!

  7. Lasyashree.10

    heylo!!! heylo!! heylo!! everyone!! i know i’m commenting here after ages!! sorry for that!! i was busy with FAN FICTIONS and all stuff so i didn’t had time to comment here but today….i took out time for my family!!

    hello my wonderful family!! heylo RAF(gayu)!aniket, Rahul bro, fenil,soumya,cassie, Vrush,hales di, sophie di! trushna di, pat di,tanu di, dhanvi,swara di, TWANA, adi, shesa, chanya,trishi and all yrkkh family!! (sorry if i missed anyone)

    firstof all! i’m damn sorry! for not commenting all these days!

    secondly! i’m upset to see many people being invisible! please everyone do come back!

  8. Lasyashree.10

    Raf! heylo!!!! how are you!? raf chill… you should not leave the page because aniket left! aniket left because he have his important exam NEET! i dnt write that exam but being a medical stdent i know the value o fthat exam! that is the exam which decides his future… so i think rather than being angry on him…we should wish him all the best to his future!

    hey rahul bro! heyllo!! how are you?? all well??

    hey aniket! all the very best to your future buddie!! may you have a successful life!

    hey preethi! thanks for conveying your brother’s message! and please wish him from my side!

    hey soumya!! what to ask you? i’m going on talking to you!! haha!!

    hey sophie di! your os’s are awesome!! you really have a spellbound talent!!

    hey twana!! how did you exams go?? are you preparingg well for NEET! all the best twana!

    chanya and trishi! all the best to you both Aswell!!

    sachu di, pat di, trushna di,Sindhu di, tanu di, swara di and dhanvi…. where are you all waiting for your comments!!

    shesha how are you? enjoying your holidays?

    okay fine bye for now!

    all the best for evryne
    have a speedy recovery if anyone are ill!!

    and btw a very very happy good morinng to you all!!

  9. Deepthi kapila

    Thanks for joining me in ur group. I’m Deepthi ,Inter 2nd year student from Vizag

    1. Lasyashree.10

      welcome deepthi! so finally go some companion!!

      deepthi..i’m lasya i’m from hyderabad! living in banglore!

      nak telugu vacchu!

  10. Lasyashree.10

    and the other thing!!!! i wish you a very happy happy happy brothers day RAHUL BRO! FENU AND ANIKET!!!



  11. True Rahul bro all goenkas r totally crazy(except swarna n kirti).

    Hey lasya di! How r u????? Di aniket is not aniket he is lakhan actually.

    Raf di, lasya di is right u should not leave commenting as lakhan bro left.

    Rahul bhaiya tell ur DOB
    Everyone plzz tell ur DOB

    How many of u know hindi??????

    Wlcm deepthi kapila di…….

  12. Lasya..Happy to c Ua comment after a long time. I’m not angry as he is not commenting but am angry as he has quitted TU forever. He won’t comment here. It’s his decision thats y am angry on him for taking such decision. Even I know d importance of NEET. N am praying for his NEET exam…But at least he should come back after his NEET na? Don’t know whats going on in his mind!!

    Rahul bhaiya pls let us know ua birth date na? Pls bhaiya. Reply soon bro…
    Preeti,Wish Lakhan a very happy brothers day n wish him for his NEET n CET Exam!!pls convey his msgs to us na dear.

    LASYA,u were annoyed with me b4 na n I too was annoyed with U….U forgot my birthday na? Even u forgot Twana’s birthday too….But now am not annoyed.

    1. Lasyashree.10

      omg!!! i’m sorry sorry sorry sorry veryy sorry RAF and TWANA!!

      i wish you both a very happy birthday!!!! i’m sorrry sorry please forgive me!!!
      i’m om for any of your punishment!!

      but please forgivemme!!!

  13. Soumya85

    Hi My yrkkh family members…how r u all? I’m happy that comments are increasing and hope it increases more as all members come back…missing u??
    Happy brothers day Rahul bhaiya,fenil bhaiya,lakhan bhaiya,Adi bhaiya and pawan
    Preeti I know Hindi and pls wish lakhan bhaiya happy brothers day from my side and say all the best to him and missing u lakhan bhaiya a lot

  14. Lasyashree.10

    how many of you like to play games out here? to make the page interesting?

    1. Oh nice idea lasya di…
      Aap game ko aage badhao hum aapke saath hai:D…….

    2. Oh nice idea lasya di…
      Aap game ko aage badhao hum aapke saath hai:D…….

      And happy brothers day to all brothers here…

      1. Lasyashree.10

        but there is no one along with us mahima!
        so only we two shall play!
        anyways i’ll ask a riddle and you must answer okay?

  15. Lasyashree.10

    so today’s my question!?

    1. why do women in england doesn’t take pictures with the man?

    1. This is very difficult but maybe the man r afraid to take picture….. hahaha….

      Sorry di i don’t know the answer…

      1. Lasyashree.10

        answer will be revealed tomorrow!

  16. Fenil

    Hello My Wonderful Family And Active Circle!!

    RAF Dii , Shophie Dii,Pat Dii,Ponkhri Dii,Vrushy Dii,Hales Dii,BFF Cum Writer Lasiii ,Lil Soumya Dii,Chanya Sisy,Shesha Dii,Swara Dii,Twana Dii,Tvfan Dii,Tanu Dii,Dhanvi Dii,Mahima Dii,Zainab Dii, Sonal Dii,Vinni Dii,Aniket Bro(Lakhan), Rahul Bro,Adi Bro,Pawan Bro ,.

    Sorry if i miss someone !!

    Thanks For Brother’s Day Wishes Raf Dii,Bff Lasii,Lil Soumya Sisy,Mahima Dii.

    Happy Brothers Day Rahul-Aniket-Adi Bros.

    How are you all ? All well ?

    Love u all :*:*:*:)

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