Piya Albela 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Piya Albela 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Hardik apologizing to Pooja. Pooja asks him not to apologize to her and assures him that she will not file the complaint. Naren is shocked. Inspector asks are you sure? Pooja nods her head. Naren is upset. Rakesh tells Inspector that they will solve the matter at home and asks Mayank to drop Inspector till door. Inspector goes. Hardik thanks Pooja for forgiving Rahul. Pooja says I haven’t forgiven him, saved him from the punishment for sake of you all. Neelima cries and takes Rahul inside. Rahul eyes her angrily before going. Pooja tells Naren that her anger is justified and asks him to listen to her once. Naren says he don’t want to talk and says whatever you have done is wrong. Pooja says if Rahul had gone to jail then what happened to Neelima and Hardik. Naren asks her to guarantee that Rahul will not do this again with any girl or servant and says I can’t force you as even you have right to take decision. Pooja says you stood with me like a friend. Naren says I don’t do friendship with coward people. She asks him to come home. Naren says I will not go to place where justice is a game of rich. He asks servant mishra ji to add medicine in the food for animals. Pooja thinks what to do and asks Naren how this shed is broken, it was fine in the morning. Naren runs to shed and tries to make the roof top of the shed. Pooja smiles seeing his goodness. She helps him while the song plays Jogiya.

Harish tells that Pooja have shown her greatness by not filing Police complain and says it is now our duty to punish Rahul. Neelima says Naren have done a big drama. Harish says I don’t want to argue with you and declares that Rahul will not be part of Vyas group of Industries and says he is not permitted to stay in this house.

Pooja asks Naren not to leave home. Naren says I remember my contract and says I am not leaving home. Pooja blames herself. Naren asks her not to give importance to herself and asks her to help Supriya. Neelima says what is this? Harish says this decision is final. Neelima says Rahul will not leave the house, else I will also go with him. Rahul says 1 min….mom. Naren thinks what Harish told about Rahul misbehaving with Pooja and gets restless. He opens some book and imagines his Dada ji teaching him (small naren) that in every woman, there is a mother and asking him to respect all women as it is equivalent to do puja. He hugs his dada. Malanga Re plays….He sees his dada gone. He tells Dada ji your teachings, values are humiliated in this house. Rahul tells Neelima that he will go, and have been misguided. He asks her to let him bear the punishment. Neelima says no.

Anuj talks to Rachel and says you can’t back off. Rachel says she is changing her place and asks him to pay more than 5000. Anuj thinks from where to get the money. He hears neighbor telling Kusum that she kept paying guest and getting 5- 7 thousand. Anuj gets an idea.

Rahul packs his bag and asks Neelima to let him go. Neelima says no. He leaves. Harish asks Hardik to get ready for the meeting. Pooja returns home. Neelima blames her and says nobody can save you from me now, I won’t let you stay in this house, so pack your bl….dy bags and leave. She pushes her. Supriya holds Pooja from falling down. Supriya asks what you are doing? Neelima says you are talking now for a servant and haven’t talk when my son was leaving. She says I know you and says you looks innocent, but is clever from heart. She says you have trapped jiju with your innocent face, everyone know that Harish Vyas’s alliance came for me, but you went with tea and he chose you. She says I have to marry his loser brother. She says you tried to act to be good infront of everyone. Supriya is shocked. Harsh says Harish had chosen Supriya and wanted to marry her only. Neelima gets angry and throws the show piece.

Supriya gets a call and talks to pandit ji. She tells Harish that Pandit ji asks everyone to gather for Bau ji’s barsi. Neelima insults Supriya and tells that she will not attend any barsi or function. She asks her to do barsi with her family. Harsha says it is Bau ji’s barsi. Neelima says it is enough now.

Naren looks at his Dada ji’s pic and says they don’t respect your adarsh then why do they celebrate your barsi. He says I can’t attend your barsi where your values and teachings is forgotten by everyone. Supriya tells Pooja that Neelima is angry with her and says I wish everything get fine for a day, so that we can attend barsi today. Harish says when family members are not interested to attend Bau ji’s barsi then why to keep barsi. Pooja thinks to do something so that everyone comes together.

“Har kisi ko khushi ki aas
Har kisi ko khushi ki talash
Par Akela Khushi ka socho
Kya khushi hai uske pass”

(Everyone wish for happiness
Everyone search for happiness
But think alone about the happiness
what happiness have with it)

Pooja sees Naren about to jump in the river and thinks how to stop him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i want little sagar from &tv-ganga at the place of chhota naren.he will suit as naren.episode was good.naren getting place in my heart day by day.

  2. Roumya

    Nice episode but neelima ka drama was bit unbearable….. Guys what abt NarJa.. PAren… PoRen..
    Every name is so weird
    CV’s aide naam kyu choose kiya… Naren is OK
    But pooja ka much or hota to chalta..

    1. It can be poojen..

  3. ha ha ha ha ha..
    poojen. such weird. ..
    isse to achchha ki koi naam hi nahi rakhe.

  4. ha ha ha ha ha..
    pooren/poojen. such weird. ..
    ha ha ha.

    1. Yeah but nareja is not weird frends.if neerja can hit on box office..why Nareja cant be used to hit PA.
      Wat u gals think? Please tell me.

  5. Hey guys I can suggest one name for piya albela’s leads narja

  6. Roumya

    sahi kaha srishti……. zoya woh bhi weird hai…… aap log bura nah mane toh kya apne aap ka intro de sakthe hai….

  7. Hi albelon
    Did u gals watch the new promo. Its omg promo literally. Both in white omg n tht too close..i love them .
    I think while celebrating Barsi..thy all wear white cloths.white is the colour of love.white is always s*xy?
    It combines all the seven colours n still remain white. ND personally I think boys look best in black and white both n so is Naren.FALLING AGAIN ❤?

  8. i think it could be poona…is this so weird? what do you think frnds?

  9. it could be poona.. is it vry weird? wht do you think frnds?

  10. ya.it’s also weird.and dear sneh i think white is symbol of shanti so ….white clothes be wore.

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